Ten Tells of Triangulation




Triangulation is a staple manipulative device in our arsenal. Triangulation is a convenient way to describe an affair, having a bit on the side, flirting, playing away, investing in a new prospect, having a form of distraction, a plaything and so on. The reality is that triangulation offends the principles of why two people are in a relationship and is a method of manipulation which is used to gain fuel, cause confusion and exert control. The principle reason that we engage in it is because we are able to derive two sources of fuel from two different appliances. Sometimes the fuel is doubly positive and others both positive and negative. This is edifying and invigorating. You may be triangulated with a person or an object. There may be triangles operating within triangles. Triangulation provides fuel but also allows us to generate confusion and engage in distraction tactics whereby you and the other person attack one another, failing to realise (or perhaps not wanting to be seen to realise for fear of being regarded as losing out) that is us that has caused the triangulation. Usually you will not be aware that you are being triangulated with the other person. It is easier to keep you and the other person separated and we enjoy our time with them and then our time with you. We draw fuel from you both and neither of you know about the other. We see no problem in behaving like this. We are never accountable; we are entitled to do as we like. We do not distinguish between you because you are just appliances to us and therefore entirely interchangeable. Before we decide to up the ante and reveal your opponent to you, thus heightening your reactions and responses, you may actually be able to ascertain that you are being triangulated as there are certain tells which exist. These are more obvious amongst the Lesser and Mid-Range of our kind as they may lack the higher function to remember things that they have done or said and occasionally slip up, thereby revealing the tell. If you confront us with this tell we will spin some yarn, persuade you that there is nothing in it, this person is a friend, there is a glitch with the ‘phone, somebody else did it, you are imagining things, you are over-reacting and in our time-honoured fashion we will deny and deflect and even go on the attack if need be in order to protect our investment in both you and the other person. If you do see these tells, do not challenge us about them. You are only giving us a chance to draw fuel from you, confuse you and worm our way out of it. If you see these tells you now know what they mean. You are being triangulated.  Here are ten of those tells.

  1. Our mobile ‘phone will have duplicate messages. We send the same message to you and the other person, often within seconds of the first message.
  2. We will buy you a duplicate gift having already given it to you a week or so ago.
  3. We will tell you something that we have already told you before, more or less word for word.
  4. We will make reference to something you said even though you have not said it (it was the other person who said it).
  5. We will make reference to something we apparently did together which you will not remember. (This is because we did it with the other person).
  6. We will call you by someone else’s name.
  7. You may hear us say things under our breath such as “She wouldn’t do this” or “she would agree to do it”.
  8. We will fail to acknowledge you doing something for us thinking it was done by the other person, for instance a surprise gift.
  9. We will remark we don’t want to do something again even though we have never done it with you. (We did it with the other person).
  10. We will ask a question which is out of context. For instance, asking how your dad is recovering when there is nothing wrong with him. (It is of course the other person’s dad who is ill).

16 thoughts on “Ten Tells of Triangulation

  1. Supernova DE says:

    Is triangulation with another intimate partner always done as a devaluation? Or can it be employed to a) test or b) provoke further binding by making target insecure/cling/compete?
    Thank you

  2. Joanne says:

    “I repeat: fuck Lucy” 😂😂

    Omg on the mansplaining too! 🤬 Glad you put him in his place!

    1. Sweetest Perfection says:

      Joanne, he’s just a douchebag suffering from a bad case of “egotitis.”

      1. Joanne says:

        That egoitis is pretty rampant amidst these jerks!

  3. Sweetest Perfection says:

    Ah, triangulation… my arch enemy. Triangulated with:
    -other IPSSs: “it is interesting you think that. “Lucy” told me a different thing though (wtf do I care and why did you bring her up?). “I found that very funny. “Lucy” also told me this the other night…” (I repeat: fuck Lucy).
    -“Hey I didn’t say anything but my friend Sheila wants to know if you would mind to invite “Lucy” to your birthday since they are very close” (My answer: It’s my party and I invite whom I want to).
    -his IPPS to debate professional things, even when her job has absolutely nothing to do with ours.
    -a male friend (on Facebook I don’t even know him) whom he invoked to correct my comment about something European. Thankfully his friend agreed with me. Add mansplaining to triangulation, it couldn’t get worse.
    -the menu of a restaurant that had a typo in MY first language; he called the manager. I called the dictionary online. I was right.

  4. KellyD says:

    I became aware of his texting habits. He had so much to say to others, while I received one or two-word texts or just crap like, “wyd”. I began to reply with “nmy”. That felt like the end because of its cold ridiculousness.

    1. Joanne says:

      Although I was not aware of what he was messaging others, I too knew that once his texts became more “slang” heavy, shorter in length, and far fewer than before — that someone ELSE was now receiving the paragraphs of text 1,000x a day.

  5. Kensey says:

    My ex lesser chose the restaurant for my birthday. He left the table
    towards the end to cue the staff to bring out my bday cake. Staff sang “happy bday dear (his g/f ‘s name)”…I know HE told them the wrong name – he too quickly corrected them. And I (thanks to HG ) realized the triangulation, devalue, bait for a fight etc. I just smiled.
    It was my last birthday with him.. in fact, my last few days.
    I was planning my GOSO …yep takin the giant piss on him!

    Gone almost a year a half now😎

    1. Joanne says:

      OH.MY.GOD. What an asshole!

    2. NarcAngel says:

      I’m sorry he pulled that awful stunt but glad to hear he is well in your rear view mirror.

      1. Kensey says:

        Thank you all ❤️

    3. Sweetest Perfection says:

      WTF! Asshole!!!!

  6. T’mara says:

    Actually, I just needed to say that I forgive them. I couldn’t just leave it like that. I have nearly forgotten all about them and their shenanigans. They did not kill me, or anything. And, I’m not trying to act self righteous. I went through incredible anger, believe me! But, I forgive them, now, because I’m okay. And they are still Narcissists. I feel a bit sad for them, really. I don’t wish them ill will. I used to, though; but, not anymore. Sorry for rambling.

  7. T’mara says:


  8. T’mara says:

    I can’t stand the Triangulation! It’s the worst! It’s disgusting! Revolting! Yes, I hate it! One of them triangulated me with his daughter, and then another one triangulated me with his freakin’ surrogate mother. Seriously, they were being all romantic, and stuff! Eew. Like I said (In case he’s reading this) EEEEEEEW!

  9. Alexissmith2016 says:

    I still find this incredible to believe that mids and lessers do this instinctively.its just madness!

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