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You can book a private e-mail consultation with me. I will answer you (subject to demand and external factors) within 96 hours.

The e-mail consultations are designed to allow you to provide a brief background to a scenario and ask a suitable question associated with that background in order to gain understanding. Please note the e-mail consultation DOES NOT include asking whether somebody is a narcissist nor does it include ascertaining what kind of empath you are.  Those questions are answered through the Narc Detector Consultation and Empath Detector Consultation, details of which can be found in the menu bar. Thank you.

You can use the e-mail consultations can be used to ask about your specific situation, generic questions about the concept and dynamic of narcissism and/or questions appertaining to me. 

There are three levels

1. The Knowledge Hit

A 300 word background and one question.

This costs US $ 40

2. The Double Whammy

A 600 word background and two questions.

This costs US $ 60

3. The Full Monty

A 1200 word background and four questions

This costs US $ 100.

Please note the word count is for both the background AND the questions.

You can meld the packages together so if you wanted 1500 words and 5 questions, purchase The Knowledge Hit and The Full Monty. If you wanted 2400 words and 8 questions, purchase two Full Montys.

If you want to add to the background without additional questions, you can purchase additional word bundles which cost US $ 40 for each additional 500 words.

Please do not ask a question within a question, it is quite common for people to pose two or three questions within what they think is a solitary question.

The Process

  1. Using the PayPal Buttons below, select the relevant package(s). Note there is a drop down menu for the choices of email consultation.
  2. Once I receive notification of payment I will e-mail you using the e-mail address on your PayPal notification. Please note that all payment information is treated in confidence.

If you require me to e-mail you at a different address please contact me at BEFORE you pay to advise of the e-mail I should respond to.

3. I will then send you a short common sense protocol which governs our interaction.

4. You should then confirm acceptance of the protocol and submit to me your questions. You can include an introduction/background to your situation before asking your questions. Please keep the background and questions to within the word limit. (If you need to extend the background you can purchase 500 extra words for US $ 40 using the button below. You may purchase as many additional word bundles as you need).

5. I will then answer you in detail within 96 hours of the receipt of the acceptance of the protocol and your questions. I respond with an audio file for you to listen to as this quickens turnaround time and means I can provide you with more information than if I responded in writing.

Type of Consult

Word Bundle (500 words)

5 thoughts on “Get Weaponised : Email Consultations

  1. Shelf Fuel says:

    Oh Lordy…..I am SO tempted to purchase a Double Whammy after the events that transpired at the start of this past weekend….. So…..very….tempted…..

    1. HG Tudor says:

      I recommend you do so, it will save you a lot of aggravation and assist you in your fight against your rampant emotional thinking.

    2. Desirée says:

      Shelf Fuel, once your consultations with HG bring the desired results, you can call yourself the Shelfmaiden!

      1. HG Tudor says:

        Ha ha.

        1. Shelf Fuel says:

          Oh HG that was a droll laugh, you can do better than that!

          Desiree good future screen name ideas… LOL. 🤣🤣

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