A Very Fiery Narcissist?


The “A Very…” series is a series focussed on analysing prominent and/or newsworthy individuals to ascertain whether the individual is a narcissist or not. It is not about whether the person is “good” or “bad”. Those are subjective matters of opinion dependent on personal perspective. This is purely about whether the individual is a narcissist or not. I make this point clear for the hard of understanding. If you want to argue about whether the person is “good” or “bad” you have chosen the wrong forum. If you want to learn about narcissism and whether it is applicable or not to the relevant individual, you ARE in the correct forum and do read on…..


Jair Messias Bolsonaro is a Brazilian politician and retired military officer, serving as the 38th President of Brazil since 1 January 2019.

He served in the country’s Chamber of Deputies, representing the state of Rio de Janeiro, between 1991 and 2018. He is currently a member of the conservative Social Liberal Party. Bolsonaro has recently received world-wide attention with regard to the fires currently burning in the Amazon rainforest and his response to matters surrounding those fires (more on that later) but before we plunge into the fire, let’s find out more about this man.

Bolsonaro was born on 21 March 1955 in the town of Glicério, in São Paulo, in the southeast region of Brazil.  His family is mostly of Italian descent, with some German ancestry.

In his final years in high school, Bolsonaro was admitted to the Escola Preparatória de Cadetes do Exército (the prep school of the Brazilian Army), where he entered in 1973. In 1974, he went to the Academia Militar das Agulhas Negras (Brazil’s main military academy), graduating in 1977, as an Artillery officer. He served in the 9th Field Artillery Group, in Nioaque, Mato Grosso do Sul. Later he studied at the Army Physical Training School in Rio de Janeiro and served in the 21st Field Artillery Group and the 8th Paratrooper Field Artillery Group, from the Paratrooper Brigade, both in the same city. His superior officers described him as “aggressive” and having an “excessive ambition to get financial and economical gain” The assessment referred to Bolsonaro’s attempt to mine gold in Bahia state; according to him, the activity was only a “hobby and mental hygiene”. In 1987, he studied in the Officers Improvement School, where he made the Artillery Advanced Course. (Early indicators demonstrating single-mindedness and a will to succeed. Such determination does not make on a narcissist, not at all, but such a mindset and attitude is prevalent amongst our kind.)


Bolsonaro’s first rise to publicity came in 1986 when he gave an interview to the news magazine Veja. He complained about low salaries in the military and claimed that the High Command was firing officers due to budgetary cuts and not because they were displaying ‘deviations of conduct’, as the command was telling the press. Despite being reprimanded by his superiors, Bolsonaro received praise from fellow officers and wives of military men, becoming a household name for a lot of hardliners and right-wingers who were growing disenchanted with Brazil’s new civilian democratic government. (Speaking out in this manner offers two potential interpretations which would only become clearer once the conduct is looked at through the relevant prism of what he is determined as being. It could be seen as a sense of entitlement to speak out when he was not supposed to, demonstrating a lack of accountability for his actions, a sense of superiority to believe sanctions would not apply to him, the gathering of fuel from the responses (be they admiration or condemnation) – all traits of the narcissist. On the contrary, this may demonstrate emotional empathy for his fellow soldiers, demonstration of the truth seeker trait, demonstration of the empathic traits of honesty, decency and justice.)

In October 1987, Bolsonaro faced a new accusation. The same Veja magazine reported that, with an Army colleague, he had plans to plant bombs in military units in Rio de Janeiro. After Bolsonaro called the allegation “a fantasy”, the magazine published, in its subsequent edition, sketches in which the plan was detailed. The drawings had been allegedly produced by Bolsonaro himself. Official records unearthed by the newspaper O Estado de S.Paulo in 2018 detailed the case.

After an investigation by an administrative military organ named Justification Board, Bolsonaro was unanimously considered guilty. According to this board, Bolsonaro had a “serious personality deviation and a professional deformation”, “lack of moral courage to leave the Army” and “lied throughout the process” when denying frequent contacts with the Veja magazine. (If such allegations were accurate this evidences a lack of emotional empathy through such a plot, the telling of lies to avoid accountability, a sense of entitlement to act in such a way, the use of deflection by labelling the accusers as concocting a “fantasy” (the accusers who had also reported his apparent whistleblowing) which are narcissistic indicators. There is also the possibility however that Bolsonaro was the victim of other narcissists. If his comments the previous year stirred up issues of control for the narcissist within the Military High Command, those individuals may well have sought to punish him and concoct a smear campaign against him.)

The case was then analyzed by the Supreme Military Court. The General in charge of reporting the case voted for his acquittal, arguing that Bolsonaro had already been penalized for the initial article in Veja, that there was no testimonial evidence of his plans to plant bombs and that there were “deep contradictions in the four graphological exams”, two of which failed to conclude that Bolsonaro was indeed the author of the sketches. He ended up acquitted by the majority of the court (9 x 4 votes). (The record shows an acquittal which means he was not guilty of the accusations. Whilst all were clearly not convinced since it was unanimous, he was acquitted and therefore based on this it raises the possibility that Bolsonaro was the victim of a plot against him (which will have been driven by narcissists) . Of course narcissists turn on one another, but one must discount the bomb plot as evidence in support of any suggestion that he is a narcissist.)

Bolsonaro was in the Army for about 15 years, albeit with a lacklustre record. Secret reports from his time serving have emerged, with superiors at the time describing him as a sub-par officer with “excessively financial ambitions” and lacking “logic, rationality and balance in his arguments”. (Magical thinking and entitlement). He left the Army in 1987, a short time after being punished with 15 days in military prison for an article demanding better pay. He claims to have voluntarily retired to pursue a political path, while his critics say he was expelled from the corps. (Contradictory versions of events which may include an indicator of lies and deflection or may be the result of an individual being victimised unnecessarily and actually telling the truth. Thus, the position remains uncertain.)

In December 1988, just after this ruling, Bolsonaro left the Army to begin his political career. In total, he served in the military for fifteen years, reaching the rank of Captain.

(Thus far no clear determination can be formed. There are some slight indicators but nothing conclusive.)


Bolsonaro is married to his third wife and has five children. (Repeat marriages are an indicator of narcissism but not determinative in isolation) .His first wife was Rogéria Nantes Braga (with whom he has three sons: Flávio, Carlos and Eduardo). His second marriage was with Ana Cristina Valle (with whom he has one son, Renan). In 2007, he married his third and current wife Michelle de Paula Firmo Reinaldo (with whom he has a daughter, Laura).

In a public speech in April 2017, Bolsonaro said that he had five children, that the first four were male and that for the fifth he produced a daughter out of “a moment of weakness”. (Lack of emotional empathy, haughtiness).

While working in Congress, Bolsonaro hired Michelle as a secretary and over the next two years she received unusual promotions and her salary more than tripled. He was forced to fire her after the Supreme Federal Court ruled that nepotism is illegal in the public administration. (Hiring his wife as a secretary amounts to nepotism and evidences poor boundary recognition, sense of entitlement and a sense of superiority. This is compounded by the bestowing of unusual promotions and the tripling of her salary, all in respect of public funds used in public office – lack of accountability, sense of entitlement, lack of emotional empathy for those deprived of the use of the funds by their misuse. Furthermore, it was doubtless pointed out to him before the Supreme Federal Court that he should not be doing this but he rejected such representations which evidences further a lack of accountability, a sense of entitlement, the acquisition of the assets of others as in effect belonging to him and grandiosity He was forced to fire her – made to do it, which demonstrates that his need for control over the situation was such that he would not do this voluntarily but only when the machinery of the law was applied to him to do it.)


Bolsonaro’s political views have been described as nationalist and populist in nature, and himself as an advocate of far-right policies.  His supporters, however, claim that his views are more aligned with traditional right-wing conservatism.

Bolsonaro is viewed as a pro-life, anti-establishment and pro-gun politician, voicing opposition to most forms of gun control legislation, arguing that law-abiding citizens have the right to self-defense, especially those living in rural areas. (Rejection of control) 

According to The Washington Post, “Homicides hit a record high of 63,880 last year ….Bolsonaro’s solution is zero tolerance. He has called for police to use more lethal force and wants to relax gun laws so that average citizens can defend themselves.”

Jair Bolsonaro is known for his strong opposition to left-wing policies. Most notably, he has been a vocal opponent of same-sex marriage, (lack of emotional empathy for those affected by this, whilst most of the world nows supports and enacts same-sex marriage)  environmental regulations, (rejection of control – more on this later) abortion,(lack of emotional empathy for those affected)  affirmative action(particularly racial quotas), immigration (particularly from Haiti, Africa and the Middle East, which he once called “the scum of humanity”),(labelling an entire geographical area and its inhabitants as the scum of humanity shows objectification, black and white thinking and a lack of emotional empathy).  He has also made statements in defence of the Brazilian military regime (a dictatorship known for constant human rights violations). (evidences a lack of emotional empathy, the need for control, haughtiness) 

He argues that torture is a “legitimate practice” and says that he would try to pass new legislation regarding the introduction of life imprisonment to the Brazilian penal code. (Lack of empathy, sense of entitlement through “ends justifies the means”) Bolsonaro supports the privatization of state-owned companies and advocates free market policies, although critics have stated that his policy-making record does not in fact show him to be a supporter of economic liberalism(Whilst the position of those critics may not be impartial, if they are factually correct that his policy making record does not show him to be a supporter of economic liberalism then this is demonstrative of the hypocrisy engaged in by our kind which is a manifestation of the need to achieve control at any cost, one of those costs being consistent with the majority view of reality (in the our reality, which is separate and distinct from the majority view of reality we ARE consistent, hence the hypocrisy and contrarian behaviours are unnoticed by the narcissist).

Other controversial political stances expressed by Bolsonaro have been the defence of
the death penalty (which is currently banned under the Constitution of Brazil of 1988)
and of radical interventionism in Brazil by the military, along with an imposition of a
Brazilian military government.  (This again evidences a lack of emotional empathy, a
sense of entitlement to impose his own will against the current law, a clear need
for control and also a lack of accountability by circumventing a democratic
process (through the imposition (not voted for) of a military (not democratic)
What about the views of various journalists concerning this individual?

Journalist Glenn Greenwald called Bolsonaro “the most misogynistic, hateful elected official in the democratic world”.

News.com.au wondered whether Bolsonaro was “the world’s most repulsive politician”.

British news magazine The Economist referred to him as a “radical”, “religious nationalist”, a “right-wing demagogue”, and “apologist of dictators”.

Federico Finchelstein, scholar on fascism and populism, has considered Bolsonaro, as he would link violence to austerity and neoliberal economic ideas, to be the most similar leader to Augusto Pinochet to come out from the young South American democracies.

(What might these comments and observations amount to? They conceivably could be the envious lies of individuals who wish to attack an elected official and that notion ought to be remembered. Alongside that however, to elicit such strong observations which have been founded on evidence demonstrates a set of behaviours such as a lack of emotional empathy, a sense of entitlement, manipulative activity, grandiosity, haughtiness and a lack of accountability. If one behaves in a way which attracts such descriptions, this is likely (but again not to a determinative extent in isolation) point to traits of the narcissist.

Bolsonaro is an open admirer of U.S. President Donald Trump. During Bolsonaro’s campaign, some observers saw similarities between the Brazilian president-elect and the U.S. president’s ideals, hardline attacks and a reputation for incendiary rhetoric, as well as social media presence. Because of this, Bolsonaro has been called the Brazilian equivalent of Trump or the “Trump of the Tropics”. (POTUS has already been examined and found to be A Very POTUS Narcissist. Similarities in behaviour, thus the behaviour of the narcissist, add to the growing evidence, but again in itself one does not see it as determinative.)

Throughout his political career, Bolsonaro has made several admiring comments about the U.S.–supported Brazilian military dictatorship which ruled the country from 1964 to 1985. (Admiring a regime which governed through force and not democratic process shows that Bolsonaro clearly aligns himself with being a position to rule without accountability, to rule as he pleases, to rule without due regard to due process and democracy and thus evidence the hallmarks of grandiosity by setting himself apart from others, a lack of accountability, a sustained view of being special and removed, a sense of entitlement and once again a lack of emotional empathy).

He said in 1993, eight years after the return of democracy, that the military regime had “led to a more sustainable and prosperous Brazil”.Bolsonaro has publicly referred to the military dictatorship as a “glorious” period in Brazil’s history, and that under the military dictatorship, Brazil enjoyed “20 years of order and progress”.[In December 2008, Bolsonaro said that “the error of the dictatorship was that it tortured, but did not kill”.

(Such comments echo the observations made in the paragraph above and furthermore exhibit our black and white thinking.)

Bolsonaro has also repeatedly made admiring comments about a number of other Latin American dictatorships. He praised Peruvian president Alberto Fujimori as a role model for his use of military intervention via self-coup against the judiciary and legislature. (Sense of entitlement and grandiosity) In a 1998 interview with Veja magazine, Bolsonaro praised the Chilean dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet, and said the Pinochet regime, which killed over 3,000 Chilean citizens, “should have killed more people”.(Lack of emotional empathy, sense of entitlement.) In 1999, Bolsonaro said that Hugo Chávez represented “hope for Latin America”, comments that became a matter of controversy during the 2018 campaign, when Bolsonaro presented himself as a harsh critic of Chavismo. (Due expedience, volte face, toxic logic, hypocrisy.) In 2019, already in power, Bolsonaro commended Paraguay autocrat Alfredo Stroessner as a “visionary” and “statesman”, drawing immediate criticism, particularly due to multiple allegations of pedophilia against Stroessner.

Speaking before his vote in favor of President Dilma Rousseff’s impeachment amid the massive corruption scandal, Bolsonaro paid homage to Colonel Brilhante Ustra, an agent of Brazil’s military dictatorship, and announced on the floor of the Chamber of Deputies that he was dedicating his pro-impeachment vote to Ustra’s memory. Ustra had headed the DOI-CODI torture unit where Rousseff was allegedly tortured during the military dictatorship. (Provocation, lack of emotional empathy, entitlement) Left-wing deputy Jean Wyllys spat at him after his statement during the same session. The congressman claimed to have suffered homophobic offences from Jair Bolsonaro and his allies. (Provocation).

In a TV interview with Câmera Aberta in the 1990s, Bolsonaro said that if he ever became President, he would use this as an opportunity to shut down the National Congress and instigate a military coup himself. (Entitlement, lack of accountability, grandiosity, preoccupation with control.) As of 2018, he appeared to have changed his mind, and said that if someone becomes the head of the country, it would be through voting. (Due expedience).

In March 2019, Bolsonaro stated that the 1964 coup d’état that overthrew President João Goulart was not a coup, and that March 31, the day the coup was installed, should be “properly commemorated”. (Revision of history, grandiosity)


Let us take a look at some more of Bolsonaro´s behaviours to see if there is a pattern of behaving forming which will assist in making a determination about him.

In an interview with Zero Hora in 2015, Bolsonaro argued that men and women should not receive the same salaries, because women get pregnant, adding that he believes federal law mandating paid maternity leave harms work productivity.Bolsonaro has denied saying that women should receive less than men; he claims it was statistical data by IBGE. (Lies, lack of emotional empathy, bigotry, haughtiness, entitlement, lack of accountability).

Bolsonaro provoked controversy for a series of remarks made to and about Federal Deputy and former Human Rights Minister Maria do Rosário. During a Congressional debate, Bolsonaro said that minors should be treated as adults if they commit heinous crimes such as murder or rape, to which Maria do Rosário responded by calling him a “rapist”. Bolsonaro then stated that Congresswoman Rosário was “not worth raping; she is very ugly”. The remarks drew considerable condemnation throughout Brazil. In the aftermath of these remarks, Bolsonaro was tried and convicted in a Federal court in September 2015 on counts of hedonic damages against Rosário. (Insult, Provocation, Lack of Emotional Empathy, Response to Challenge Fuel).

In June 2016, the Federal Supreme Court responded to a complaint filed by the Attorney General and decided to open two criminal actions against Bolsonaro. The Supreme Court ruled that he had potentially incited rape and defamed the honor of his fellow Deputy. He faced a penalty of up to 6 months of jail and a fine. Ultimately in August 2017, an appellate court upheld a lower court’s verdict which found Bolsonaro guilty and sentenced him to pay a fine to Rosário of R$10,000 (roughly equivalent to US$2,500).This lawsuit was dismissed by the Supreme Federal Court as Bolsonaro was inaugurated as president in 2019 and acquired immunity from prosecution.

In a June 2011 interview with Playboy, Bolsonaro said that “I would be incapable of loving a gay son”, and added that he would prefer any gay son of his “to die in an accident”. (Lack of emotional empathy).  In the same interview, Bolsonaro went on to say that if a gay couple moved in next door to him, it would lower the market value of his house. (Provocation and lack of emotional empathy). In a July 2011 interview with the magazine Época, Bolsonaro said that he would “fight to prevent the distribution of the ‘gay kit'” [a set of guidelines proposed by UNESCO to promote the rights of the LGBT community in primary schools] because “their intention is to promote homosexuality, which is an affront to the family structure, and if that makes me prejudiced, then I’m prejudiced and very proud of it”. In the 2013 BBC documentary Out There, by British actor Stephen Fry, Bolsonaro said that “no father is ever proud of having a gay son,” and that “we Brazilians do not like homosexuals.” (Lack of emotional empathy, Provocation, Grandiosity (speaking on behalf of an entire nation and believing himself to be right in doing so).

In a 2011 interview with Jornal de Notícias, Bolsonaro linked homosexuality to pedophilia, claiming that “many of the children who are adopted by gay couples will be abused by these couples”. (Lies, lack of emotional empathy, entitlement.) He further argued that Brazil does not need legislation specifically targeting homophobia, because “most homosexuals are murdered by their respective pimps at hours when good citizens are already asleep”. (Lack of emotional empathy, Provocation).

In a May 2002 interview with the Folha de S.Paulo, Bolsonaro told the newspaper, “If I see two men kissing in the street, I will beat them.” He then publicly defended beating gay children by saying: “If your child starts to become like that, a little gay, you take a whip and you change their behavior.” (Lack of emotional empathy, boundary violation, entitlement.)

In a video interview for Vice with openly lesbian actress Ellen Page, Page asked Bolsonaro if he thinks she should have been beaten as a child, in response to his public statements that gay children should be beaten. In response, Bolsonaro said to Page, “You are very nice. If I were a cadet in the military academy and saw you on the street, I would whistle at you. All right? You are very pretty.” (Entitlement, lack of emotional empathy, boundary violation, deflection).

Bolsonaro added, “Over time, due to liberal habits, drugs, with women also working, the number of homosexuals has really increased.” (Lies, magical thinking, blame shifting)

On 9 November 2017, the Court of Justice for the State of Rio de Janeiro sentenced Bolsonaro to pay a fine of R$150,000 for hate speech because of televised comments he made in 2011 to the CQC TV program, when Bolsonaro stated that “there is no risk” of his family producing a homosexual child because his children had a “good education”. Judge Luciana Teixeira said that the deputy had abused his right of free expression to commit a wrongful act. “You cannot deliberately attack and humiliate, ignoring the principles of equality, just because you invoke freedom of expression,” said the judge.

However, on 11 January 2016, when he began to present himself as a pre-candidate to the Presidency of Brazil, Bolsonaro began to moderate his discourse on gay people by publishing a video on his official YouTube channel: (Facade management)

Since then, Bolsonaro claims he has nothing against gays and that he only fights the “gay kit” in schools. On 4 October 2018, for example, Bolsonaro said:

That same month, shortly before the first round of the Brazilian presidential elections, he said: “We are going to make a government for everybody. For gays, and some gays are fathers, who are mothers. It is a work for everyone”. After being elected president, when asked by William Bonner in the Jornal Nacional about what he would say to those who are more prejudiced and aggressive against gays, Bolsonaro replied: “The aggression against a fellow man has to be punished in the way of law. And if [such aggression is committed] for a reason like this, you have to have your sentence increased.” (Volte face, facade management, Toxic Logic, due expedience).

On multiple occasions, Bolsonaro has publicly endorsed physical violence as a legitimate and necessary form of political action. In 1999, when he was 44 years old and a representative in the Brazilian Congress, Bolsonaro said during a TV interview that the only way of “changing” Brazil was by “killing thirty thousand people, beginning with Fernando Henrique Cardoso” (then President of Brazil). (Entitlement, Provocation, Lack of Emotional Empathy, Grandiosity).

During the 2018 campaign, he stated during a rally in Acre that the local “petralhas” (a derogatory term for members of the Workers’ Party) would be “shot”; according to his aides, the statement was a “joke”. (Provocation, Lack of Emotional Empathy, Deflection).

One week before the second round, Bolsonaro said during a speech that in his administration “petralhas” and “reds” (i.e. leftists) would be arrested, purged or taken to the “corner of the beach”, a term that was later revealed to mean a Navy base where dissidents of the Brazilian military dictatorship were murdered.[55]

Bolsonaro provoked considerable controversy for public remarks made in July 2008, where he proposed to provide poor people with birth control methods, who he suggested might be too uneducated to understand family planning education. Bolsonaro said:

As a Congressman, Bolsonaro put forward three bills trying to remove “virtually all” legal restrictions to surgical sterilisation via the public health system, including the reduction of “the minimum age of sterilisation to 21 years”. None of the bills were voted. (Entitlement, boundary violation, lack of emotional empathy).

In January, 2012, Bolsonaro, who was then a retired military officer and colourful but

not politically relevant far-right congressman, was caught fishing illegally in a federally

protected marine-wildlife reserve. (Entitlement= Bolsonaro—wearing a white,

Speedo-like bathing suit—was discovered in a small, inflatable boat inside the Tamoios

Ecological Station, an area with a half-mile radius that serves as a refuge for penguins,

seals, whales, and dolphins in the state of Rio de Janeiro. An agent with the Brazilian

Institute of Environment and Renewable Natural Resources (ibama) issued Bolsonaro a

ticket for ten thousand reais, or roughly twenty-five hundred dollars. The following year,

Bolsonaro introduced a bill in the legislature that would have barred guards with ibama

and other environmental agencies from carrying guns, although he was otherwise a

longtime defender of gun-ownership rights in Brazil. (Assertion of control, Revenge,

Hypocrisy, Toxic Logic)


Later that year, Bolsonaro filed to get legal permission for him—and him alone—to fish

in the Tamoios reserve. (Grandiosity, entitlement, lack of accountability, magical

thinking).Ultimately, the fine was dismissed, the bill went nowhere in

congress, and the courts decided it would be a bad idea to grant one lawmaker special

permission to fish in a sanctuary.



Brazil has the world’s largest tropical rainforest in the Amazon basin. According to The

Washington Post, “Bolsonaro is a powerful supporter of agribusiness […] and is likely to

favor profits over preservation. […] Bolsonaro has chafed at foreign pressure to

safeguard the Amazon rainforest, and he served notice to international nonprofit groups

such as the World Wildlife Fund that he will not tolerate their agendas in Brazil. He has

also come out strongly against lands reserved for indigenous tribes. Bolsonaro advisers

additionally say that he plans to expand nuclear and hydroelectric power into the

Amazon.” (Entitlement, lack of emotional empathy, provocation, assertion of


Bolsonaro repeatedly threatened to withdraw from the Paris Agreement during his campaign. Even before taking office, he backed out of Brazil’s offer to host the 2019 UN Climate Change Conference.Ernesto Araújo, the new Minister of Foreign Affairs appointed by Bolsonaro, has called global warming a plot by “cultural Marxists” and has eliminated the Climate Change Division of the ministry.Two departments of the Ministry of the Environment dealing with climate change and mitigation and one dealing with deforestation have also been eliminated. (Rigid adherence to entitlement (by way of the highway), sense of entitlement, provocation, grandiosity, haughtiness, paranoia).

Destruction of the Amazon rainforest increased by 88% for the month of June 2019, during Bolsonaro’s first year as president, as compared with the previous year, according to National Institute for Space Research (INPE). (Entitlement) Bolsonaro has rejected the agency’s data as false.

He even questioned recent satellite data from the government’s National Space Research Institute (INPE) that indicated a dramatic rise in deforestation in May and June. “I am convinced the data is a lie. We are going to call the president of INPE here to talk about this and that’s the end of that issue,” he said. (Black and white thinking, haughtiness, entitlement, lies, narcissistic perspective).

The IPSE director was fired after he rebutted Bolsonaro’s criticism of IPSE. (Assertion of control to Challenge Fuel, entitlement, haughtiness, black and white thinking, Toxic Logic).


During a conversation with journalists in July 2019, Bolsonaro lashed out at European
leaders, saying that the Amazon belongs to Brazil and European countries can mind their
own business because they have already “destroyed their environment”. He also said:
“We preserve more [rainforest] than anyone. No country in the world has the moral right
to talk about Amazon.” (Assertion of control as a consequence of a threat to that
control through Wounding and Challenge Fuel, entitlement, revision of history, 
grandiosity, provocation.)


The Amazon belongs to Brazil (Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Peru, Suriname

and Venezuela might have something to say about that – grandiosity, acquisitor of

property belonging to others, provocation, entitlement) .and European countries can

mind their own business because they have already destroyed their own environment,

said Brazil’s far-right president Jair Bolsonaro, who also described his own government’s

satellite data showing an alarming rise in deforestation as “lies”. (Denial, lack of

accountability and clearly the government’s satellite data amounts to er, fake


“You have to understand that the Amazon is Brazil’s, not yours,” Bolsonaro said on Friday. “If all this devastation you accuse us of doing was done in the past the Amazon would have stopped existing, it would be a big desert.” (Revision of history, denial, exaggeration, entitlement)

But Brazil is opening to partnerships exploiting biodiversity and mining – even in Amazon areas, said Bolsonaro, during a wide-ranging, one-hour conversation with foreign journalists.

He also said he was “fulfilling a mission from God”, (Grandiosity and magical thinking)  and defended his decision to name his own son as Brazil’s ambassador to the US (entitlement) Bolsonaro defended his controversial decision to appoint his congressman son Eduardo as Brazil’s US ambassador. The move has prompted accusations of nepotism, but Bolsonaro presented the nomination as an act of public service by his son. (Grandiosity and magical thinking)

“He is doing this for Brazil not for him,” he said. “US is the world’s shop window, his responsibility will be enormous.” (Grandiosity, use of son as extension of himself).

Bolsonaro described Brexit as “the will of the people” – although he admitted he had never heard of the UK’s likely next prime minister, Boris Johnson. (Some wounding there for A Very Political Narcissist )

When Bolsonaro invited foreign journalists, for the first time, to  his weekly media breakfast, he entered the room with a breezy “good morning” – in English.

But he then accused the international press of misrepresenting his administration which has been plagued by internal power struggles and plummeting approval ratings and said foreign reporters missed “corrupt governments” of the past.

“Most of the foreign press has a completely distorted image of who I am and what I intend to do here with our policies and for the future of our Brazil,” he said. “I perfectly understand the level of the poisoning that is done to Brazil by the foreign press.” (Blame shifting, provocation, lack of accountability.)

His affable mood changed when questions turned to the Amazon, and he stared ahead or scribbled notes on a napkin as he was pushed on deforestation. Bolsonaro has come under fire for attacking the country’s environment agencies and declaring plans to open up indigenous reserves – some of the best protected in the Amazon – to mining.

“We understand the importance of the Amazon for the world – but the Amazon is ours. There will not be any more of that sort of policy that we saw in the past that was terrible for everyone,” he said. “We preserve more [rainforest] than anyone. No country in the world has the moral right to talk about the Amazon. You destroyed your own ecosystems.” (Entitlement, blame shifting, lack of accountability)

Now let’s turn the attention to the 2019 Brazil wildfires. Bolsonaro in August 2019 accused (without providing any evidence) that non-governmental organisations had started the forest fires, due to a reduction of government funding to the NGOs. (Entitlement, lies, blame shifting). Environmental and climate experts described Bolsonaro’s accusation as a “smokescreen” to hide his own government’s rolling back of protections for the Amazon. They instead attributed the fires to farmers clearing land. (Deflection).

Bolsonaro’s disdain for environmental-protection measures attracted global attention when he initially rejected an offer of twenty million dollars in international aid to help fight forest fires burning in the Amazon. The proposed funding was one of the few concrete achievements to come out of the annual G-7 summit of the world’s largest democracies. The French President, Emmanuel Macron, who hosted the meeting in the resort town of Biarritz, insisted that countering the fires should be a top priority. At first, Bolsonaro rejected the aid offer, citing an ongoing feud with Macron in which the two leaders have exchanged insults. Then he said that he would consider accepting the aid if Macron apologized. “He will have to withdraw his words, and then we can talk,” Bolsonaro said. (Black and white thinking, need to assert control, exhibition of manipulative response to threat to control)

On 22 August 2019, Bolsonaro accused President Macron of France of having “a misplaced colonialist mentality in the 21st century” in reference to criticism by the French president, where he called on G7 leaders to discuss the Amazon crisis. He also said “regret that the French president seeks to instrumentalize an internal issue of Brazil and other Amazonian countries for personal political gains.”(Insult, Provocation, Deflection).  He added that “the Brazilian government remains open to dialogue, based on objective data and mutual respect.”

On the eve of the G-7 summit, Macron called the fires an “ecocide” and threatened to

block the free-trade deal between the European Union and Mercosur, a trade bloc

consisting of Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, and Paraguay. Bolsonaro responded by

endorsing a post on Facebook that said that the French first lady, Brigitte Macron, was

unattractive. (Entitlement, Pettiness, Response to Challenge Fuel, Provocation)

The French president, Emmanuel Macron, has condemned what he called

“extraordinarily rude” comments made about his wife, Brigitte, by the far-right Brazilian

leader, Jair Bolsonaro, escalating their diplomatic clash.


“He has made some extraordinarily rude comments about my wife,” Macron said at a

press conference at the G7 summit in Biarritz when asked to react to statements about

him by the Brazilian government.


“What can I say? It’s sad. It’s sad for him firstly, and for Brazilians,” he added.

Macron said: “I think Brazilian women will probably be ashamed to read that from their

president. I think that Brazilians, who are a great people, will probably be ashamed to

see this behaviour … And as I feel friendship and respect towards the Brazilian people, I

hope that they will very soon have a president who behaves in the right way.”

No prizes for guessing who would not be voting for President Bolsonaro, if he held an

election of course, given his preference for military dictatorship.


Recent opinion polls have shown a decline in public support for Bolsonaro, as the

country’s economy has been slow to recover from a deep recession, and scandals have

beset his government. Bolsonaro, however, continues to have one strong supporter. On

Tuesday, Trump tweeted, “He is working very hard on the Amazon fires and in all

respects doing a great job for the people of Brazil – Not easy. He and his country have the

full and complete support of the USA!” (Birds of feather perhaps from A Very Potus

Narcissist )


Since President Trump has appeared in this article, this is a useful moment to consider more of Bolsonaro´s behaviours and draws some comparisons with Trump (and also Rodrigo Duterte (President of the Philippines.)

Specific parallels between Jair Bolsonaro, Rodrigo Duterte, and Donald Trump are not difficult to make. Their supporters call them by grandiose Il Duce-like nicknames: “The Myth”, “The Punisher”, and “The Great Negotiator”. (Grandiosity) These men commonly appeal directly to the electorate through unapologetic vulgar language, presented as a sign of authenticity. They are simply “straight talkers” with “unorthodox styles”, who apparently do not care about politically correct language or positions. Echoing Duterte and Trump’s frequently misogynist comments, Bolsonaro once told a fellow congresswoman he would never rape her because she “didn’t deserve to be raped” since she was “very ugly and not his type”. Like the Filipino and the American presidents, Bolsonaro has had no trouble claiming deep Christian roots while defending torture in the same breath. (Toxic Logic)

Bolsonaro, Duterte and Trump’s campaigns have been characterised as filled with anti-establishment rhetoric, yet their actual policy platforms appear to be overwhelmingly thin and vague. (Amorphous behaviours which allow a lack of accountability since it is difficult to pin substance on the individual). Once the vitriolic dog whistles are set aside – “criminals!”, “immigrants!”, “corruption!”, “lost morals!” – it can be difficult to find substance in other topics. They systematically praise the military as the embodiment of discipline, force, and national defense. Of the three men, Bolsonaro is the most avid on this path, choosing a military interventionist-defending general as running mate. A closer look at the individual profiles reveals Bolsonaro overlaps slightly more with Duterte than with Trump. While all three men have made statements disdaining human rights and openly instigating police officers to be rough, the former two have gone beyond in openly calling out police to kill more even if extra-judiciously. Duterte has recently offered bounties for the killing of communist rebels, while in Brazil, after policemen charged with killing 111 prisoners in the 1997 Carandiru prison massacre were punished, Bolsonaro said their real crime was the police officers did not kill 1,000 prisoners. (Entitlement, grandiosity, lack of emotional empathy.)

Unlike Duterte, Bolsonaro has no experience in the Executive power. He has served as municipal, State, and Federal legislator. Yet, for someone with three decades of public service, there is very little to show in concrete accomplishments (ex: only two bills he’s proposed were ever approved). (Magical thinking)

As is often the case with those who receive scrutiny from the Tudorscope, far more can be written about Bolsonaro´s behaviours. However, it is clear from the repeated and sustained pattern of behaviour which shows
  • Toxic Logic
  • A Lack of Emotional Empathy
  • A Sense of Entitlement
  • A Lack of Accountability
  • The Need For Control
  • The Response to Threat of or Loss of Control
  • The Telling of Lies
  • Grandiosity
  • Manipulative Behaviours
  • Magical Thinking
  • Haughtiness
  • Black and White Thinking
  • The Revision of History
  • Provocation
  • Amorphous Statements
  • Acquisition of Property Belonging To Another
  • Boundary Violation
  • Blameshifting
  • Denial
  • Exaggeration

It is abundantly clear that President Bolsonaro is a Very Fiery Narcissist and those fires will be burning for some time yet.




188 thoughts on “A Very Fiery Narcissist?

  1. PrincessSuperEmpath says:

    Dearest HG: Is it safe to say that a political Narcissist (behind their public political platform) can neither be overly conservative nor overly liberal, because at end, it depends on what fuel they need, and thus their fuel needs will determine their true political stance on any scenario that they find themselves? And thus, they will consistently puzzle both their opponents and their supporters, with their decision making inclinations?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      We belong to the Expedience Party. Except when we do not and never did.

      1. PrincessSuperEmpath says:

        Dearest HG: I find it odd that I find you so extremely consistent. And not constantly contradicting yourself. Perhaps that is where the Ultra aspect enters the dynamic, like Bubbles mentioned to me. Many Advisors of some of these leaders often scratch their heads and become exasperated and paranoid working with their Narcissistic and Narcissist leaders.

      2. Dearest HG: I have a fascination with Julian Assange. I hope you will place him under the Tudor Scope, in the fullness of time. How does one man get into into so much international trouble??? Was it a case of: Narcissism Gone Wild? HG: that is my attempt to present for your consideration a title or a sectional category for your possible discussion of Mr. Assange: Narcissism Gone Wild. I am influenced by Desiree and her `fiery` contribution to the Brazilian story. Please feel free to use Narcissism Gone Wild on anything at all, if you like that phrasing. I think it sounds catchy. Thank you.

  2. PrincessSuperEmpath says:

    What exactly was said about the French President`s wife? I looked on google and I could not find what was said. I just keep reading the apologies, and then some portuguese a language I do not speak portuguese. I just want to know for myself what the Brazilian president said.

  3. PrincessSuperEmpath says:

    Dearest HG: On another note: Thanks for putting, Listen to HG Tudor, on this site on Libsyn . I noticed it was there by, accident this, morning and I clicked on it and all is good. Huzzah! I just listened to How to Reduce the Hoover on my laptop: The volume is good and strong on that audio, as well. I wonder if you taped it differently or used different equipment. I hope the Libsyn platform proves to be successful for your work and also Libsyn seems to be forgiving to browsers that not upgraded to the levels that are state of the art, thankfully.

  4. Anm says:

    How did you dodge writing about the Jeffrey Epstein scandal and death? Did it not blow up internationally like it did in the USA?
    Who killed him? Or is he even really dead?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      I didn’t dodge it, I have not had time.

    2. kel2day says:

      One red flag is trump accusing the Clintons of killing him. Whenever trump is guilty of doing something, he points a finger and accuses someone else of it – projection- in a childish attempt to make himself look like the last person anyone would ever suspect. Otherwise I would believe it was suicide. Except maybe the unofficial guards working that night weren’t inept but ordered or paid away from the cell for the deed to be done. Don’t overlook red flags.

      1. PrincessSuperEmpath says:

        Kel2day: There always has to be a scapegoat for the public to focus on during any of the media’s latest sanctioned brouhahas, that for whatever reason, are presented to us to focus on. This month that topic and this month this topic and on and on. Until the word comes down to shut the topic down and to move on to the next brouhaha. Perhaps Epstein was selected to be the designated scapegoat in his sphere. He has been offered, packaged up and buried or hidden or whatever, for public consumption. The problem of whatever he was involved with whomever has been put on notice. It is now a wrap as a news event. The threat has been made. The U.S. Open is now playing. Time to move on…everyone can go home now, until next time. Who will be next? I bet many in those spheres are hoping they escape. Who knows.

        1. kel2day says:

          True PSE

        2. anm says:

          Princess Super Empath,
          I feel like these mass shootings are part of media deflection from other events going on. There was 3 major mass shootings within 2 days here in the USA during the Epstein ordeal. White Supremacy was suddenly the topic of the week.

          1. Tappi Tikarrass says:

            Sorry anm, white supremacy SHOULD be the topic of the week… the month, the year.
            It is a legitimate threat to your political stability. There is little economic stability already and that is one of the reasons why white nationalism is rising.
            Trump uses them (nationalists and supremacists) for his own benefit- to stay in office.

          2. Anm says:

            Tappi Tika,
            I’m not doubting that white supremacy is a problem. I think we both agree Trump uses White Supremacy as a tool. I see this as wrong and unethical. The reason being, is these issues that are percieved in the most emotional context is only discussed when the Elite, the Government, or the Media wants to have us look the other way. I get really annoyed with Deflection as a manipulation, and it troubles me when I especially see it working on the general public

          3. Tappi Tikarrass says:

            Hi anm
            Thank you for clarifying and expanding. I apologise to you again for misunderstanding your comment.

            It is troubling how distraction and deflection is used with the public- the narcissists second line of defence!

            I recently read your posts about your ‘negotiations’ with your ex and his lawyer and was really impressed. I think of you and your frustrating situation whenever the co-parenting with a narc post comes up. ⚔️💪🏾

  5. Anm says:

    “Incendiary Rhetoric”, such a sophisticated term for “spewing garbage”. Very eloquently written, HG.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Thank you.

  6. Bibi says:

    Excellent article, HG. I devoured it in 2 sittings. (I had to leave for work.)

    This man sounds like a full blown psychopath. A very sick individual. Those comments about the Pres of France’s wife is absolutely uncalled for, ridiculous, childish and unprofessional. I am so sick of men commenting about women’s looks when something has nothing to do with looks. She is an older woman who looks a little like Camilla. Who CARES? He doesn’t have to fuck her, so why does he care? Good Lord. He must be a Lesser like Trump, who does not realize that saying such things puts him in a bad light.

    Just look at Bill Clinton, as a contrast. I have known a few women who have met him and I kid you not–every single one said he had the ‘most beautiful blue eyes I’ve ever seen.’ Every. Single. One. Men even like him.

    Bill even just talking to them about the weather makes them feel like they’re the only woman on earth. He is so charming that he makes everyone around him feel good and the dude is a Greater. Despite being a womanizer, cheating on his wife, having multiple affairs, manipulating a young intern in the Oval Office, then lying under oath, people fucking like him. I like him. How is this possible?

    Yet Trump and Brazil Man don’t have this. Clinton would NEVER insult a woman’s looks like that. Certainly not publicly, even if he thought it.

    There is just no decency. If one is a political leader or in the public eye, you are a de facto role model and you should behave as one. People look up to you. As Spiderman said, ‘With great power comes great responsibility.’ Spiderman is clearly smarter than these bozos.

    1. K says:

      Seduction is a powerful manipulation and Greaters excel at it.

  7. PrincessSuperEmpath says:

    Dearest HG: Was he duly elected by the people? Did he promise jobs to those that are suffering from a bad economy? He must have won for some reason or the other. Did he future fake? Or, was there controversy regarding his victory? Regarding homosexuality, people in economically advanced countries often think that the majority of the people in the world are pro homosexuality and that is not the case, from my experience. But, it is not politically correct and it is even dangerous to be pro heterosexual these days and one faces extreme hostility for being pro heterosexuality in the modern world. So are the Narcissists the pro homosexuality people or are the Narcissists the pro heterosexuality people. Are Narcissists pro life or anti life. Or pro choice to live or pro choice to die. Who is lacking empathy according to the social movements of today, and who has a voice to make their preferences known and adhered to: The weak or the powerful? Many feel like they are treated with great hostility for being heterosexual, as well. So, people vote according to their beliefs and worldview, and remain silent against the powerful social movements. So, if his people are for him, then are they Narcissists as well? And, do the people think that a Narcissist was the person best able to fight for what they need, against other powerful Countries? If so, more and more political leaders will be Narcissists in this world economy. I can bet on it. Sure, he seems to be a Narcississt. And if the majority of leaders in this world will be Narcissists, and that pattern is developing, worse times are coming: Envy and Jealousy and Revenge and Fury and Malice, etc. will be the battlecry of the leaders of the planet earth, until something astonishing puts an end to the madness.

  8. Tappi Tikarrass says:

    Excelente HG
    Is this post being translated into Portuguese?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      It needs to be.

      1. Tappi Tikarrass says:

        Also Spanish for the other readers on the South American continent.
        If I could translate into those languages, I would do it.

  9. Christopher Jackson says:

    Wow hg that was alot I appreciate you taking the time to put all of that thought into it.I love the very series it’s one of my favorites that you do I like the way you break it down I always go back and read it again so when I hear certain things its get my cruel hard logic going instead of my emotional logic going thanks again .

    1. HG Tudor says:

      You are welcome CJ.

  10. up&rising says:

    This article (and ones like this) are sure to get you some more media coverage. I sense the number of hits will likely increase. Perhaps there might be a poll for the readers to vote on the next person analyzed?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      There was a poll in this regard previously and the “winners” are waiting to be rolled out.

      1. MB says:

        I’ve been (not so patiently) waiting for one T. Swift’s Tudorscope analysis!

        1. HG Tudor says:

          It is in hand.

          1. MB says:

            Lyric of the day: “What doesn’t kill me makes me want you more”
            #tswift #lover #cruelsummer

      2. kel2day says:

        Because of you, I watched a T. Swift interview on CBS Sunday Morning show last weekend. If she is a narcissist then she’s on the good side of humanity. One thing that stood out was she said she lives for the moment, the farthest she looks ahead is six months only because they schedule the concerts, because it bothers her to look at five years from now. But she worded it kind of beautifully saying, (I don’t remember the words), that it would betray the moment we’re living in to spend it thinking about years from now as this moment is a gift not to waste.

        1. Bibi says:

          People still care about T. Swift?

          1. HG Tudor says:

            Amused me.

          2. Sweetest Perfection says:

            Would it still amuse you if the same question had DM instead of TS in it? I personally would give a shit but I’m curious how you would react.

          3. HG Tudor says:

            Nobody with a brain would ask such a question in relation to DM.

          4. Sweetest Perfection says:

            Great answer.

          5. HG Tudor says:

            I know.

          6. Bibi says:

            HG, look what you made me do…

          7. HG Tudor says:

            Bibi the Blameshifter!

          8. kel2day says:

            MB does Bibi.

          9. kel2day says:

            Also Bibi,
            It’s about narcissism. Living in the moment seems like a great idea to me, but I mentioned it because I thought it’s a common sign of what a narcissist does. I don’t know much about T. Swift, outside of what MB comments on the blog, but is there someone you like that we can knock down?

          10. Sweetest Perfection says:

            Hahaha Rilke! That’s Bibi’s kryptonite! Although I’m reading him for the first time and I love him
            too… come on, let’s not argue about personal tastes, that’s subjective. Kel, I love that you defend other people strongly. Bibi, I’m enjoying Rilke and thanks for recommending him, have you read any Pablo Neruda? Some of his existencial poems remind me of Rilke’s. MB, I’m gonna give TS a chance in your honor, and even if I don’t like her music, I will like that it reminds me of you from now on. Now, I cannot be this conciliatory with regards to Trump so don’t provoke me much.

          11. kel2day says:

            Great comment Sweetest Perfection! I agree.

          12. MB says:

            Bibi, I’m not bothered in the least girlfriend! It’s all good! Nobody I know IRL likes TS. My DIL absolutely HATES TS and I absolutely LOVE my DIL! She has some great lyrics and she is a shining example of a narcissist being able to create an empire. I must admit, I look at her differently since learning about narcissism. I still recognize her as an outstanding song writer. And I honestly do admit that I agree with her in the song ‘The Man’ on her new album. There IS a double standard. Not saying she isn’t as successful as a man could be, but the judgement that is passed on her would not happen to a man in her same position. Y’all can check it out if you want to…I dedicate this to Sweet P. And thank you all for defending my honor, but I honestly don’t take it personally. She’s not my sista like all of you are ❤️


          13. Sweetest Perfection says:

            MB, this song totally resonates with me. I’m sick of doing three times more than many men around me and receiving half the amount of praise and acknowledgement -not to speak of salary, which should be illegal!- but also, I always complained that if I posted the same kind of pictures and sexual innuendos on my social media as my narc does, I -and any other female in my field- would be instantly terminated at work. But he is immune to all of that. Thank you, I am proud and happy the lyrics made you think of me, sister! There go some rebellious moronic emojis for ya! 😘🥰❤️

          14. Bibi says:

            I am confused. Who is DM? I do know of T. Swift’s music and she is ok. “Look What You Made Me Do” is a title to one of her songs. That was my joke.

            SP: Glad you’re reading Rilke. Who is the translator? Neruda is great too but avoid his political stuff.

            Kel: “As for knocking down someone I like” go right ahead. It won’t bother me in the least.

          15. Sweetest Perfection says:

            Bibi, DM=Depeche Mode. HG should have included this in the list of acronyms already.

            The translator you recommended, Stephen Mitchell. I wish I could read it in the original though.
            Neruda’s political poems are my favorite ones, btw.

          16. kel2day says:

            Hey Bibi, I’m not at all interested in knocking anything down. I’ve got enough experience jumping in to defend, to know that person usually doesn’t care and it’s not necessary on my part. It’s just my instinct that I have to learn to put the reins on. Great reply MB.

          17. Bibi says:


            I had no idea my comment would be interpreted in any negative fashion. I didn’t put that much thought into it. I didn’t read the entire thread and it was actually directed at the fact that I didn’t realize Swift was a potential narc, so my comment was more of HUH? Than anything else. I actually thought she was an empath but I don’t know her that well.

            I do think some of her music is good but it isn’t my taste. When I hear it on the radio, I will listen.

            I am very opinionated and highly critical of a lot of things. After seeing this thread I remembered my other comment where I spoke about ‘crap wine,’ not even thinking that someone might enjoy it. I don’t judge if they do, but they might think I do. Oh anyway.

            I apologize if I ever come across as abrasive, I make flip remarks about books and films and I can see how some might find this annoying, esp. if everyone is raving about something and then I am the lone asshole who says, ‘Well, it was just alright….’

            I actually do think Swift is a good singer/song writer but even if I didn’t, I don’t want anyone to ever feel judged for enjoying something. I enjoy plenty of kitschy things.

            I very much enjoy this blog and the fine people on it but I am FAR from perfect or all-knowing. I hope I helped clarify.

          18. kel2day says:

            I’m not sure if my comment went through as I might have done it on WordPress. Just wanted to say sorry for my quick rush to defend someone. I knew as I was doing it that I shouldn’t.

            Bibi, I’m not the least bit interested in knocking anything at all down. I didn’t mean to challenge, I was just making a point that wasn’t even necessary.

        2. Bibi says:


          Thanks for clarifying. I actually figured the DM thing while driving to work and had a duh moment.

          Mitchell is one of the 2 best Rilke translators, the other being Edward Snow. Mitchell is better with the New Poems and Duino Elegies while Snow is more thorough in his complete poems. They both offer something different.

          A little literary tidbit: Rilke and Kafka, both born in Prague yet died young(ish). Rilke was famous and hopped from woman to woman and Kafka was an unknown weirdo who had to resort to prostitutes because no woman wanted him. It is a toss up as to which one is more physically unattractive. But it shows you what a little fame can do. People haven’t changed much.

          Rilke was actually born Rene Maria and there are photos of him in dresses as a toddler. His mom wanted a girl. When he got older he changed his name to Rainer.

  11. mgeraudm says:

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do a piece on Mexico’s kinda new president, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador
    At least Bolsonaro is a huge brutal narcissist, but I bet you’ll at least have a huge laugh at this mediocre lying unapologetical grandiose piece of ***

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Noted, but could you come off the fence please and tell me what you really think?!

  12. Mercy says:

    HG, I found this very informative. It was alot to read but very interesting. In your earlier comment you stated that you like Trump as a president. Would you care to share you views on Bolsonaro?

    1. HG Tudor says:


      1. Mercy says:

        Haha HG, I can see that. Some find a train wreck entertaining as well.

    2. NarcAngel says:

      Hi Mercy

      I’ve missed your comments and was thinking of you yesterday and here you are. Hope all is well and you are enjoying the benefits of your home improvements by way of some relaxation.

      1. Mercy says:


        Thanks for your comment. Your kind words is a good start of my day. Home improvements are still in progress but I slowed down a little so I can enjoy a narc free summer with family and friends. I hope all is well with you too.

    3. kel2day says:

      I don’t think HG said he liked the Donald as a president but just that he liked him. There’s a distinction. I think narcs like him because they respect power and what he’s achieved, no matter how he achieved it.

      1. Mercy says:

        Kel, I wondered that too if it was the person or the president that HG likes, but in his position I think they are one in same.

        1. kel2day says:

          I wouldn’t want voters to think HG is endorsing Trump for the upcoming election. That’s why I think it’s an important distinction. HG said with Trump, it’s Trump first and USA second, which is a serious point. That’s why I wanted to comment, to just make sure that’s understood. Narcissists, lesser to greater, admire the power he’s achieved, which is different from admiring the job he’s done. I don’t think the Donald has anywhere near the same workload ethics and output as HG, but he managed to achieve the power despite his lack of ethics or qualifications or achievements, whether he was in on the help he got from the Russians or not. However he seems blatantly loyal to them for some reason, a red flag not to be ignored.

          1. MommyPino says:

            Hi Kel, I don’t think that HG endorsed Trump nor criticized his presidency. With Trump being a narcissist where he comes first and the US second is the same with any narcissist president: Clinton and Obama. They are all narcissists and they will always come first. Anyway, here are HG’s exact words:

            “Here is something to consider – you can be a narcissist and achieve great things, look at what I do for example. “

            “I do not doubt he does “good things” which are not spoken about or publicised, so do I, but that does not change from the fact I am a narcissistic psychopath and I only do them because it is in my interests. What POTUS does is always in his best interests and with a number of things that is also good for the USA. I like The Donald, but it is Donald first, USA second, that is how we are!”

            “do not make the hard of understanding mistake by thinking my explaining that POTUS is a narcissist means I disapprove in some way or think he is “bad”. I am not sitting as judge in that capacity. I identify narcissists and explain why they are narcissists. It is not about whether that person is “good” or “bad”. You can accept he is a narcissist (and he is) and still think highly of him and support him. If he saves the US, do you care if he is a narcissist, narcissistic, empath or martian?”

          2. kel2day says:

            January 2016: Trump stated, “I could stand on Fifth Avenue and shoot people and not lose any votes “. He made a great point.

          3. MommyPino says:

            Hi kel2day, I would never vote for a murderer. But again, this was taken out of context. He wasn’t literally saying that he will murder someone and literally believes that people will still vote for him. He was just being haughty and arrogant in saying that he has a lot of loyal supporters which mean that he believed that he had a high chance of winning. It was not literal.

          4. HG Tudor says:

            Actually I think he meant he had no supporters there so if he shot them he would not lose a vote.

          5. MommyPino says:

            Haha so true HG! You really have a brilliant way at looking at things! 😂😂.

          6. kel2day says:

            Mommy Pino
            It means that it doesn’t matter what he does, his followers will overlook everything he does and fully support him. And it’s true.

          7. MommyPino says:

            Hi kel2day, I agree with you that that is what Trump meant. I just really got a laugh at HG’s joke about Trump not having any voters in Fifth Avenue because it’s so true! But to me, these things that Trump says are just BS and I just ignore them. This is his narcissistic grandiosity talking and he is obviously wrong. Even he probably knows that but he likes to brag in a big way so that’s why he says things like that.

  13. Bubbles 🍾 says:

    Dear Mr Tudor,
    Huge thanks on your “express delivery” for your most impressive, detailed and extremely informative overview
    Bolsanaro is clearly one very dangerous man
    Another interesting candidate to your never ending list would be Angela Merkel
    Your input, effort and hard work is most admirably appreciated
    Thank you
    Luv Bubbles xx 😘

    1. Sweetest Perfection says:

      Bubbles, I must admit that right now, I’m more curious about whether Merkel has Párkinson disease than whether she’s a narc.

      1. Bubbles 🍾 says:

        Dear Sweetest Perfection,
        Possibly ..or either she’s stressed or on medication…. either way it’s some form of retribution for her “psychological process”
        Luv Bubbles xx 😘

  14. E. B. says:

    You have done a thorough research, HG. Thank you so much for posting such a lot of helpful information in order to see his traits more clearly.
    I think he is a dangerous man. Although he shares traits with LNs and MRNs, he plans and plot. To him the end justify the means.
    He does not care about life. He will destroy nature, animals and human beings, if necessary to meet his needs. I have only seen this in Greaters. I did not know he was planning to open up indigenous reserves to commercial activities but considering what he is, it does not surprise me.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Thank you

  15. Bibi says:

    Looking forward to reading this. A new one! YAY! Dammit, HG. I read your blog in the morning before my workouts and I need to go exercise but you’re making it tough to pull myself away. You’re good at that.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Sheer magnetism Bibi.

      1. Bibi says:

        Haha, yes.

  16. strongerwendyme says:

    Another excellent article, HG. I havent had time to catch up on this in the news and now I’m up to date! 🙂

    1. HG Tudor says:

      I cover all bases here SWM.

  17. nfl3 says:

    Excellent article! Thorough and well thought-out. I learned so much from this. Red flags when Bolsonaro rejected the financial assistance offered and the insults directed at Macron’s wife. Interesting how many narcissists are drawn to the military and politics. Also many parallels between him and Trump.

    You never disappoint, HG.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Thank you BFL3, I am pleased you found it of interest, do share it wide.

      1. nfl3 says:

        Will do! Your intellect never ceases to amaze!!

        1. HG Tudor says:

          Thank you

      2. strongerwendyme says:

        A good approach to up level the awareness of HG’s articles is to be strategic in who the Tudorites target with their efforts to spread the word.

        1. Determine the most influential person/journalist covering the subject HG has written about (and second and third and so forth). You could all determine or HG could determine who the top three are and go from there.

        2. Then, rather than a disorganized ‘spray and pray’ approach, all who are interested in spreading the word reach out to the previously identified top influencer and so on. The multitude of (unique and therefore authentic) communications will be more likely to be noticed by the influencer rather than individual messages – therefore bringing more weight and impact to the communications.

        1. HG Tudor says:

          Good points.

        2. E. B. says:

          S. Wendy,
          That was very helpful, thank you. What you described seems to be a tactic used by female narcissists when smearing other people.

          1. strongerwendyme says:

            Could be! It’s also a marketing tactic used for influencer marketing. Marketing can definitely be manipulative.

        3. NarcAngel says:


          I don’t understand what you mean in your second point.

          1. strongerwendyme says:

            Instead of, for example, 5 people spreading the word about HG to one journalist (could be the one he mentioned who wrote about the person pretending to be the pregnant mother on instagram) and 10 to another and 7 to a third and so on – all concentrate their efforts on one (that has been determined to have large audience, lots of followers, etc) so that the message would be less likely to be dismissed as one off or random. With many promoting HG’s work to one journalist, for example, the journalist is more likely to take notice and check out his work and perhaps write about it.

          2. HG Tudor says:

            HG approves.

          3. NarcAngel says:

            Thank you for explaining. In this case I contacted the person who wrote the article because my thinking was that she would like to see how her work was being interpreted/received and that after looking around narcsite that her interest would be peaked and she would want to write about it and HG. I assumed others would do the same, but it is hard to know who is doing what or co-ordinate anything unless we state our intended course of action to others as you point out. I should not assume. In future I will make my actions known so that others can increase the impact if they so choose. Thank you for raising these points and again, for explaining.

          4. You’re welcome, of course!

          5. Bibi says:

            Marketing can be manipulative in how it uses emotion to get your attention. It makes you think you NEED something or at the very least, should want it. It tries to play on your ‘fear of missing out’.

            On CNN I was recently seeing this stupid commercial where it shows this image of ‘a successful single woman’ who goes to work in stilettos (of course) and then goes out and meets a cute guy all because she drinks this red wine that when I looked it up was a crap sangria type wine. The entire focus was very image-oriented and shallow but if you want to be cool and successful like her, drink crap red wine.

  18. blackunicorn123 says:

    On a completely separate note, the word fiery always reminds me of a chalkboard menu I once saw where the scribe had obviously had several attempts at spelling the word fiery, because the previous attempts had not been erased properly. Bloody hilarious!!

  19. blackunicorn123 says:

    I’m impressed at how quickly you put this article together! I’m sure you have “research minions” to do the background work, but still, you’ve collated it very quickly. You’re on fire too, HG!!

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Thank you. I did the research.

  20. Amy Is says:

    I think he sounds like someone who’s viewing “it” as a systemic issue, and most likely is tired of having to take care of the blame. The planets ecosystems all work together, one would assume.

  21. alexissmith2016 says:


  22. MB says:

    Damn HG! You pounded that article out quickly. A narcissist on a mission is a force to be reckoned with indeed!

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Took me 5 hours. Thank you.

      1. MB says:

        I’m obviously impressed!

        1. HG Tudor says:


      2. MB says:

        It took me an hour to read it! (I kept getting interrupted) I could get used to a new article a day. 😍

        1. HG Tudor says:

          Interrupted? Who might those transgressors with no respect for boundaries be? I shall deal with the rapscallions!

          1. MB says:

            What boundaries? That’s why I need Farquhar lessons. Help me HG!

          2. HG Tudor says:

            You know where to find me

          3. Bibi says:

            One of the nicknames for my cat is rapscallion. I set aside time for new HG articles because of those very reasons of being interrupted.

    2. PrincessSuperEmpath says:

      MB: Do you know what he said about Macron`s wife. The only thing I ever heard about her was that she was a child molester, and if she were a man, she would have been in trouble. I head that on the radio one day, but I have still not researched what they are talking about concerning her. Or is other things being said about her? If anyone knows, please tell me.

      1. Samantha says:

        Hi PSE, Brigitte was Macron’s high school teacher. She began having an affair with him when he was 15, she was 39…24 years older. At the inception of their affair, Brigitte was married with 3 children. She has a son 2 years older than Macron. (I heard there was more to their encounters when he was a teen besides their affair, but I don’t have the facts, so I’ll leave it at that.)

        1. HG Tudor says:

          That’s very French, so nobody bats an eyelid.

          1. Samantha says:

            And the legal age for consent is 15. 😮

          2. MB says:

            HG, are you saying that it is common in France for teachers to have affairs with students?

          3. HG Tudor says:


          4. MB says:

            Ok. I was trying to interpret the comment “that’s very French” nobody bats an eyelid.

        2. PrincessSuperEmpath says:

          Samantha. Thanks. That probably what was being discussed, I think. I remember hearing the newsperson speaking of a double standard. That if she were a male teacher, she would have been criticized at the very least, even in France.

          1. Samantha says:

            PSE, you’re welcome. 🙂

      2. MB says:

        PSE, From the article, it was being said that she was unattractive. I’m not familiar with either of them. So I just gave them a google. He is very young! (41) and has an adorable gap in his front teeth. She is very old to be with him! (66). Love is love and I pass no judgement. As far as her attractiveness…I’ll let you decide for yourself. As far as her being a child molester, I didn’t look into that but I wouldn’t believe everything I hear about her as it seems she is a target for hateful rhetoric.

  23. WiserNow says:

    Thank you for this article HG. Bolsonaro is clearly someone with Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD). He has a very strong sense of entitlement and his disturbing willingness to murder those who don’t agree with his views shows an obvious lack of empathy and conscience. These aspects of his personality are currenly demonstrated by his lack of concern that the Amazon is burning. He is clearly not capable of acting responsibly for his nation and the people he governs.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Indeed WN. It is important to ensure this article is disseminated widely whilst the issue of the Amazon fires is receiving attention in order to utilise that to spread the message about narcissism also. Go to it!

      1. Desirée says:

        “ensure this article is disseminated widely whilst the issue of the Amazon fires is receiving attention in order to utilise that to spread the message about narcissism also”
        Are you asking us to spread the message about naricissism….like wildfire?

        1. HG Tudor says:

          Like lightning and wildfire!

          1. zwartbolleke says:

            I shared the article on Facebook (public). Of course nobody reacts… People don’t want to know. They prefer pictures of cute dogs and holidays…

          2. zwartbolleke: People read and observe and reflect, but many do not have the luxury and liberty, in reality, to be vocal about certain topics and many can not at times suffer the repercussions and blowback that may come their way from expressing their opinions.

          3. kel2day says:

            You never know, your post might have planted a seed for someone, or they might be googling Narcsite right now.

      2. WiserNow says:

        Definitely! I’m on it! 🙂

        1. HG Tudor says:

          HG approves.

  24. Sweetest Perfection says:

    Impressive. I was already thinking of misogynistic connections with Trump when reading about his comments on Macron’s wife; remember Trump
    also created controversy when he looked at Brigitte Macron from head to toe and said: “you’re in such good shape,” a comment clearly alluding to the fact that she is older than her husband, with the ellipsis of the continuing “for your age.” I read an article that establishes eco-feminist connections between the control of women and the environment shown in the psyche of what the author calls “Idiotic Baby Men.” I think your analysis is brilliantly touching on that view as well. You can read it here if you have some curiosity: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/26/bolsonaros-misogynistic-attack-brigitte-macron-offers-glimpse-psyche-idiotic-baby%3famp

    1. Sweetest Perfection says:

      So, what school and cadre would he be, HG? The use of speedo-like swimming trunks makes me think of a certain Somatic UL I “used to know.”

      1. MB says:

        I think a man that fishes in white Speedos has a lack of empathy for the wildlife that had to be subjected to that. Poor dolphins!

        1. Sweetest Perfection says:

          Maybe there’s luck and one of them bites him thinking they saw a worm…

          1. MB says:

            Yes SP! And there are piranha too. 🤣

    2. K says:

      Sweetest Perfection
      That’s a nice example of a back-handed provocation and objectification.

      1. Sweetest Perfection says:

        Exactly, K. I don’t know how Brigitte Macron can tolerate all of these assholes constantly making reference to her physical appearance for lack of a better conversation.

        1. Sweetest Perfection says:

          Disclaimer: I know HG joked yesterday about my objectification of Dave Gahan. In my defense, I will argue that 1) I made a positive, flattering observation of his body and didn’t take his age into consideration to serve as a modifier of my compliment 2) There’s so much more I admire about Dave Gahan, including the fact that he is the only human being that I know of who has actually resurrected after being dead for several minutes 3) I do not enjoy any incendiary situations, or comments.

        2. K says:

          Sweetest Perfection
          I have no idea how she does it either. When I heard about Bolsonaro’s comment regarding Brigitte Macron on
          the evening news, I knew it was classic narc deflection right away. Forget the fire; I’m going to hurl insults.

          That’s the ticket (to maintain fuel and control)! Fuck the Amazon!

          1. Sweetest Perfection says:

            The whole Amazon catastrophe hurts me very deeply.

          2. K says:

            Sweetest Perfection

  25. kel2day says:

    The title is apt! Very fiery- with a worldwide power and control.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Indeed, thank you.

  26. Samantha says:

    Although Trump is grandiose, brash, and politically incorrect (which I like), I don’t see him as a Narc, because he has empathy, compassion, and love, which Narcs do not feel. Trump is not faking these emotions. He truly cares about our country and the American people. He has done and continues to do great things for Americans, including veterans, women, and minorities. But if you listen to fake Mainstream News, BBC, etc, you won’t hear about the good things Trump does, you will only hear propaganda lies about him 24/7. Trump is fighting a totally corrupt DC Mafia. I’m a researcher, and I follow current events and politics very closely and get my news from reliable sources.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      He is a narcissist and he does not have emotional empathy. Here is something to consider – you can be a narcissist and achieve great things, look at what I do for example. Anyway, you are on the wrong article to debate Trump.

      1. Samantha says:

        Hi HG, I brought up Trump here due to him being mentioned several times in this article. True what you said about you doing great things educating us on Narcissists. You could be right about him, but I don’t agree. Trump does a lot of really good things that aren’t publicized or well known. Example: There’s a black woman who was homeless. She was a squatter in a room at Trump Towers. Security found her, but she refused to leave. Trump came down and spoke with her. He told her she could stay as long as she needed and ever since then, food is brought to her daily. She’s been living there for 8 or 9 years now. In 2016, she made a video with her phone from where she lives and posted it on Youtube telling people that Trump is a good man and what he has done for her. I won’t say anymore about Trump here. Thanks very much for the reply.

        1. HG Tudor says:

          You are welcome.

          There is considerable evidence which supports he is a narcissist, it has to be seen in aggregate and it is overwhelming and this evidence is drawn from a multitude of sources (not just the ones you labelled as pedlars of fake news). I am right about him. I do not doubt he does “good things” which are not spoken about or publicised, so do I, but that does not change from the fact I am a narcissistic psychopath and I only do them because it is in my interests. What POTUS does is always in his best interests and with a number of things that is also good for the USA. I like The Donald, but it is Donald first, USA second, that is how we are!

          1. Samantha says:

            Points taken, but then a few things come to mind. Trump has lost about $3-4 Billion in his businesses since he’s become President, but he truly doesn’t care, because he wants to fix America, which he’s doing. He donates his salary of $100,000 a year to charities. He had a very comfortable life and was very popular, but he gave it all up to save America…America First. Lastly, how does Trump have such accomplished, well-adjusted, and dedicated adult children and family who love him dearly if he’s a Narc?

          2. HG Tudor says:

            This really should not be about Trump as explained already.

            1. Has he really though? Even if he has, he has plenty left and will gain plenty more post Presidency.
            2. That’s big of him – a billionaire waiving a salary of US $ 100 000. That is purely for show.
            3. Given up a comfortable life? When I do not see any evidence of that.
            4. Save America? If it works for Donald and USA benefits too, lucky USA. Be under no illusion (and I know my kind) he is not doing what he is doing for any altruistic reasons.
            5. Hands up how many people on this forum love/loved their narcissist? Thought so.

            Trump´s behaviour re Greenland. Sense of entitlement to think he could just buy it and grandiosity. Cancelling a meeting with the Danish Prime Minister because he was told no – response to Challenge Fuel and far,far from the behaviour of a statesman.
            Behaviour with Angela Merkel in refusing to shake her hand? Reaction to Challenge Fuel and the behaviour of a petulant teenager.
            Hiring and firing of staff? The repeated cycle of black and white thinking in action.
            Point some inconvenient truth out to him – announcement that it is false news (that is the first line of the Narcissistic Defence).

            I could go back through the news and information from my contacts over the last couple of years and write a book evidencing his behaviours which all fit with being a narcissist. You are wrong, he is a narcissist. You are welcome to support him, that’s your entitlement and do not make the hard of understanding mistake by thinking my explaining that POTUS is a narcissist means I disapprove in some way or think he is “bad”. I am not sitting as judge in that capacity. I identify narcissists and explain why they are narcissists. It is not about whether that person is “good” or “bad”. You can accept he is a narcissist (and he is) and still think highly of him and support him. If he saves the US, do you care if he is a narcissist, narcissistic, empath or martian?

          3. kel2day says:

            The Donald the Duck is a bit annoying, would he be a lesser? and something’s unsettling about ronald the mcDonald, maybe it’s the mask.

          4. Samantha says:

            HG, is it possible that Trump could be Narcissistic as opposed to a Narcissist?

          5. HG Tudor says:


          6. Lorelei says:

            Nice HG—this thing about the woman getting food from Trump—he’s unaware of his true self and thinks he’s a good person. Right? So good deeds are done but it’s not coming from feeling anything genuine. My dad gave money to people at times and there is zero question he was a narcissist despite no discussion of this matter with you as is pointless. It’s the conflict of what we see that creates the challenges. You wrote and referenced those “in piss stained pants” yet that is who we “fear” and who may be the most innocent person on the street. Facade is brilliant.

          7. HG Tudor says:


          8. Lorelei says:

            We adore you HG. I like getting smarter and you are more interesting than say.. Statistics? Inorganic chemistry? (For sure on that one)

          9. HG Tudor says:

            Thank you

          10. Lorelei says:

            You are quick today!

          11. NarcAngel says:

            It’s appropriate that they’re called ACTS of kindness. Stepnarc would spend money he didn’t have and time on complete strangers while denying us basic needs and abusing us at home. All facade. All an ACT. The cheapest and most effective press.

          12. Lorelei says:

            NA—my two cats have more real affection for me than my dad did. And their affection isn’t real—it’s based on getting their food bowel filled. Anthropomorphism is akin to applying an empathic mind set to a narcissist.

          13. Lorelei says:


          14. Samantha says:

            Okay. Thanks HG. I appreciate your patience with me.

          15. HG Tudor says:

            No problem Samantha, I recognise you wish to articulate a view, we disagree, but you have done so in a constructive fashion and that is not an issue with me.

          16. Bibi says:

            HG, a Martian would make a better Pres than Trump. My cat would be better.

        2. MommyPino says:

          Hi Samantha, I support Trump and I accept that he is a narcissist, Just like Obama and Clinton. However, I support him because I am voting for a president whose policies affect my life and not voting for Mr. Congeniality. 😊. His policies are by far better than Obama’s and Hillary’s platform so Trump is a big improvement from Obama in my opinion. But it doesn’t mean that I approve of a lot of his behaviors. 💕

          1. Sweetest Perfection says:

            Who’s Mr. Congeniality? Anyone who doesn’t grab women by the pussy? I am quoting the president by the way.

          2. Samantha says:

            Hi MommyPino, Glad to hear it! I agree with 90% of what he does. Given the mindset of those he’s dealing with and what they have done to our country before he took office, I love his brash attitude and vocabulary. (I talk like a Sailor when I get pissed.) HG is right. Trump is a Narc, but he’s also just what America needed. Contrary to fake news, he’s doing great things for our country. There would be no America if any other candidate had been elected in 2016. Thanks very much for the reply. 🙂

          3. MommyPino says:

            My pleasure Samantha! Oh my gosh, I was so scared of Hillary winning because of the policies that she was going to implement. I will refrain from talking about policies here because this blog is about narcissism but she would have totally destroyed this country. She is an Upper Mid-Ranger and it was more important for her to be the first female president!of the US. After that she doesn’t really care what happens to all of us and if this country goes to hell.

          4. MommyPino says:

            Hi SP, I am not surprised that Trump said that and I’m not bothered by it either. He is a pig 🐷 but I agree with his policies and I disagree with his opponents’ policies. I would never marry someone like Trump and I would never hire someone like him to babysit my kids but he does follow through as best as he could with the policies that he said he has so I voted for him and will most likely vote for him again. His narcissism is driving him to do his best to be the president that saved the US. Also it was a hot microphone moment, he was privately bragging to another male and men do exaggerate when they are trying to have notoriety with their male friends. I don’t think that Bill Clinton is any better and I have no doubt that Bill Clinton has said similar or worse things with his coterie in private.

          5. Sweetest Perfection says:

            MP, I asked HG to not post my previous comment but it was too late. Having quoted that, I will explain myself. I cannot put aside his racist, misogynistic, xenophobic and homophobic comments and behaviors and vote for him because, as a citizen, I feel under attack. Of course if you are not any of these: 1) a woman 2) colored 3) an immigrant 4) a person that is educated and intellectual 5) a member of the LGBTQ 6) me=all of the above, you can forget about all of this and vote for him. Of course I can’t. I wasn’t living here under Clinton and couldn’t vote under Obama. But I know that the awful thing about that statement is not just it’s chauvinistic nature, but the fact that it’s considered sexual assault, without consent. I don’t know if by Mr Congeniality you were referring to Biden, he’s not my top choice. However, I love you and I don’t want to argue with you or anyone about politics so I apologize for jumping like a maniac. That’s why I asked HG to delete my previous comment. Now that our views are expressed, let’s continue to like each other 😘

          6. MommyPino says:

            Hi Sweetest Perfection, I didn’t get offended at all by your comment. I think that we obviously see things differently and that doesn’t make any of us bad. I just believe that a lot of what Trump has said we’re taken out of context and freely misinterpreted by some people in politics and the media. I respect and admire that you are standing up against racism, homophobia, xenophobia, and sexism. But I don’t believe that Trump is any of that or that he is more prejudice than Bill Clinton, Hillary and Obama. I think that a lot of political correctness are driven by Mid Rangers who like to control the way that people speak and act and dictate what is supposed to be acceptable or not acceptable. A lot people do not like to be controlled and Trump’s lack of political correctness can be liberating to a lot of people. I also believe that Trump’s policies that strengthen the economy benefit women, immigrants, highly educated people, blue collar people, and LGBTQ. I believe that a lot of policies that the Democratic Party was promoting were not sustainable and not for the best interest of majority of Americans and were more driven by cajoling and seducing certain groups of society who felt disenfranchised for a long time and getting their votes without really thinking about long term solutions for them and everybody else. I believe that his grabbing the pussy remark was taken out of context. I didn’t think that he was referring to sexually assaulting women by grabbing them without their consent. I believe that he was bragging to another guy that he is so famous and powerful that he can do that to women and women will not mind (they will consent). I don’t think that he really walks around grabbing women like he said. I believe that he was just bragging and exaggerating but I believe that because of his power and wealth he was right that a lot of women would be willing to be seduced by him, “And when you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything.” although he described it in a figurative crass manner. And I do not care for it but it has nothing to do with his policies. That is my personal belief and opinion and I understand that not everyone shares it and sees it the same way. I personally believe that Bill Clinton has sexually assaulted more women than Trump. But that is my personal opinion. 🤷‍♀️ I have no disrespect towards other opinions.

          7. Sweetest Perfection says:

            MP, I’m not going to comment on Trump again because I find this futile, no one’s going to convince anyone in a blog and it will just cause friction between us. I just wanted to let you know that I don’t feel like walking on eggshells when talking to you and that I don’t categorize you as someone that has gained any reputation. I don’t judge anyone, not even my narc. I apologized because I made the mistake of getting into political discussions when I usually know better than that, not because I’m scared of what your reaction may be. I was more worried about having been too insensitive with my comment. Spicy-sweetest also needs some restraint sometimes!

          8. MommyPino says:

            I agree Sweetest Perfection, talking about politics is like talking about different religions. It’s either you believe in it or not. A lot of those beliefs are already set and unless one is unhappy about their religion or lack of religion or party affiliation in politics, they will not likely be open to the other perspectives. I had a cousin tell me that doing the sign of the cross is bad and it symbolizes 666. No matter how we try to convince each other it’s futile because our beliefs are already set.
            Thank you for the affirmation that I don’t have to worry about having a reputation for being too sensitive or easily provoked. Thank you for not judging me. And I need to practice the same restraint that you do. You are totally not insensitive and you just have the perfect amount of spice 🌶 with you sweetness lol.

          9. Sweetest Perfection says:

            Also, the wrong use of “it’s” instead of the correct possessive form “its” in my last comment was autocorrect, which I despise as you all know.

          10. NarcAngel says:

            Re: Being upset about spelling and grammar.

            Make like Frozen and let it go. After what we’ve all have been through it’s a wonder we’re not all drawing pictures and drooling on ourselves. Ain’t nobody worried bout that.

          11. Sweetest Perfection says:

            Hahaha I know, NA, but I can’t state that I am educated and then add a spelling mistake in the same comment. I would be like Pamela when she urged everyone to “by” an encyclopedia to be more intelligent!

          12. NarcAngel says:

            Sweet P
            I understand that it is just a personal annoyance related to your own posts. My concern over time has been that when we (not pointed to you Sweet P as there are many for whom this is an annoyance) stress perfect grammar and spelling over content, is that it might discourage or cause hesitation to contribute in those who have trouble with it or where English is not their first language. So many apologize here for their English and it is really not necessary as we always get the message. I commend them and encourage their contributions. English is my only language and I fuck it up all the time.

            Not to mention HG has to moderate all of the corrections where we all knew what was meant.

          13. Sweetest Perfection says:

            NA, I know I know. I just have a personal crusade against autocorrect, it’s frustrating. HG, sorry for the redundant corrections on autocorrections.

          14. Tappi Tikarrass says:

            I’d like to know, briefly, what trump policies you like?
            What are the policies of Obama that were horrrible? Universal health care?

            I find it disturbing that a nation whose recent history (300 years) is steeped in Christianity of various flavours is so inequitable and has little regard for human life, and also highly militarist. Actually, on reflection, I don’t.

            Here in Australia it’s a common saying that Jesus was the worlds first socialist. Also common, we are becoming the 51st state due to the erosion of our once great health, education and welfare systems.

          15. MommyPino says:

            Hi Tappi, Don’t worry about that, I don’t think that it was a provocation. I actually felt bad that I may have been overly sensitive in the past that my reputation may be making people here be extra cautious about offending me. I don’t want people to start walking on eggshells because I’m too sensitive or easily provoked. I’m really working on not taking things personally as fast as I tend to.

            With regards to policies, I have written a few in a generalized way to SP. I will write more to you next week because we are going to bed now. But basically it’s more about the economy. And also because as a Christian I felt attacked by the Obama administration’s rhetoric and policies. I will expand more when I get back online.

          16. Tappi Tikarrass says:

            I’m not trying to be confrontational.
            Help me understand what the attraction to Trump and his policies is.

          17. Tappi Tikarrass says:

            No worries, sleep well and have a good weekend.

            Maybe we should take this conversation over to the POTUS thread. HG has stated that this isn’t the thread to discuss trump and I tend to agree.

          18. MommyPino says:

            Hi Tappi, Thank you. I agree with you that this isn’t the right thread for this. I think I want to take a rest at posting about Trump for now. I agree with SP that this is a very complicated issue. It really is a matter of personal perspectives and opinions. But I do agree with HG that Trump is a narcissist and that it doesn’t mean that a narcissist cannot do good things for the country even if he always comes first before anything or anyone else. About the US being inequitable and no regard for human life, it is also a matter of opinion. In my personal opinion, being someone who grew up in another country, I had a different perspective about the US before I got here and now that I live here and interact with different Americans. My perspective has improved so much now that I live here and I know the people first hand. There are idiots everywhere, even in my home country. But there are lots of kind people everywhere. Every country has history of violence and disregard for human life but this country has a lot of good things about it that I admire. 💕

          19. kel2day says:

            Generally it’s $$$$$$$!$!
            It’s about money.

          20. Tappi Tikarrass says:

            Hi mommypino
            Yes, I wholeheartedly agree every country has a history of violence. Don’t get me started on Australia’s history…. history? We’re still guilty of it but I won’t go on about it.

            Regarding politics and religion, I’m not trying to convince anyone to change their beliefs, or side. I’m trying to understand all sides of the debate, any debate. One can’t do this without asking questions and having ‘uncomfortable’ discussions. I don’t buy into the not discussing politics, religion or sex phrase. As long as participants in any discussions are respectful and constructive, then it’s vital in my mind to discuss these things- and regularly.

            I’ve alluded to this elsewhere on the blog- The whole left/right political dichotomy is outdated and unhelpful. People can unwittingly become entrenched in their ‘side’ and lose sight of the bigger picture. Granted, the extremes of any side, will not be thwarted. Though the vast majority in between the extremes will not be so rigid in their thinking.

            I feel it’s time for some more humanist, encompassing and less dichotomous approaches to politics (to everything really) especially if we as a species are to continue to evolve.

            Yes, I am left of centre politically speaking. I’m not socialist. I am disillusioned with the left leaning political parties in Australia- the best leaders in those parties are sidelined as not being able to gain office. There are narcissists on both sides of the Australian political fence. I wait for some new political ideas that will spawn new political parties. I know I’m not alone in that sentiment. With all the unrest, whether domestically or internationally, I believe they must come. Otherwise, dark dark days will come instead.

          21. MommyPino says:

            Hi Tappi, I love everything that you said. I can discuss my politics in order to explain the mindset and logic of people like me who voted for Trump. That is actually my usual mindset when explaining my politics. I agree that the two party system is outdated and it forces more moderate and empathic leaders to lean more to the extremes or polar sides and their empathy stands in the way and so they end up getting defeated my narcissists who do not have limits when it comes to seducing voters. I think that more empathic leaders are willing to compromise and meet in the middle. I think the two party system indeed increases the likelihood of narcissists to succeed in acquiring leadership positions in politics over the empathic politicians.

          22. Tappi Tikarrass says:

            Thanks mommypino xo

          23. MommyPino says:

            My pleasure Tappi!!

    2. kel2day says:


      1. Sweetest Perfection says:

        Kel, HAHAHA.

      2. Bibi says:


        I just have to tell you that puppy is so adorable. I can’t stop squealing. What a cute baby.

        1. kel2day says:

          Puppies!! Thanks Bibi.

  27. Desirée says:

    Oh my god you actually went with Fiery I love it! Great article on the subject, hopfeully there will be a youtube video as well. I find that new format with your bold and italic notes at the end incredibly helpful

    1. PrincessSuperEmpath says:

      Desiree, I am pleased that your idea caught fire! Well done!

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