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The smear campaign is a well-used and devastating narcissistic tool. With the unrivalled insight provided by a narcissist, this book explains why they are used, why they are so effective, who is involved in them and why, why people respond as they do to them plus more fascinating insights and enlightenment. This book also provides practical and effective methods of countering the smear campaign to ally to your new found understanding.

Clear the smear !

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2 thoughts on “Smeared

  1. Veronique Jones says:

    How is it that after smear campaign a real vile one that the narcissist would even attempt to return ? Would not that seem hypocritical or even week on their part if everybody thinks that we are the devil, Why narcissist has gone to extreme lengths to smear me and it has affected a large percentage of people we know I don’t see that there would be a way of him returning without damaging his image

    1. HG Tudor says:

      No because of our black and white thinking, sense of entitlement and lack of accountability. If you smeared someone (not that you would) you would be uncomfortable with the contradiction of doing that and then returning and being pleasant to the subject of the smearing, but that is because you are not a narcissist. We have no such issue, why?

      1. Lesser and Mid Range. Their narcissism rewrites history. You were black, you were smeared, you become white, the smear is lifted and is effectively forgotten about owing to compartmentalisation. If you raise the question of the smear on the narcissists return, it will be deflected, diluted, pushed to one side (as part of asserting control as your question will be Challenge Fuel) this might be outright denial “I never said that” or diluting it “Oh let’s not dwell on the past” or “I was hurt, I said a lot of things I did not really mean” This all has the ring of plausibility to it and often you may accept it, but it actually is further evidence of the narcissistic dynamic.
      2. Greaters. We know what we did but do not care and our lack of remorse etc means we see the contradiction but it does not trouble us.

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