The Tallest of Poppies


I am well used to suffering the jealous behaviour of others as a consequence of their resentment arising from my brilliance. No matter how inclusive and charming I may be there are always some who suffer from the politics of envy. If I understood what sympathy really was I suppose I might have some for these people. It must be horrendous never achieving anything of note and being mired in mediocrity. Thankfully, not all those who are not blessed with the talents that my kind and me have are prone to this behaviour. If that was the case then surely we would face anarchy. Many of them realise their status as an epsilon semi-moron to borrow Aldous Huxley’s description from Brave New World and they are content to fulfil that role. There is much to be said for knowing your place. Few are destined to greatness and one will lead a much more satisfying life if one accepts that at an early stage and you leave the important stuff to those of us who occupy the rarefied stratosphere of superb achievement.

It is a regrettable trait that certain people, envious and jealous of my achievements feel the need to attack me. It is puzzling since so often I have exhibited nothing but pleasantness and compliments towards them and have enabled them to benefit from my largesse, but still they feel the need to attack me and pour scorn on what I do. Admittedly, they are in the minority and that is a helpful indicator and confirmation (if it were needed) that their stance is both unpleasant and erroneous. They might catcall my kind and me, attempting to attribute our success to underhand and devious methods, but they are merely fuming that they did not think of driving forward in such a manner themselves. Whenever I have to deal with one of these idiots who tries to denigrate me then I must always remind them that you cannot add to the stature of  a dwarf by cutting off the leg of a giant. That usually sends them away with a flea in their ear.

No, I have no sympathy for these fools, only contempt. Perhaps if they had tried harder at school, worked harder in their occupations and applied their minds with the singularity of vision and purpose that my kind and me are famed for, then and only then, these people might have achieved something.

I resist all attempts to cut me down. I am the tallest of poppies and you must crane your neck, look upwards and admire me for what I am. Of course, it is entirely appropriate that I maintain my stature by removing those who might unseat me. Should anyone else grow close to where I am and have the audacity to cast a shadow over my progress and achievements then I am left with no choice but to wield my scythe and cut them down. I must do it to them before they do it to me. It is the law of the jungle and you do not grow as tall and as fine as me without being able to eradicate the aspirers, the false climbers and the clambering imposters. Threaten my superiority and I will cut you down without hesitation or regret. I am compelled to ensure that the glow of sunny admiration falls on me and that there is no shadow from any other that might impinge my steady advance upwards.

62 thoughts on “The Tallest of Poppies

  1. liza says:

    all what you discribed may seem bad actions and trechery but, the fact is , it is not, it is how war works, my openent expects me to hide informations about me, gather information about them, use stratigies to make the best out of my assets and reduce their effectifs if i had the chance,it is agreed upon there is no deceit.

    let’s say i want to be the topper in an exam ( i actually don’t care, my parents would ), it would be treachery if i hide informations the teacher gave, or knew of the questions beforhand, not if i studied while they are partyng or refuse to let them read my sheet during the test.

    1. liza says:

      oups! it was not suposed to be published here

  2. PrincessSuperEmpath says:

    Wikipedia: `Tall Poppy Syndrome
    noun informal chiefly Austral.
    a perceived tendency to discredit or disparage those who have achieved notable wealth or prominence in public life.`

  3. PrincessSuperEmpath says:

    `Where does tall poppy syndrome come from?
    Tall poppy syndrome is first found in print in a 1979 academic title, Elites in Australia, in the form cut-down-the-tall-poppy-syndrome. Here the authors observed that Australians preferred to embrace an ethos of equality (to some an ethos of mediocrity) rather than celebrating success.Jun 21, 2017` ~~Google

  4. Bubbles 🍾 says:

    Dear Mr Tudor,
    I have never resented anyone’s greatest… in fact, I admire people for being so talented, creative n intelligent
    I know I’m not an academic n clearly never will be, however, I try to focus on my strengths not weaknesses
    I have seen many accomplished people become conceited n arrogant thru success, which is a shame (even thru serious illness they don’t change)
    Staying humble n kind is the hardest of attributes (generally disappears with greatness) that is the pure icing on the cake in my book

    You are an extremely rare n gifted individual, whom we actually need in this world to make a difference, your amazing blog speaks for itself
    Stand tall Mr Tudor, you deserve to…. I think you do much much more than we realise 😊
    Luv Bubbles xx 😘
    Ps …the “remembrance poppy” is my favourite

  5. WR says:

    “You cannot add to the stature of a dwarf by cutting off the legs of a giant”

    ‘Some people try to be tall by cutting off the heads of others’ – Paramhansa Yoganada

    1. Susan says:

      That second quote is truly spooky. Murderous

  6. Whitney says:

    HG 💙 your success in life is a result of your innate genetic talents and your hard work. A jealous person is the worst scum. They think they deserve what you have even though they haven’t earned it. They are deluded lazy narcissistic scum. I hope you make them seethe with jealousy over your many talents and achievements. Good work HG 🙌

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Thank you Whitney. There are a handful of narcissists (though they do not know what they are) who are envious of my work and either copy it or attack my work. They are very obvious.

      1. Whitney says:

        HG you are a genius. You have pioneered a way of categorizing people which is utterly accurate and explains human personality on a deep level. Your categorisation of people is unlike any other. Other personality measures consider people as different, yet equal. Yours describe the truth of humanity, which is that some people are good and some are evil. You are right, a genius, completely unique, a pioneer, and I am so angry that anyone would insult or copy you.

        1. HG Tudor says:

          Thank you Whitney.

      2. Violetta says:

        How can they attack it? What you’ve written here WORKS.

        I can’t afford the books yet and I don’t need an urgent consult at the moment, but your work has helped me understand numerous people and experiences from the past.

        It’s happened more than once I stumbled on doing one of the things you recommend by accident, but I’d have done them sooner if I’d read your advice and understood WHY they were necessary: I realized I needed to stop asking former co-workers about LLN. I took a job in a different line of work so I was less likely to run into people who knew us both. (I know I should probably stop looking at his sites on line, but I haven’t quite managed that yet.) There are several teachers and at least one director who, I now realize, didn’t want their criticism to be heeded: they wanted it to confuse and hurt.

        As I said before, I don’t care if you do it for money, to have a distant coterie of stans, or because HG is the One, True Narc, and we shall have no other Narcs before him. It WORKS.

        1. HG Tudor says:

          Indeed my material is highly effective. The majority of people embrace that and accept that. There are a handful who are envious narcissists and therefore attack it. It occasionally happens. It is more amusing than anything else. I ignore them as my constructive readers deserve my time and attention.

          1. alexissmith2016 says:

            Today I can’t decide whether its the victim or loud mouth cerebral types who irritates me more. Elites are generally incredibly tolerable (I’m referring to unavoidable very short-term engagements).

  7. Anna Belle Black💙 says:

    The opium plant, how apt.

  8. Susan says:

    If you don’t believe (or don’t want to believe) that there is anything but life on earth, this strategy will work and then, well, that’s all there is.
    Insignificance and nonexistence are intolerable concepts, so why not suck the life out of everything and everyone while you can. Eat drink and be merry for tomorrow……
    I wonder if most narcs believe in death bed confessions?
    In a philosophical sense, life beyond this sphere can be dismissed by a narc as just my worldview.
    Is that all it is? They live like they hope it is.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      I have nothing to confess.

      There will be narcissists who will provide a death bed confession, after all, it is just yet another manipulation by a narcissist that does not know what he or she is.

      1. Violetta says:

        Boccaccio wrote a story like that. It’s the first story first day of Decameron. An obvious psychopath who doesn’t believe there’s anything, good or bad, after death decides to have some fun on his death bed by giving a bogus, over-scrupulous confession to a friar. He does so well that people remember him as a saint.

    2. liza says:

      if someone behaved crually all his live, a deathbed conffession is like an emotional hostage keeping. that means that till the end they won”t even let you resent them in peace, till the verry end they want you to be confused and question you perspective, you will be like “was he that bad after all?” ” i wasn’t perfect myself, mybe he only responded to my bad actions” “our problemes surelly were due to misunderstandings, in other circomstances, i’m sure he would have been a good person”.

      And it will also serve as a maintenance of façade, everybody in the room will go telling to whomever wants to listen, how stongspirited he was, till the end he owned evrything.

      and from my perspective it is also a forme of lake of uncontabilty, or more precisely, the avoindence of the consequences that comes with acountability. it is evident that you won’t lashe out at a daying person, you will forgive and accepte evrything, because as an empathic person your only consern at the moment would be to ease ther pain, and let them die in peace.

      the only thing i will admit on my deathbed is the it was me who finished the last slice of cake ( i will not specify wich on, since it can be aplied to any cake that entred our house).

      1. HG Tudor says:

        So, you had your cake and ate it? Hmmm, I sense an invitation to Narc Club in the offing!

        1. liza says:

          i’m sorry Mr.HG but i’m not sure i got your point, do you think i’m a narc? or that i invite narcs?

          1. HG Tudor says:

            It was a joke.

            No, I do not think you are a narcissist.

          2. liza says:

            ah sorry, i didn’t get it, thank you for clarifyng.

  9. Jeri says:

    Wow, is that article based on your personal experience? I sense anger and frustration here. Has someone stepped on your foot Mr Tudor? And are you a lesser narcissist by any chance? Just my observation.

  10. Violetta says:

    Now, where does that put the middle manager in one of those McJobs I got to pay the bills while I auditioned? She couldn’t have resented me more if I were trying to take her place…matter of fact, I think she resented me for NOT wanting to take her place: here’s the pinnacle she struggled so long to attain, and I don’t even envy her for it.

    O/T, HG: have you considered having an index of articles just by title? Some of the news sites I post to won’t allow URLs, so I usually put something like “see Narcsite -The Game Never Ends” on the Matt Lauer piece or “see HG Tudor- Tell Me What I Want to Hear” on the Meghan Markle piece. However, sometimes I can’t remember any keywords for whichever article on your site had the particular piece of info that is relevant. Scrolling backwards through the days can be laborious, especially if I’m not sure how recently I read it.

    Just a thought. I will say that those who follow it up have been fascinated–one reply said “Tell Me What I Want to Hear” was chilling, especially after Markle’s claims she didn’t know much about the BRF were so easily discredited.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      It is likely something that needs to be done, along with a growing list of other blog-related matters.

  11. Lori says:

    I’m curious being that you have awareness you know that the Narcissist only thinks he’s the tallest of poppies andvthat everyone is envious of him. You have knowledge now that may not in fact be true that the people you think are envious of you are in fact not. Does that effect you or change you ? I guess what I am asking do you think your awareness has changed your perspective?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Yours is an understandable comment Lori, of course there are differences between the schools of narcissist. Certain sub schools of Lesser and Mid Range believe others are envious of them and it is a delusion. Certain subschols of Mid Range, certain subschools of Lesser and all Greater believe others to be envious of them and that belief is well-founded.

      1. Lori says:

        I can see what you are saying but I think for a lot of us anger could be misconstrued as envy to the narcissist. I don’t think most victims once awarw of what they have been entangled with feel envy. I don’t think most normals or empaths envy an inability to attach and going from one person to the next to the next. As humans, we have a natural need to attach with exception of the Narcissist. I mean initially we may feel some sort of envy perhaps but I think that once you know that’s all gone. I think all you feel is anger but that’s just my opinion

        I find Narcissism such a fascinating topic especially now since my entanglement is over and I’m not stuck in the daily and endless circle why is he doing this or that. I still have those questions from time to time but because I have no contact with him, they have significantly lessened

      2. Lori says:

        I’m also curious which sub school of the Lesser ? I can’t imagine anyone being envious od a Lesser except in which maybe some random good fortune cane their way. They are just rough and coarse and make you wonder how in the hell they seduce anymore yet they do

        1. HG Tudor says:

          Think Upper Lessers.

  12. FYC says:

    HG, you are more like the sun than a poppy. On the blog, we are like earth–the perfect distance to safely bask in your rays of brilliance and to feel the gravity of your pull, but we all know, if we were to get too close we would be burned. Better to make hay while the sun shines.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Wise words as always FYC.

      1. FYC says:

        Thank you, HG.

  13. kel says:

    Since you have no scruples or morals, there’s nothing that can be said. It’s like checkmate in a game that has no rules. Cheating isn’t legitimately winning, but you don’t care as long as it looks like you earned it. Cutting down the competition is being a poor loser, but as long as you don’t get caught, you’re proud of yourself. And if you do get called out then they’re just jealous and you’ll smear them. Nope I don’t want to be you. I don’t want to be that shallow. And just because you’re in the highest position, doesn’t mean you’re admired the most, or even at all. It means there’s a lot of brown-nosers around you, which I’m sure is good enough for you, even if to me it would all be mediocre.

    1. Lorelei says:

      Kel—I just read this. It’s an excellent illustration of how it occurs!

  14. Lorelei says:

    I can’t stand jealousy from other women (it’s rarely a man) and it’s so frustrating. It becomes a passive aggressive upheaval of baffling (but less so now “baffling”) bullshit. It’s not even about not being happy for someone—it’s the flurry of underhanded behaviors. Why why? Exceedingly frustrated at times when most of the world is completely unmoved by such vitriol. Lord forbid you be smarter or more attractive than a narcissist female. All of the rudimentary behaviors flourish in a garden built upon their own weeds.

    1. Whitney says:

      Dear Lorelei, if a woman shows any hint of jealousy towards you, even one slight remark, stay clear of her. Jealousy is hatred and she wants the worst for you. Pity her. Jealousy is a despicable quality. Take it as a compliment though of course.

      1. PrincessSuperEmpath says:

        Whitney and Lorelei. Yes. I tried to befriend the Narcississt`s 4 malign Lieutenants that were part of his coterie when they started challenging my friendship with him. All female. I was not a threat to any of them, but I guess they always had to make sure. As if he were their property of sort. What a colossal waste of over three years of my life. I did it my way, and I erred from my lack of knowledge. My ignorance. But, who mourns the `charmer` when she is bitten by the snakes, right? Of course, they bit me. You can not charm them. For my reward, they smeared me, especially now that I left them. I heard that they are constantly being asked where did I go? There is nothing I can do about that. I wish they would all just forget that I ever existed, and people would not keep bringing me up to them. I have the nagging suspicion that they felt I would never figure them out fully and then leave. Who knows. But, I fell ill from them and my health came first. And I left softly, and that still was not good enough for them. Watch out. The knives will fly at your back. There will be blood. I learned my lesson. The hard way. Yes, it is a compliment, albeit a deadly one. We have to face the hard truth that some people will absolutely hate us, and that is their problem, but for us still to protect ourselves from their animosity, is our responsibility of self defense and self preservation. It is best to treat them in a very remote manner from the very moment that you know. It is worse, if you try to get to know them and make things better, and then decide to leave them when reality forces the issue. They will hate you even more then. Like you are a runaway dart board. A runaway target. A runaway bullseye. Amazing. In a bad way. It is best to avoid. Now, when I see someone give me that subtle twisted smile. That glare. That stiff body language. That clipped speech. The rough questioning. I basically avoid like the plague now. Wherever I encounter it. Never again. Life is becoming much more peaceful for me. I see the light at the end of the tunnel in some ways now. Save your energy for those that are worthy, Whitney and Lorelei. Those good people are around, and we just have to stop taking the side roads and many detours and go straight for the good people. And make room for them to find us as well.

        1. Whitney says:

          PSE your comment was lovely to read and poetic. You could be a writer. I liked this part the most:

          “Now, when I see someone give me that subtle twisted smile. That glare. That stiff body language. That clipped speech. The rough questioning. I basically avoid like the plague now”.

          You are insightful and wise about people.

          Those women are vile. Good idea to treat them in a remote manner. They are dangerous. I’m glad you got away but I’m sure you’re still recovering from the experience.

          A group of women were nasty towards me at an office job (I was there for 9 days). I actually enjoyed the conflict. HG says I’m not a Narcissist, but my reaction was not normal. They were jealous of me and they were overweight. So I ate tonnes of subway cookies in front of them. They were all staring at me. One of them confronted me in front of the others- what she was saying was nonsense. I was calm and didn’t care. I took it as a compliment and didn’t care if they liked me.

  15. Chihuahuamum says:

    Ive seen these tall poppies in my life and watched them and what ive realized is they may be the tallest in one area but the shortest in others. Theyre also in a lot of ways the unhappiest. Lost souls always searching for that something thats called sense of self and contentment. In their quest to be the tallest they stunt the growth in other areas of their lives and really miss the mark of true living. They have the multiple homes, vehicles, money, connections but they also have constant uneasiness and insecurity. They never feel at ease. They grow bored easily and are never happy they always need more. They never form lasting meaningful relationships and never trust anyone. They are lonely lost souls.

    1. Esther says:

      Wow that’s on point description of the people with antisocial disorders characteristics. Chihuahuamum, you are pretty good 👏🏻

    2. Esther says:

      Chihuahuamum, you got it spot on! Typical behavioral description of people with antisocial personality disorders! You are great! 👏🏻

  16. Joanna says:

    Why a poppy?, they are uninspiring

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Tall Poppy Syndrome. That is why.

      1. Aunt Poppy says:

        I completely resent you using poppies as narcies.

        Chrysanthemums are the hateful bitches of flowers.

        1. Violetta says:

          Chrysanthemum tea is great for getting rid of bedbugs or fleas. Natural pyrethrin, and you don’t have to worry about inhaling it or any propellants. Just brew and wipe down affected surfaces. Available at Korean groceries, etc. Just get the stuff without sugar, or you’ll attract ants instead. Use within 3 days and don’t mix with alcohol, or it will be neutralized

          Also been drunk for centuries for Female Trouble.

          Bedbugs, fleas, and Female Trouble. Who’d’ve thought?

      2. Joanna says:

        Lol, now that was inspiring

  17. liza says:

    the only manner i can enjoy a victory, is if i am completelly sure that i was granted no advantage over my openents, nor was any of them burdened by some disadvantage, otherwise it feels bitter, and i can not fully own it as mine.
    i love to fight in a knightly manner. if you can’t win without treachery, it simply means that you don’t have what it takes.

    1. Joanna says:

      Sure it does, no such thing as a fair fight

    2. PrincessSuperEmpath says:

      Warfare is treachery. One can not in general be an open book during conflict. Is that cheating to anyone? You can not give the opponent the keys to your strategy, and then announce to your enemy your weakest points, and go on to tell them what are any of your other limitations, etc., and where you are injured, if doing any of that puts you in jeopardy to win, or to live. Or cause you to be injured or killed. One needs battle secrets and military secrets and logistical secrets that one hides from the opponent. Is this cheating to anyone? One can not friend the enemy. Hug the nemesis. And coddle the adversary. Especially beyond the stage when such diplomacy has failed. One can not then send over to the opponent your battle plans. Prep your target. Inform them of your current location and address and other all whereabouts. Arm your adversary where they are weak. Announce the exact day and time and method you will strike them or retreat. In general (one could provide them with certain data in order to threaten the opponent and break their will to fight back in order to encourage them to surrender, etc. without additional battle, if one`s power is that overwhelming or perceived to be that strong). It all depends. Speaking of Knights, and Knightly battle, remember Liza, that Knights were warriors and defeated the enemy by many means, including slight of hand, disguise, feigned weakness as well as feigned strength. And by creating deadlier and deadlier weapons (they created some real doozies!!!). Attacking adversaries in the middle of the night. Is that cheating to anyone? Whatever would defeat the enemy. There were constant war campaigns during that era. Knights injured the enemy, by studying them, and by striking them where they were weak. And using deception and cunning and ingenuity. Cutting off their opponents` supply lines,etc. Including killing the enemy, with many ingenious traps, if killing the enemy were the best solution for the situation at hand. Knights had what it took. The were world Renowned. They were clever. And were reknown for their ingenuity. The best warriors are very ingenious and innovative. Is that cheating to anyone? Not to me.

      1. liza says:

        all what you discribed may seem bad actions and trechery but, the fact is , it is not, it is how war works, my openent expects me to hide informations about me, gather information about them, use stratigies to make the best out of my assets and reduce their effectifs if i had the chance,it is agreed upon there is no deceit.

        let’s say i want to be the topper in an exam ( i actually don’t care, my parents would ), it would be treachery if i hide informations the teacher gave, or knew of the questions beforhand, not if i studied while they are partyng or refuse to let them read my sheet during the test.

        1. PrincessSuperEmpath says:

          Liza: Fairness. I get your point. But, regarding your examples, don’t get me started about what goes on with tests in the Universities, with the Students and the Professors and the various Student Clubs and the Particular exams, the various grading systems that reward and punish at will, and the foreign students, and on and on. And the grading curves. Oh my. And the various starting points and advantages and disadvantages and belief systems of various students. And, what is at stake for the majority of students, that actually have to do very very well to even have a chance in hell. Fair? It is a place of war and socio-economic politics, at the very least. And, a business. And the exams and Professors are against you or others in many ways. In certain instances and classes, more than in others. Is that cheating? Is fighting back, cheating? If you can squeeze some substantive knowledge out of those places, Bravo. That is for your betterment. I was a formal student peer advisor for my last 2 years as a student in College/University. I was asked to be a student peer advisor by admissions. It never crossed my mind. I liked it though. It was fun. I even had a small little private office to operate from when on duty to advise. Real cozy like. As a student and a formal student peer advisor, my duty was to strategize with various student peers who felt they needed assistance from a designated fellow student, for whatever reason, on how best to succeed according to their personal and often professional goals during their stint. Winning. Word gets around. I became much in demand, but we are only allowed a certain amount of peers to advise for the sake of quality, and it was alphabetical by the peers` last name for each advisor, on top of that. Plus, I had my own classes to deal with, as well. My advisees were blossoming. After I graduated, a year later I was contacted and invited to speak by my Dean to the incoming class. I really was surprised. I never asked him, why me, and I should have. Darn it. I still do not know, why me. Anyway, I stood at the podium. I told the incoming class the truth that evening. For some reason, as I look back at that event, I see that I was brave and unflinching about the mater, and the title of my speech was: `Life is unfair here, just like everywhere else!` That fact and notion of unfairness is how I opened my speech about my own College/University to the incoming students. lol. Liza, you reminded of that speech and of that event. Afterwards, I answered questions. On and on. Many incoming students were shocked by what I said. When I concluded my talk, I received a very rowdy round, and I mean rowdy, round of applause, plus a standing ovation. The place was lit. And many of those students wanted to contact me. Many came up and actually hugged me afterwards, during the informal reception. I told them I could not at that time start a correspondence with them, but I told them just to remember what I said to them about the battlefield and everything else, and that they could do it, and that they do not really need me, beyond what I told them that evening, including the my answers to the various questions put to me. The administrators said they never saw anyone in their career receive the applause that I received for the incoming student opening speech. Did I cheat, by telling them the truth? That it took more than: just to study and work hard for most of them, if they actually needed excellent grades and more, for whatever reasons of their own, etc? That I told them what to do? In various situations and circumstances? How to fight back? When to retreat? And how? I do not think so. Were my various unconventional statements to them cheating? Who knows. The Dean and the admissions administrators were pleased for some reason by my `performance,` and told me so, and the Dean told me to come back and speak whenever I wanted. But, I was one and done. True story.

          1. liza says:

            i get your point, and i don’t think you did something wrong.
            please understand that when say playing faire, it just for my maind’s peace, i don’t expect others to play by my rules and evryone put the limits as they see fit, fine by me.
            PS: the only thing university garenties to you is the deliverence of a degree, if you really want to learn, takes books. the only reason i atend is to get my daily dose of vitam D while walking there.

          2. PrincessSuperEmpath says:

            Liza: Hahaha. It is a weird place. I started out going to learn and afterwards, with all that I saw that was really going on, I went for just the diploma and I moved to learn how to make good grades, whether I learned anything in the process or not from certain classes. Whether or not a certain Professor was hostile or not. A grade bandit. I feel bad for people that never went to college/university and romanticize it and have unnatural respect for those that do go. People that never went, that over romanticize the experience or feel less than, because they never went, should take just one semester or just one class in their locality, and get that feeling out of their system, and they will never romanticize it all and overly respect people regarding it all, again. And, they can continue on if they do like it or need it professionally. Treating people badly for not attending College/University is not fair, either. It is not for everybody, and many people should study maybe one semester of the basics and then study a trade/Profession of their interest, etc. That is done in some Fashion/Design Schools, Chef Schools, etc., but there are not many options any more for most people, and especially fewer and fewer options for men, other than a four year University stint that leaves them high and dry and common in the employment market. And saddled with enormous debt as their parting gift. And most people need to be employed in order to survive. So, it is not fair to them to make them work for many years for diplomas that will benefit them little, when they could have used a couple of those years studying something in a field and obtaining skills that they will actually need to find employment. There are less and less men graduating from University. Those places are teaming with women more and more. And in the U.S., foreigner students, more and more. What in the world is going on? Some people attend for the first time at 80 years and 90 years old. I admire them, that they decided to finally check it all out. lol. But, I do have great respect for the people that study and become good engineers, and good doctors, and good dentists, and good Professors, etc. The good Professors are courageous and will tell you the truth beyond the core textbooks used. Some of the things being taught in some of those textbooks had my hair catching on fire. I had a few good Professors, mostly from Germany for some reason. And overall, I enjoyed the experience, and the students and some of the Professors, and I am very glad for the experience, in many ways, but not all. Speaking of my admiration for good engineers, a complex currently being built in my city, just crashed. The entire second floor, while it was being built, fell down into the first floor. The incident made the evening news. That is some Bad engineering going on right there.

          3. liza says:

            in my country universities are public, you just have to obtain your baccalaureat exam. so pretty much evrybody can study.

        2. PrincessSuperEmpath says:

          Liza. I do know about countries like yours, where higher education is public and pretty much `everyone` can go, like you are informing me. Sounds pretty, yes??? Well, however, if I knew your country, I bet I could very easily write another minor novella about what goes on for real over there. Fairness wise. Opportunity wise. Socio-Politically, Economically and so forth. But, it is not necessary. I believe we all understand each other. No need to drag the societal reality from underneath the carpet regarding your country. And we all know, or can find out, where the particular arenas that unfairness resides, in each country, on a country by country basis, anyway. Make the most of what you can. Enjoy your vitamin D. It was sort of cloudy and cold today, where I live.

          1. liza says:

            it is a good that evrybody has accesss to university, but it could be better than it is now.
            as for the injustice, i never witnessed proffessors favoring anyone or somthing like that, but in my field i gess you can’t do that, the answers are precise either you got it right or you got it false. i suppose in fields like art literature ect.. jugments my be more subjectiv but i can’t tell for sure.
            Ha Ha ! no more vitamine D i graduated this year, now i should be studying for my phd exam but i spend most of my time reading about psychopaths and needless to say that it won’t be of any help when i would be on a date with my exam sheet.

        3. Liza. Professors can still get you, even on objective exams. I know all about `objective` majors. Does the Professor or the computer grade the exams? No matter. There are ways when needed for Professor influence. And even depending on the various tests they select on a year by year and class by class and Professor by Professor basis. Even if they all of a sudden implement or modify the `curve` for the grades, etc.. There are so many examples. Version A exam goes to some students. Version B exam goes to some other students. Objective? Hmmm…. Experimental exams goes to still some other students. I went through all of this. In some supposedly `non objective classes` like mathematics and economics, etc. There are ways. Are multiple choice questions really objective? Partial answer credits in physics, when some partial answers are awarded more points than others for different students, depending on what? When it is known that certain exams are much better for certain type of students than for others? One year they want the classes to do well grade wise, and another year they feel there is a glut, and so it becomes a difficulty year for tests. So the exams change. I heard later that I went to college/university during the years and that it was very difficult and that it is much easier now. Why? Who knows. I never heard of such a thing as difficult and easy years at these various institutions of learning, at that time. But, I am now glad that I went during the difficult years. But, is this fair? There are also files on students that you can not see or you may not be aware of. What if you need a security clearance, etc. and your background and school activities and participation or lack of participation is to be checked regarding your schooling. What will your Professors say about you in private. When it really matters. There is info on you, that you could ask for, but may not be privy to. Or, you do not even know to ask about. What if you needed a letter of recommendation from a Professor? And they do not get around to it in time. Or, it is not a sufficient enough of a recommendation to really benefit you in a competitive environment, where every other student has practically the same education in your field. And similar grades. And there are plenty of these people because of the public education that you speak of competing for the same jobs. Or if they use professional code to discredit you in the way that they write the letter in a way that you may miss. And many Universities request that students not read the letter of recommendations that their Professors may write for them for jobs and for other institutions and for employment. Control is going on, subtly if not overtly. It may seem objective to some, just because they are in the `sciences.` But, I say no. In one way or another, it is still subjective. Grooming the next generation of students for their respective societies.

          1. liza says:

            Ha Ha, you went verry deep in the possible ways of treachery.
            look, i studied telecommunications and network engeenering, so it is mainly math, electonics, coding ect… and as long as you solve the probleme in an effecive way you have the point.
            i don’t know about other universities, but there is no such thing as exam a, b we are a group of 34 and we passe the same exames at the same moment in the same room.
            now, you can’t expect to have the exact same exam as all your predecessors and your successors, it is a part of the game, and you are accepting these little variables when you chose to play. otherwise, where is the thrill?
            you seem really uset about the world spe, their will always be a problem in evry organisation, so change what you can, and accept what you can’t for the moment.

          2. PrincessSuperEmpath says:

            Liza. Well, I attended 3 different Universities meshed together, all elite, for my Undergraduate Degree, and that is not overly common, and so, perhaps, that experience was a certain thrill in itself. And I did witness a lot of shenanigans. Professors are people, as well, with their own power plays and manipulations, and subterfuge, and feelings and hatreds, and pride, and insecurities, and biases and world-views etc., going on. However, I did my best in the game, and I managed to remain `pro-social,` lol, through it all most of the time, and I did graduate with special honors. Whew. And I did enjoy myself and the experience enough. Even still, I will never accept some of the bad things I saw perpetrated against students in those places. I do not know your country, but I consider countries to be either powerful countries or normal countries or oppressed countries. To me, it seems that perhaps you live in a normal country, with a powerful country that pulls the weight as your `sponsor.` If so, in some ways that is a good thing. For example, I consider Canada a normal country with The United States pulling the weight as sort of a sponsor. In normal countries, it is often more fair in many ways. Nevertheless, whatever your case, I am glad you could just just do the problems and all was mostly fair. It is not like that in every country and in every educational institution. And it is what I expected, but it was not what I found, unfortunately. I live in a powerful country, and a lot is at stake for the citizens, education wise, that can negatively and harshly impact them for the rest of their lives, easily. And there is little or no protection nor safety net for them. As quiet as it is kept. Some countries, even some powerful countries, are more pro citizenry and more fair, while the United States is often antagonist/adversarial way too much against many of its own citizenry. Citizens are even pushed away from being able to study in certain desirable professions and those professions have been and are still being handed over, largely, and more and more, to foreigners. Citizenry resentment is increasing manifold about all this over here. And some slow change is happening. And I mean, S L O W . The United States is quite a `busy` place in so many ways with a tremendous amount of intricate `juggling` going on. And I cannot accept so much unfairness. And it is heating up. As the govt tries to go more and more international, the people over here are becoming more and more isolationists, out of anger. Some educational institutions, Now, that it is almost Too Late of course, are reducing their fees for tuition, etc. lol. But, you can not turn a supertanker on a dime. And although I endure it it all, accepting and enduring are 2 different things. Many people visit this country and look down on many of the citizens here, while these visitors have no true idea how the people are socialized and managed from childhood and up mainly through the public school systems here. And many visitors would not believe it, if they were told, because of the deep wealth of the country, and many others still would not care anyway. But there are small bubbles rising up from the heat of the cauldron, or the `melting pot`, as the U.S. is called. And as the saying goes, when the U.S. only coughs, the rest of the world catches pneumonia. Thanks for allowing me to vent my spleen with you, Liza. I enjoyed it. Words have power. These words have been sent out. Someone `got mail.`

          3. liza says:

            i enjoyed interacting with you, i’m sorry i can’t give any help or insight, for i’m not into politics and all the subtilities of interactions between the countries.

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