A Very Complicit Narcissist ? Nichol Kessinger


Christopher Lee Watts currently languishes in prison, serving five life sentences for first degree murder.

He entered a guilty plea to avoid the death sentence.

Watts has been analysed already Read Here

But what about his mistress Nichol Kessinger? Is she complicit or is she revelling in the fuelling limelight? Where does she fit in and what is she?

Learn more as Nichol Kessinger is placed under the Tudorscope as we ask, is she a Very Complicit Narcissist?





  1. The fact she was looking up certain things on the internet days before the murder like how to get a book deal and other similiar murder cases seems very suspicious. It amazes me she was not involved in some form.
    I feel she was involved and knew he might do this.
    Chris watts has an overbearing controlling mother and i think he was seduced and manipulated by another narc(nicole) despite that he himself is a midranger narc. He was so delusional he thought he could get away with this and walk off into the sunset with a new life.

      1. Hi HG…ill have to go back and read the write up on chris. He seems to have midranger qualities. However the act of killing seems more a lesser type action.
        I do think nicole is a narcissist too.

    1. CW is a Lesser narcissistic psychopath. They are the most prone to physical violence and have a lowered cognitive function (as he does).

      HG – when is the article coming out? I can’t wait to read it!

    2. But you’re right about Cindy Watts. She is definitely a narcissist. In fact, I think she’s the reason he came to have NPD to begin with. His childhood trauma was having a narc parent(s?). I believe his father and sister may be as well.

  2. This song makes me think of you, HG. It is from my childhood but you are The Gambler giving great advice. I fucking love Kenny Rogers. Just sayin’.

  3. If time permits… Does a narcissist have satisfaction when they receive negative fuel mainly through the manipulation and destruction of other narcissists? Or is the fuel sub par? I think it’s been stated in the works that it won’t last.
    My favorite reads are when HG messes with other narcissists but most don’t know what they are.

      1. Violetta
        Don’t feel guilty. It’s entertaining, but it’s almost always a demonstration and learning experience for us as well.

  4. Looking forward to this HG. There is another narcissist, just killed his wife. His name is Fotis Dulos. I think he is a greater but also a psychopath. I encourage you to look at this case. His poor wife’s body has not been found. A mistress is involved. He lives in Connecticut. I would love to read your take on this person.

  5. Trash barrel whore.

    Let that sink in a moment. I 1st heard the term in a William Kennedy novel–either Legs or Ironweed. Never have I thought such term could be so appropriate.

    I hope your article will include her Google search on Amber Frey’s book deal. Because we all know remorse was on her mind.

    I am really looking forward to this, as I believe this is an example of a Lesser being manipulated by a Middle.

    But we shall see! (And this pic of her is by far the best–can we say filters? She is undoubtedly plain.)

  6. Omg, I can’t wait for this! I have been following this case closely in all the Chris watts groups on FB. I share your articles all the time! Thank you for doing it! Are you considering doing an update on Chris since he has had 2 more confessions since your original article was written? I would love to read more!

    1. Yes, although they are more likely to do so under duress to please the narcissist, as opposed to just do it, to please the narcissist.

  7. Really looking forward to this delicious treat. I’m actually more interested in her behaviour and involvement than I was of his.

  8. Ooh yes!!! I heard that she looked up Shannan Watts profile a year before the murder happened. Before she was even dating Chris. Crazy..

  9. What kind of loser level narc is HE that he didn’t keep both the wife and the mistress for triangulation, infinite shagging, and yo-yo hoovers, and consider it a good day’s work?

  10. This one i will be very interested to see!! Shes fallen off the face of the earth yet isnt in a protective witness type program. Ill save my comments but i really hope theyre still investigating her!

  11. I think she is a narcissist and is enjoying the fuel and I wouldn’t be surprised if she had some involvement or knowledge before (or after) the fact.

      1. Violetta,

        re “Never occurred to her she might be next? A guy who dumps his own kids in an oil tank….!”

        What if it was the mistress’s idea to murder his wife and children? Sometimes it is the IPSS, who wants to become the IPPS, the one convincing her partner to murder his (pregnant) wife. These women want to ‘remove’ anyone in their way. These women rarely do the dirty work. This has happened near the place where I live.

        I am not saying that this is Kessinger’s case since I do not know anything about her. I am looking forward to reading the article.

  12. I’m ECSTATIC you’re doing this HG!! I’ve actually been waiting and hoping you would! *squee!!*

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