3 Key Interactions


You only ever have three key interactions with the narcissist. You need to know what those interactions are and what is behind those interactions.

This Logic Bulletin details for you what the 3 Key Interactions are with the narcissist.

You will learn

  • what they are,
  • what they look like,
  • be provided with examples to aid your understanding,
  • what your part in the interaction is
  • how to distinguish between the interactions
  • why the narcissist responds in a particular way with regard to each interaction
  • what the narcissist will do to you with regard to each interaction
  • fundamental logic to reduce your emotional thinking
  • fundamental logic to reduce the impact on you

This Logic Bulletin is easy to understand and utilises HG Tudor´s unrivalled knowledge, delivered in his accessible and direct manner.

For just US $ 10 you will receive in documentary form the Logic Bulletin for you repeated use and defence.

Utilise the PayPal button below and get weaponised.

3 Key Interactions


5 thoughts on “3 Key Interactions

  1. Violetta says:

    You can’t win
    you can’t break even
    And you can’t get out of the game

  2. Susan says:

    Clear, concise. Provides a mental framework that will make remembering this information in the moment very helpful. Essential. Wish I had known this years ago

  3. Chihuahuamum says:

    Hi HG…i have an oddball question. Youve mentioned before your need for extreme cleanliness. Is it a trait of greater narcs to be perfectionists? Like have things perfect in their workspace or at home? I know someone who is like this where it seems to be ocd. Im thinking a form of control bc they feel other areas of their life is out of control yet theyd never admit it. Im just wondering if this is moreso a trademark of a greater vs a midranger or lesser.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      It is not a response to other areas of a narcissists life being out of control. Being orderly and clean are traits of Upper Echelon Narcissists because these are manifestations of control which are used to triangulate to control appliances.

      1. Highlander says:

        pretty sure my ex was an upper mid ranger…
        she was lazy as hell.
        house was a tip, never did any cleaning herself, kitchen cupboards were disgusting

        On the other hand I’m borderline OCD neat and tidy

        I remember she said during a post discard phone call chat that “the house misses me”..
        When challenged about HER missing me, not the house, it was just swiftly deflected..

        Made me laugh anyway.

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