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One of my readers once wrote “He is HG Tudor, he solves major problems.” That is entirely apt.

I am the Dispute Dispeller.

If you find yourself involved in a dispute of any description that you are struggling to resolve, make sense of and find yourself frustrated, alarmed or angered by this, then you need my input. If you are dealing with :-

  • An ongoing tortuous divorce
  • A failure to pay you spousal support and/or child support
  • A failure to return property to you
  • A failure of a client, customer, former partner, family member or friend to pay you money that is owed to you,
  • An awkward neighbour who is generating problems with matters such as noise, the boundary, littering, parking issues or is just generally problematic
  • A family member who disrupts family occasions and events
  • A customer or client who is repeatedly complaining and just cannot be satisfied
  • A colleague who is making your working life a misery
  • A boss who is causing you repeated issues at work
  • A subordinate who will not do as you ask, who causes problems for you with other colleagues and/or is an office politician
  • A dispute with a former partner with regard to contact and residence concerning your children
  • Issues with your former spouse with regard to co-parenting your children, in terms of behaviour, boundary setting and guidance
  • A colleague who is not pulling their weight or who is blaming you for matters which are not your fault
  • A friend who is disrupting your friendship group or is spreading malicious rumours about you
  • An individual who is stalking you
  • A former partner who is causing you problems in terms of stalking, smearing, threats and/or harassment
  • A current partner who is causing you any form of harm, be it physical, emotional, psychological, financial or sexual
  • A business dispute with a partner, investor, institution or other company
  • Failed mediation with another party
  • Repeated frustrations at the unreasonable and intransigence of an opponent in whatever forum you and the opponent are in

Any of these issues and more besides which are manifesting as a seemingly intractable, never-ending and soul destroying experience raises the issue that there is a narcissist involved in the process and that is why you are struggling to resolve it. The failure to recognise this and what it means and most of all not knowing how to tackle this situation is keeping you locked in the dispute and trying to solve it in a manner which will always fail. You need my expert insight and understanding to unlock the means to break this fruitless cycle of actions and behaviours which drain you of your time, energy and money.

The dispute can be dispelled and to do so requires the input of an expert to provide you with the information, techniques and steps that you can and will take to bring about resolution in one form or another.

By engaging my expert input, you will save yourself a huge amount of money, you will save yourself hours of wasted time, you will save yourself emotional energy, anger, frustration and upset. Instead, you will be able to dispel the dispute and be able to move forward with your life and achieve freedom.

I have enabled people to win court battles concerning divorce, resolve inheritance issues, recovery property far quicker than they believed they could, turn around situations concerning access to children which seemed intractable, advised people on the approach to adopt in court hearings and the evidence to use, enabled people to prevent being harassed by a former lover, allowed people to see their children again and make decisions with regard to their upbringing and much more besides. There are many steps that can be taken and sometimes it is understanding what you must NOT do alongside what you can do.

This is not legal advice but is utilising my unrivalled understanding to unlock disputes and allow you to move forward.

People do not realise that nearly all length, draining and seemingly intractable disputes involve narcissists. Instead, they plug away, wasting money and resources, becoming frustrated, angered and upset and all because not only do they not know what they are dealing with, but they also do not know the correct way of dealing with the opponent and the issues which arise.

Organise a consultation with me using the button below, at the very reasonable cost of US $ 150 (which will save you far, far more)  wherein you can explain the nature of the problem, its history and I can then explain to you what you are dealing with and what steps you can take to dispel the dispute.

Its time for logic, not magic.

Dispute Dispeller


7 thoughts on “The Dispute Dispeller

  1. Joy&Love says:


  2. Joy&Love says:

    Wow! Never thought of this. Thank you soo much for this resource. I am constantly amazed by what you are able to offer. You are so gifted… yes way above the average person, but dont let it get to your head, HG, lol.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Too late!

  3. Stella SHELF Unmaskers says:

    Is there a maximum amount of words for this price?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      It is an audio consultation so it is time restricted, Stella, as opposed to word restricted.

      1. Stella SHELF Unmaskers says:

        Audio consultation is too difficult to comprehend for Italian people…even for me. It’s better a written consultation

        1. HG Tudor says:

          That can be done for you but you will not receive as much detail because writing a response is slower than speaking it.

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