The Empath´s Ascent

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What happens when the empath ascends?

What happens when the narcissist is involved in this ascent?

What will the empath find?

What will the narcissist do?

The Empath´s Ascent

57 thoughts on “The Empath´s Ascent

  1. FYC says:

    HG, Congratulations on creating another richly illustrated allegory containing several valuable kernels of wisdom. A compelling tale that must be well considered before one acts on any notion of, or action involved in, ascent.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Thank you FYC.

    2. lisk says:

      Agreed, FYC.

      Having just read this, I am reminded of my own ascent, which happened almost exactly as HG wrote it. In my case, the tree kept growing, until . . . .

  2. MB says:

    Gumroad is really very slick. I like the instant access to the material and it gives me the warm fuzzies knowing how much it helps HG. I imagine him furiously typing, putting the finishing touches on ‘World of The Narcissist’ as his voice fills my ears with my latest acquisition.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Ooh, such a blatant manipulator MB!

      1. MB says:

        That obvious? Ha!

        1. HG Tudor says:

          Indeed, reinforcing Empath status

          1. MB says:

            I really do get warm fuzzies. It’s the truth!

          2. theletterafterj says:

            I get them, too.

          3. FoolMe1Time says:

            You might want to see a Dr. about that MB, warm fuzzy things all over cannot be a good thing?! Lol 😘

          4. MB says:

            Ha ha FM1T, I think my case is quite serious. It’s already happened today on several occasions. Might be time for a specialist!

          5. FoolMe1Time says:

            Save your money MB, it’s to late you’re to far gone!! You should have used HGs narc repellent when you had the chance to!

          6. Lorelei says:

            If narcissists would stop bathing it would be great repellent.

          7. FoolMe1Time says:

            I’m not so sure of that Lorelei? I bet there are some that could fall in a pile of shit, and come out smelling like a rose!

          8. Lorelei says:

            Oh no, HG is starting a no bathing initiative. It starts with greaters to get the trend circulating.

          9. HG Tudor says:


          10. Lorelei says:

            Piffle is such a fun word!

          11. FoolMe1Time says:

            Not HG! Not in a million years! I’d bet my life on it!

          12. Lorelei says:

            Foolme—I will tell you though.. I’m up to nearly two weeks on not washing my hair. I shower all the time but my hair is still going strong. It’s changed to a different texture and doesn’t need washed. It’s been a slow process but I may just keep being dirty. My little conditioning bottles are $10 and used to last 4-5 washes. I’m proud to be disgusting.

          13. FoolMe1Time says:

            I guess you will not have to shop as often also? You should be able to get by with just one outfit a week! 😘

          14. FYC says:

            Lorelei, I believe some refer to such hair as dreadlocks!

          15. Lorelei says:

            Haha—I’m telling you. I used to wash it daily—it changed to an ethnic texture and I have to manage it differently. Used to be straight—I can’t even brush it now in the same way.

          16. FYC says:

            Haha, Glad you understood it was meant as a joke, Lorelei.

          17. Lorelei says:

            FYC—it’s the craziest thing ever! People often report changes to their hair after chemo. Having been with my ex may have had a similar effect!

          18. FYC says:

            Haha Lorelei, well, the both have toxic effects!

          19. Lorelei says:

            Toxic was an understatement for sure.

          20. Violetta says:


            True dreads involve he addition of wax. Once you twirl wax into your hair, there is no going back.

            What Lorelei is sounds more like the no-‘poo* routine. If followed long enough, the scalp reduces its production of oil, which is a reaction to the drying effects of shampoo.

            *AFAIK, this has nothing to do with Lorelei’s claim that she doesn’t have BMs.

          21. FYC says:

            It was a joke, V!

          22. Desirée says:

            Lorelei, that sebum accumulating on your scalp is now feeding demodex. They populate on your skin while you sleep and then crawl deeper into your scalp, popping your hairfollicles out so they can inhabit the space.
            Buy shampoo better suited to your hair type and wash it regularly, I saw a patient loose half her hair in three months due to Demodicosis from not shampooing it regularly. That whole no-poo trend is nothing but poo.

          23. Lorelei says:

            Desiree—my hair feels clean. I swear—my hair is very similarly textured to my bi-racial friend’s hair and frequent washing is not required for such hair. It totally changed in the past few years. It used to be pin straight and thick. It’s still very full but quite textured. I had to re-learn how to even brush it—what types of combs to use. I even have to add oils frequently. I was washing all of the time and had to back off due to the frizzy & dry nature of the washing. (My scalp was oily but the rest dry—no longer an oily scalp) If I get it straightened it frizzes back out within 3-4 days. If I style it with a wand it’ll hold 2-3 days with no brushing except for the underneath. I can’t take a brush and go through my entire hair. It’s a segmented approach to even brushing.

          24. Kel says:

            😲 Demodex?? Pop your hair follicles out so they can inhabit your scalp? – while you’re sleeping?? The boogeyman under the bed can’t hold a candle to that! Does Raid make a shampoo?

          25. Violetta says:

            Desirée, I looked up “demodex” and rather wish I hadn’t. Apparently, like microbes in our intestines, just about everyone has some, and they are usually harmless if kept in proportion. (The ickies in our intestines can even be useful, of course).

            First manure, now mites. Erg.

            HG, perhaps you should let your laptop run a few minutes before you use it.

  3. Claire says:

    It is a fascinating dark poetry! Not to be missed!
    HG, thank you for that beautifully presented ( I listened to the audio file) dark tale.

    No issues with gumroad – I use PayPal because it saves me typing my cc details.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      You are welcome.

    2. MB says:

      Claire, creepy isn’t it? I have PP set up on gumroad too. It’s almost as fast as the traditional way we’ve purchased. Maybe takes 4 seconds instead of 2.5!

      1. Claire says:

        It is a bit creepy, MB🙂! I am an outdoor lover but I prefer do not ascent again:)

        The only disadvantage of Gumroad for me is that you cannot add to the card 2 or more articles. Yesterday I bought 3 and had to do it one by one .
        On the other hand, using Gumroad saves precious time for HG as we are able to download the materials straight away rather than HG has to email and invoice.
        So you go, Gumroad 🙂

        1. FYC says:

          Claire, I ran into some difficulty with multiple purchases too, but was able to do several at one time. It may be that file size is a factor with multiple purchases. I will mention this cart capacity issue when I hear back from Gumroad on my customer service user inquiry on the faulty link with PayPal when a pre-existing Gift Card is used for payment. Otherwise I like the service too. Another nice feature is, if you sign up as a user with Gumroad, every thing you purchase while logged in, remains in your personal Gumroad account library and can be accessed from anywhere at any time.

          1. Claire says:

            FYC” I will mention this cart capacity issue when I hear back from Gumroad on my customer service user inquiry on the faulty link with PayPal when a pre-existing Gift Card is used for payment. ”

            Thank you for your kindness, FYC🌷🙂!

          2. FYC says:

            My pleasure Claire.

  4. K says:

    Now my curiosity is really piqued!

    1. What happens when s(he) ascends?

    2. Does the Empath find enlightenment?

    3. Does the Narcissist try to assert control?

  5. WokeAF says:

    I’ve just purchased I’ll let you know if I have a problem

  6. MB says:

    HG, has anybody else had trouble with gumroad today?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      If they have, they have not contacted me to tell me.

      1. MB says:

        I’ll just wait longer. I usually get the receipt and email to download nearly instantly and the purchase appears in the app right away. Maybe my card thinks it’s fraud or something. You’re way faster!

      2. Lorelei says:

        I bought the lovey dovey thing and gumroad failed

        1. HG Tudor says:

          Then Gumroad will be devalued.

          I have issued an invoice through PayPal for you to circumvent the issue.

          I know many people have used Gumroad without difficulty, a couple have experienced issues. This is to readers generally, if you have an issue making payment/obtaining material, do email me at and I will find a way around this for you.

          1. lisk says:

            I’ve used it without difficulty. I love it.

          2. Lorelei says:

            I see what the invoice was for—got it.

          3. HG Tudor says:

            Payment received will forward material presently

          4. Lorelei says:

            I want the love thing though—not this. I’m so confused.

          5. FYC says:

            RE Gumroad Giftcard Malfunction:

            Gumroad is a good service. It has one weakness. It will not function only when your gift card is already associated (added to/ used with PayPal).

            When you purchase a new gift card, go *FIRST* to and use the card directly on gumroad for your purchase. You can then go to PayPal and add the card afterward and it will work on both sites. I do not know why this happens, but it does. Consistently.

            HG, I can contact regarding this if you like.

          6. HG Tudor says:

            Thank you for this useful information FYC, I think it will be worth raising with Gumroad

          7. FYC says:

            HG, My pleasure. Will you be contacting Gumroad, or do you wish me to do so as a user? I will report back their response, of course. I doubt very much the error is on the client side. I suspect that the issue lies within Gumroad. PayPal, for it’s part worked fine. It was the reverse link that was faulty.

          8. HG Tudor says:

            I am content for you do to do so as user, thank you.

          9. WhoCares says:

            Thank-you FYC. This information likely saved me a future technology-induced headache! 😃

          10. FYC says:

            WC, Anytime. When you get your new card, you will first agree with Gumroad terms, then make the purchase, then load the new card on PayPal, then you can use the PayPal options on Gumroad until that card is used up. I have contacted Gumroad to let them know about their reverse link issue. As soon as they reply I will email HG with their reply and post any solution they offer here. Hopefully they will fix this with PayPal.

    2. Hope says:

      It’s been finicky. Restarting and such. Last night and this morning. Annoying, but was able to get through what I wanted after a few attempts/restarts and so I didn’t need to get further assistance with it. I thought it was just operator error. LOL. Or, maybe, I also thought it could be a slow connection on my end.

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