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 For the next 24 hours only, get 50% off the Trait Detector Consultation so you can engage in a fascinating understanding about yourself, learn what makes you what you are AND ascertain where Emotional Thinking will look to strike. Just US$ 50 so you can occupy your time and get informed at the same time.

A highly valuable tool for understanding yourself and how to protect yourself. See what other users have made of the Trait Detector Consultation.

Nailed it again. Your algorithm is good! The traits you emphasized are exactly what gets me to go out wounding. I made good use of your book “Revenge” but i ought to keep my pride in check going forward. Your Trait detector may be your best self awareness based detector IMO. ” – Anaya, PA – USA.

The Detector is 200% accurate. This is absolutely true that pride is my leading narcissistic trait! Very occasionally I can swallow my pride  – if it would benefit others ( in workplace situation for example). No surprises that argumentative and vanity are the second and third runners.  To be honest, given those 3 traits , I often questioned myself about whether I am a narcissist  – back then when I was an absolute beginner at your educating blog and before starting to read your books. Absolutely spot on for my leading emphatic traits. ” –  Bistra, Bulgaria

Which of your traits are most vulnerable to exploitation?

You have been ensnared by a narcissist.

Most likely, you are an empath, a collection of empathic and  narcissistic traits.

You need to know what those traits are.

You may still be ensnared seeking to escape.

You may have escaped and be fending off the Initial Grand Hoover and/or Follow-Up Hoovers.

You may be on the shelf and tackling the pick-up/put-down dynamic.

You may have been disengaged from and are dealing with the aftermath.

You may be dealing with a malice campaign.

You may be caught in ongoing interactions making Total No Contact harder than usual.

You may be trying to keep the narcissist at bay.

You may be trying to deal with purging the effects of the narcissist from your life.

Those scenarios and others besides all have one thing in common – Emotional Thinking, the Enemy Within.

Emotional Thinking will ALWAYS seek to exploit what you are to feed your innate addiction to the narcissist. This addiction is lifelong and poses a constant threat but it is one which can be managed and successfully. To achieve this, you need to know what it is about you that is at risk from exploitation from your Emotional Thinking.

If you do not know, how can you then GOSO?

Will the fact you are an empathic truth seeker be your undoing?

Perhaps your narcissistic sense of pride will cause continued conflict with the narcissist?

Might your compassion be used against you to draw you back in?

Maybe the empathic trait of guilt will be harnessed?

Then again, it could be the narcissistic trait of infidelity which lures you back?

There is a wide range of empathic and narcissistic traits. Which ones are applicable to you and which are not?

Whether it is a past, current or future ensnarement, you need to be armed to defeat your emotional thinking and the lurking narcissist drawn to your empathic status.

Use the Trait Detector to understand what your empathic and narcissistic traits are.

Use the Trait Detector and find out NOW what it is about you that is the most vulnerable to exploitation by your Emotional Thinking, so you can then address and tackle it and in turn beat the narcissist.


  1. Make payment using the PayPal button. The costs is US $ 50  and is protected through PayPal´s procedures.
  2. If you wish to use a different email address to that contained in your PayPal account, email me at narcissist1909@gmail.com before making payment.
  3. You will receive a Common Sense Protocol. You will also receive a specifically engineered and detailed questionnaire for your completion and return by email.
  4. This questionnaire will be analysed and you will then be provided with a response which will detail all of your relevant empathic and narcissistic traits so you understand the requisite makeup of your personality. The analysis will also identify in percentage terms the level of vulnerability and also explain to you how that will manifest for you, allowing you to be fixed with full knowledge so you can take appropriate protective action.
  5. The response will (subject to intervening factors) be provided to you within 96 hours of submission of your completed questionnaire.
  6. The entire process is covered by confidentiality provisions.

Know yourself so you recognise where Emotional Thinking is most likely to strike because when you know, you can GOSO and beat the narcissist!

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10 thoughts on “50% One Day Discount – Trait Detector Consultation

  1. MommyPino says:

    I’m very glad that I did this detector. I really enjoyed answering the questions and they made me reflect more about myself. Some of the questions cracked me up too! The results are very aligned with the feedback that I usually get from people that know me in real life.

    My result is that my empathic traits are strong and my narcissistic traits are moderate so the empathic traits keep my narcissistic traits in check except in certain situations. My strongest empathic traits are Truth Seeker and Moral Compass although they are just stronger by very few points compared to the other empathic traits. My strongest narcissistic traits are Defiance and Pride and then followed closely by Vanity.

    I agree with the assessment and I can see how those traits have affected the dynamics that I had with narcissists. For example with my adult stepdaughters, my Moral Compass wanted me to do the right thing in trying to unify the family. I spent about ten years trying to do that. In that ten years we would have repeated cycles of them doing something really mean and nasty and me fighting back and disengaging and then me feeling bad that my husband’s relationship with his daughters is badly affected by my conflict with them and then me reconciling with them even though they never apologize or acknowledge any faults in their side and me trying harder and trying new ways to win them over and then back to the same cycle.

    Whenever my stepdaughters accuse me of something that is untrue such as I only married their dad for his money, my Truth Seeker trait is highjacked by my sense of pride and cause me to confront them and explain to them why they are wrong which ends up in more frustrating interactions with them and causes me to get really angry and emotionally invested in them. My Moral Compass trait is also highjacked by Pride because I know that I’m the kind of person who always try to do the right thing even when it is hard and I have a track record in my life for that and that causes me to have some pride in it. And so when someone accuses me of something that I never did and would never do and is below the standard that I set for myself, Pride kicks in and Defiance causes me to strike back in some way. Defiance causes me the wrongful Emotional Thinking that what was said by someone matters when in reality it really doesn’t. My husband who is a Normal would just ignore such things and say in his mind, “Screw you!” and then never engage. But for me because my Defiance it keeps me engaging.

    1. MommyPino says:

      I also want to add that now I realize why the accusation that I would marry someone that I don’t love is so hurtful to me because one of my strong empathic traits is Love Devotee. Before I even learned about the Love Devotee trait, I was so offended by the accusation because for me I would never date anyone that I don’t love. It’s absolutely important for me and who I am as a person so when somebody accuses me of being something that I know is a totally untrue characterization of myself, my Defiance and Pride kicks in.

      Now it also makes sense why majority of my most intense interactions with narcissists in my life is about defending myself from their character assassinations. Because my empathic traits that are most susceptible to being corrupted are Truth Seeker and Moral Compass.

      1. MommyPino says:

        I’m really glad that you created this detector HG. The more that I think about my traits and reflect about myself I am discovering more and more reasons behind my behaviors.

        HG, you can censor this question if not appropriate. If someone’s strongest empathic traits are just a few points higher than the rest of the empathic traits, does that mean that those other empathic traits are also vulnerable to getting highjacked by the dominant narcissistic traits?

        1. HG Tudor says:

          Your question is answered in the consultation, MP.

          1. MommyPino says:

            Thank you HG. I will have to listen to it again. I guess that goes to prove why Good Listener is not my highest empathic trait. 😜

          2. HG Tudor says:

            There you go!

        2. Narc noob says:

          MP. That was a great description of your Empathic Traits and how they can be sabotaged. Thank you.

          I only just realised this about myself a few weeks ago, namely my truth seeker trait and how it was getting me into trouble with Ns.

          I think it’s important to know our fellow empath in the same regard – to support their higher traits and why they might retaliate.

          1. MommyPino says:

            Thank you Narc Noob. I wholeheartedly agree with you. If you haven’t taken the detector yet, I highly recommend it. It really made me realize which traits are much more dominant in me and needs to be controlled. It even makes me understand myself beyond my dynamics with narcissists. For example, now I understand why when I have read the book Dare to Lead, the quote that resonated with me the most was “Clarity is Kindness”. It’s because I have a strong Truth Seeker trait. Whereas my Normal husband rolled his eyes the second I told him about that quote and he made all kinds of jokes about it. It’s amazing how everyone is indeed uniquely comprised of traits in different strengths and they are also affected by the other traits that are strong in that person as well. I was also amazed how a fun questionnaire revealed my traits and their degrees of strengths. When you take the detector you will know which narcissistic trait/s corrupts your truth seeker and it will make it so much easier for you to evaluate yourself to avoid getting in more troubles with narcissists.

  2. FYC says:

    This is a really fantastic deal on this in-depth Detector. Your analysis is based upon answers you provide to more than *100* questions asked. I am still in progress on mine, but once complete, I look forward to learning from the results.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Thank you FYC.

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