Both Dr O and Dr E (the good doctors) repeatedly like to ask me about my childhood. I do not like to talk about it. I tell them that I do not like to and the reason for that is that I do not remember much about it and therefore I feel uncomfortable talking about something which I do not feel in control of. Everyone is like that though aren’t they? If you are making a presentation but you only have half the material, you feel uncomfortable don’t you? I you are asked a question by somebody but you do not have all the information to hand, you feel uneasy. I explained that was my response and that it was an entirely understandable one. I’m not telling them the real reason behind my recalcitrance. Not a chance.

Unfortunately, Dr O then gets the bit between her teeth in one of our sessions and decides she would like to talk to me about family.

“Who has pinched your bagel this week then? Your brother or your sister?” I shot back seeking to deflect her. She ignored my remark and pressed on.

“Is there anybody in your immediate family you would like to discuss with me?” she asked.



Where do I start ? Why would I want to talk about people I rarely bother with (save my brother)? Why is it that these people assume that I have some overriding desire to discuss a group of people who I am related to but have nothing in common with? What is the obsession?

I remained silent.

“Okay, how about I choose a family member and you tell me three things that you like about them and three things that you do not like about them. Just as something to start our conversation?” she suggested.

I remained silent.

“How about your mother?” she asked and looked at me expectantly.

I got up and left the room. I’m not playing that game with Dr O. No way.

7 thoughts on “MatriNarc

  1. christianmelchizedek says:

    Prescious! Though a mild reaction to Dr. O if I may say. It’s way more exciting when the Dr. runs from the room screaming, demonstrating their inept skills in psychotherapy.

  2. Mariel Hill says:

    Be brave and deal with the cause.

  3. DrHouse says:

    The Blue or the red pill?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      I am the cure.

      1. Lorelei says:

        Like a shot of penicillin in the ass HG.

        1. Violetta says:

          What no disinfectant? I had all this Dettol…fell off the truck.

          (If you haven’t seen the Dettol-cure memes on DM, they are priceless.)

      2. FoolMe1Time says:

        You certainly are HG, you certainly are!
        The cure that is.

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