The Online Narcissist : Somatic



How do you spot a Somatic Narcissist online?

I have explained before how the advancements in technology have created a haven for our kind. The internet has become a prime hunting ground for all schools and all cadres of narcissist. From social media to dating websites to chatrooms, the existence of cyberspace has created so many opportunities for us to target and hunt down our victims. Not only that, technology has extended our reach, allowed us to target multiple victims, remain in contact with scores of prospects and do so at any time from nearly any part of the world. It is little wonder that our kind cruise, shark-like, through cyberspace, seeking our victims.

There is much to be said for you staying away from the internet. Not only are you closing down various avenues for the narcissist you have just banished through no contact, to prevent hoovers, you are also reducing the risk of being ensnared by another one. However, the internet and all of its accoutrements are regular fixtures in most people’s lives and therefore such blanket avoidance is not only impractical it may not be desired. Why should you let our kind force you into no longer enjoying the benefits of the information superhighway?

Accordingly, you wish to maintain a presence in cyber space and so you must adopt a position of vigilance. I have detailed previously the ways in which we look for our victims through the various portals of the internet, the types of behaviour, the profiles, the postings and the engagements which not only show you are susceptible to being seduced but highlight your empathic traits so you have a neon light above you, drawing us to you. How about you being in a position to spot our kind when we are on the internet? This is clearly a worthwhile skill to hone as part of your Narcdar, in identifying us.

One of the most prominent places that this identification takes place is with regards to dating websites and it is there that I shall show you what you ought to be looking out for in two distinct stages. The first is the type of indicators that you might see on the profile page of our kind on a dating website. The second are the tells that occur when you first engage with our kind on such a website when you begin the excitement of flagging your interest and exchanging message. I will therefore detail the indicators in these two stages which you ought to be aware of so that you can determine whether the person is one of our kind and therefore you can dodge the bullet, escape the tendril and evade the narcissist.

Keep in mind that these are indicators, two or three is nothing to be concerned about. Yes, this shows that there are narcissistic traits in evidence but once it goes beyond three of these indicators you need to become wary. The more indicators there are, the more likely it is that this person in cyberspace is a narcissist and you are skirting on the edge of being seduced.

Let us begin with the Somatic Narcissist. The Somatic Narcissist is one of the four cadres and is generally defined as a narcissist who has a pre-occupation with appearance, looks, material possessions, sex, status and the earnings of himself and those around him. What should you be aware of when you are working your way through those dating profiles and what should you pay heed to should you commence in messaging somebody on these sites to determine whether this person is more likely than not a Somatic Narcissist ?

  1. In respect of a male somatic narcissist the profile picture will show the individual bare-chested to show off his physique. In the case of a female narcissist the picture will be glamorous with the narcissist made-up, pouting and quite possibly utilising a professionally taken picture. In both sexes the photo may also show the individual next to an expensive or flash-looking car, undertaking some kind of adrenaline pursuit, such as flying through the air on a mountain bike or a grinning shot as the individual parachutes from a plane or the picture will be of the individual against the backdrop of a chasm or a luxurious beach.
  2. If the profile contains more than nine additional pictures as well as the profile picture, this is an indicator of a somatic narcissist. Pay attention to the individual striking the same pose in each picture such as the man flexing his muscles to show off his ‘guns’, adopting a Usain Bolt stance, pouting or standing with one hand on hip. These are all indicators.
  3. If the pictures only have the profile holder in them, this is a further indicator.
  4. There will be no mention of having been single for some time, looking for love for a period of time or anything to denote that the individual has been alone.
  5. The individual will make mention of his or her employment, job position and/or earning capacity in the profile text. If the site provides a bracket for the individual’s earning to be entered, they will be and they will be listed in six figures whether this is true or not.
  6. The individual will not make mention of wanting to engage in pursuits such as staying in and getting cosy by the fire, going for romantic walks, watching films together. These are regarded as vanilla and boring by the somatic narcissist. An absence of mentioning these things is an indicator. If phrases such as those above are included, this is a downward indicator.
  7. The somatic narcissist will make reference to various interests which will include outdoor pursuits, adrenaline fix pursuits, attendance at a gym, sports and anything which denotes the pursuit of competitive physical excellence. If there are references to winning events such as an Iron Man Triathlon, running the New York marathon or similar this is a double indicator.
  8. There will be repeated reference to travel. Specifically, look out for reference to exotic beach holidays and holidays which involve pursuits such as ski-ing, trekking, kayaking around islands and such like. There is unlikely to be mention of places where one might undertake sight-seeing of landmarks and such like. The somatic narcissist is there to be the sight seen, not to sight see.
  9. If there are references to where the individual lives in terms of an upmarket area as opposed to the region or city, references to the size and style of accommodation or reference to additional places where the individual lives, these are indicators.
  10. If the profile states that the individual dislikes lazy people, people who do nothing, out of shape people etc. this is a firm indicator. The somatic narcissist has no concern about letting people know what he does not like and his lack of tact will mean that it will be rude and disparaging.
  11. If the profile makes reference to sexual prowess of proficiency this is a firm indicator also. Again, the somatic narcissist is unlikely to apply tact to the situation and is content to brag about such matters.
  12. References to shopping, shoe collections, extensive technology collections, record collections trainer collections and similar are also indicators.
  13. The profile of a somatic narcissist is likely to make reference to nights out at glamorous places, going to bars, wanting to be seen, mixing with people and such like.
  14. If the individual references somebody famous in their profile either purporting to know them or quoting from that individual – who is likely to be a sports person – this is an additional indicator.
  15. Re-read the profile. If you read it back and immediately hear the voice of someone talking quickly as if pumped up on adrenaline and Red Bull, with exhortations of ‘yeah’, ‘hell’ and ‘woo’ whilst a fist pump or a high five is being delivered, this is a considerable warning sign.
  16. The profile of the somatic narcissist will be 90 per cent about him or her with a smaller section reserved for what he or she does not want and also what he or she is looking for. The looking for section will be up front about wanting someone who is physically attractive and engages in similar activities. This is actually paying lip service to considering the other person. The somatic narcissist IS the draw and really is not overly interested in what the other person does. Not at this stage.

The more indicators you identify from this profile and its accompanying pictures, the higher the likelihood that this individual is a somatic narcissist.

If you engage with somebody on a dating website and exchange messages, then you should be aware of the following indicators which all evidence that you are engaging with a somatic narcissist.

  1. They will respond quickly to your messages. They will also badger you if you have not answered their message promptly. If there has been a flurry of messaging, then you have slowed in your response times and you have been badgered to respond, when you do respond there is silence, the somatic narcissist has moved on to a different target and you have been forgotten about. Understand that all narcissists using such sights will have multiple prospects in order to maximise both fuel and the opportunities of ensnaring suitable prey and anyone who fails to keep up with the pace will be left behind.
  2. Expect messages to be short and to the point. The lesser somatic will use text speak a lot. The mid-range and greater less so, but their messages will not be long or flowery.
  3. You will be asked for your mobile number and offered his or hers within five exchanges.
  4. You will be asked direct questions about your profile pictures. Is it you? Is it a recent picture? Where was it taken?
  5. You will be sent bare chest and dick pictures by the male somatic, topless and bottom pictures by the female somatic, whilst you will be repeatedly pressed to reciprocate.
  6. The content of the messages will become sexual between five and ten exchanges. If mobile numbers have been exchanged expect to engage in sexting and talking dirty down the phone to one another. This will be wanted or engaged in before any suggestion of a date has taken place.
  7. The somatic narcissist will appear to be interested in you experiencing his or pursuits ‘I would love to take you rock climbing, you will really enjoy it’ or ‘We could go camping and do some hunting, it will be a blast.’ There will be an assumption that you will enjoy it. The somatic narcissist may appear encouraging by offering to instruct you, teach you etc. so this appears that they are kind and taking an interest. This is being done purely to show that they are an expert and to test your credentials to be their victim by ascertaining whether you have the right class traits.
  8. You can expect to be asked your opinion about various matters which are of value to the somatic narcissist. What you do for a living, how much you earn, where you live, where you holiday, what type of car you drive, what you think of certain places, what you think of certain famous people. This may appear like taking an interest in your preferences. It is being done to garner information to ensure that you accord with the somatic class traits and to mine for intelligence which can then be used to mirror and seduce once the somatic narcissist is satisfied that you are a decent prospect worth expending further time and energy on. Do not expect to be asked about books, art, religion, politics, economics, current affairs or similar matters. If you engage in a conversation using those topics you will witness the topic being shut down and moved to something else in order to return to relevant somatic topics.
  9. The somatic will appear very keen and enthusiastic but it will border on pushy in terms of wanting replies, wanting pictures and wanting to meet up. You are likely to put it down to being very interested in you and the somatic narcissist will only confirm that to be the case if challenged. He or she is keen to draw fuel from your messages but even keener to move to meeting you and this will be pushed for quickly, in around ten or so exchanges and within just a day of making contact.

A significant aggregate of these indicators both from the profile and the subsequent engagement will tell you readily enough that you have been interacting with a somatic narcissist and therefore you should heed all these red flags before meeting the individual concerned, since doing so means you will become at a far greater risk of being successfully seduced in person.

79 thoughts on “The Online Narcissist : Somatic

  1. blackcoffee30 says:

    Is the advice any different between use of online dating for romantic/dating v. sex/kink?

    Sometimes one is looking for Mr. Right and sometimes one is looking for Mr. Right Now.

    I have a feeling you are going to say steer clear no matter what…

  2. Tired says:


    What do you make of a narc who goes on a dating site for married people and bashes his spouse , expressing contempt for her ? Not the usual, “ stale marriage, etc- , but bashing in their profile.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Birds of a feather.

      If this is the narcissist you are ensnared with, why are you looking on the dating site? Breach of no contact.

      1. Tired says:

        Long story. Saw it in his browsing history, went on site and there he was , plain as day. Tucked that info away for leverage in divorce.

      2. Tired says:

        Not a chance in hell I’d ever sign up for any online dating site if single, never mind married.

  3. heloiseandabelarde says:

    So the thing about somatics, ohboy, I do like it when they get the body mass ratio and amount of body hair just right. Even in pics. The sad thing is so few do. So many of the shirtless pics make me nauseous. There is a matchmaking site that keeps advertising on my social media (that profile indicated my gender was male although it isn’t, so I get the ads for the men) and they show some innocent looking guy with some somatically gorgeous lady wearing something that no female should EVER EVER wear on a first date. Or should I say partially wearing it. Anyway, the actual ad line is “Dating for men who don’t waste time” and since it is on social media, it is actually possible to comment on this ad. So it gets to be pretty funny to read peoples’ comments. I commented that it was offensive and looks like a free escort service; other guys comment “why don’t I ever meet anybody who looks like this” and i took the trouble to explain, as I laughed. But not nearly so much fun as here.

  4. Dr. HQ says:

    No one even tries to seduce you anymore. It is the most obnoxious thing ever. They message you and feel entitled to sex by saying hey and sending you picture of their dick or them jerking off.

    They treat us like sex bots. It’s fucking disgusting and boring. When they approach me in that way I ask them what gave them the impression that I hate myself….

    Of course you get some who laugh and others who say you’re uptight. It doesn’t matter. More women should be okay with putting a shithead in his place. No I don’t want to see your cock. No I don’t want to meet up with a stranger. Yes I would like you to actually have a conversation with me. Yes I want you to ask me about myself. No I will not send you a pussy picture. No I’m not gonna play this “let’s see how things go”. Hell fucking no. Ladies for the love of god stop letting yourself get into situationships – giving nobody men pussy and your time when they haven’t earned it. People behave in ways that work and that shit has clearly worked for them in the past. Fuck that shit.

    I tell

    1. HG Tudor says:

      That is why online environments should be avoid when you are looking for a romantic partner.

      1. Lorelei says:

        No one sends me these photos. They are sneaky and pretend they have manners. It makes it hard.

    2. Alexissmitg2016 says:

      Jees! That’s a really good point Doctor. People behave in ways that work and that shit clearly works. Makes me so sad for all the women out there. At least ensure you get a very long seduction. So glad I don’t have to use online dating. It’s only going to get harder for people to find a partner with COVID-19.

      HG – they need your dating site where you bet it for Ns.

    3. Love says:

      I hear what you’re saying Doc. My question to you is how much of this is narcissism vs instinctual animal mating rituals? A male peacock struts around with his feathers on full display. These guys send pics with their cocks on full display 😊 Aren’t phallic symbols a good luck charm for fertility in some cultures? These guys aren’t promising happily ever afters. Heck most are using terms such as ethically non monogamous or poly or pan or whatever new lingo is out there. I can appreciate the honesty in their intent… since they lay it all out there 😉

  5. Love says:

    I enjoyed reading about the online somatic. Aka fuck boy. I think most women now a days are savvy and aware enough to know that fuck boys are good for only having fun.
    As for my online dating, I actually have had good experiences. The men I went on dates with were gentlemanly and kind. I liked their company and there was a mutual respect for each other’s time. I did go on these dates without the mindset of meeting my future husband. It was simply to get out and enjoy a meal and conversation with someone. I was also cautious and did not disclose too much information. I used my intuition and always met them in a public place.

    1. Dr. HQ says:

      Fuck boys are useless – at least to me 😂

  6. Dr. HQ says:

    Online dating sucks ….
    Meeting people through people sucks…

    Reality check ….

    People suck these days – most lack substance and are far too concerned with like social media and shit that doesn’t matter in addition to constantly photoshopping their selfies and taking millions of pictures to keep up their online image ….

  7. Dr. HQ says:

    Online dating is just awful and disgusting. They don’t even have the decency to engage you in conversation. The ones that are engaging I’m already suspicious lmao..

    The ones that actually engage you are usually far more disordered lmao!!

    1. heloiseandabelarde says:

      One guy listed himself as “asexual” and contacted me saying “How about some pictures?” no more. Truth told i had taken down the profile picture as usually that ensures nobody contacts me…
      As for the ones who are engaging being more disordered, I tend to agree. This is where they can weave a gossamer web of fantasy (without necessarily knowing they are fuflly bought into the fantasy).

  8. Bibi says:

    HG, this was the 1st writing that lead me to you. I found it on your YT page, actually, and did not know it was written/recorded by an actual narcissist. Reason being, I saw ‘you’ i.e. the ‘Knowing the Narc’ avatar being polite and engaging in the comments sect and so after Sam V, I assumed the person uploading this was just a researcher on narcissism or some other. How funny this is the very article that led me to you.

    Just to follow up–the Lesser Somatic’s FB profile contained a shirtless pic of him doing a crow pose (this is a yoga pose for those who don’t know) on top of a surf board in the middle of a river, surrounded by mountains with his back tattoos in full view.

    So you had 1) shirtless 2) tattoos 3) physical prowess 4) on water/near mountains. 4 for 4!

    He hit all of them. His profile pic was a dark, bearded muscle dude in a tight shirt, showing off his biceps. Definitely the hottest pic I have ever seen of him–the pic is 15 yrs old, however, and he still uses it for his Instagram.

    They make themselves look damn good but there is no depth underneath. I am ashamed I was even attracted to such a plebeian as he. But he looked the part. He gave off the hot guy who is too smart for everyone and look at me I don’t give a shit attitude.

    So done with that.

    Please do one on the cerebral. They’re even meaner.

    I know you like to feel superior over other narcs. This dude was an intellectual flea beside you.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      I don’t feel superior, I am superior.

      1. Bibi says:

        Oh shit. Wrong word. Yes, you are.

      2. Bibi says:

        HG, I am laughing in shame over my clumsy wording. Please forgive.

        1. HG Tudor says:

          You are forgiven.

          1. Violetta says:

            Of course Bibi meant that we like to see you demonstrate your superiority over other narcs, and you are so kind as to oblige.

          2. HG Tudor says:

            HG approves.

          3. Renarde says:


            You dug Bibi out of that one very nicely!

          4. Violetta says:

            Didn’t even have to tweak the truth, Renarde. When I read about the takedown of that mid-range office bitch, I had vivid fantasies of what HG could do to my elementary school teachers, my first shrink, my Jr. High School Best Frenemy, a number of middle-management types, some grad school nemeses, a few tenured professors, and possibly Wanna-Be Playuh-Narc (but why bother, because he’s probably a lesser).

            It’s the self-righteousness of the mid-rangers I find most galling. Lessers kind of know they’re assholes, but tell themselves, “Well, so-and-so did X to deserve it” or “I can charm my way out of this one anyway.” Mid-rangers think they’re just wonderful people and we all ought to be humbly grateful that they try to remake us in their image. Having HG take one down a peg or six gives me sincere pleasure.

          5. Bibi says:

            It is true I have fantasies of HG taking out random narc assholes I have known. I would pay to see it.

            The UMR at my job has been showing off his real colors–I fantasize about HG showing him up. He would have more respect for HG, however, because he is a man. This guy believes that women are only hired to fill a quota.

          6. HG Tudor says:

            You’ll get a taste of this in a forthcoming book

          7. Bibi says:

            Sounds juicy.

          8. Renarde says:


            Oh I’m sorry my love? Yes I agree on the Middles. I was just enjoying a very pleasant masturbatory fantasy of what Hg might do to my ex. Theres a book right there. Psycho vs Psycho.

            I then had another fantasy of tossing Middles off on a balcony before they were, unfortunately tossed off said balcony. They would literally be cumming and going at the same time.

            And talking about Cummings. Where the fuck has that little ball washer got to???.

          9. HG Tudor says:

            Its Mid-Range, not Middles.

          10. Renarde says:

            Sorry boss.

          11. HG Tudor says:

            You are forgiven.

          12. Renarde says:

            Thank you.

            I will keep that term in mind.

          13. Violetta says:

            “You’ll get a taste of this in a forthcoming book”

            ….and then I asked him with my eyes to ask again yes and then he asked me would I yes to say yes my mountain flower and first I put my arms around him yes and drew him down to me so he could feel my breasts all perfume yes and his heart was going like mad and yes I said yes I will Yes.

      3. MGM says:

        HG you’re hilarious. The above article is an excellent summation of the somatic. 100%.

        1. HG Tudor says:

          Indeed and thank you

          1. heloiseandabelarde says:

            Especially “I will take you hunting–it will be a blast!” See what you did there…

        2. Bibi says:

          HG has a great sense of humor. HG, this is why when you say you are a Narcissist Psychopath you sound so damn scary and yet here you are being silly with the rest of us.

          1. NarcAngel says:

            True. His great sense of humour is appreciated here, but it is a powerful weapon that makes him all the more effective and hides the destructiveness elsewhere.

    2. Renarde says:


      I agree with you, I also want to know how the other three cadres write their profiles.

      I had one miscreant. I called him Wreck it Ralph. I would have normally removed but he was giving me comedy gold.

      He kept on messaging me. Wanting a date. But then he started to get desperate.

      I love you! I want you! May I touch your tits? Over and over again. Little did he know I was screenshotting the lot and putting it on the worlds biggest sex website, fetlife. Men in particular could not believe how deranged and desperate he sounded. I couldnt even be arsed to warn him.

      I think he ended up asking me for a coffee. So tempted to say Coffee. Meal. Tits. Love. But I suspect the point would be lost and hed get ideas. Talk about ass backwards!

      Has to have been the dregs of the bottom feeders. Victim.

      Bibi, that Som posing on a surfboard, on a river, tats in view, nice scenery etc sounds like a right charmer! Was there an owl hooting all melancholy like in the background? Nah, scrub that, a giant eagle swooping majestically in the background? Or a vulture? Yup, a vulture.

      They are cunts too.

      1. Violetta says:

        Not familiar with FetLife. Is that like “Bye, Felipe”?

        1. Renarde says:


          You’d be more than ok on there. It’s unweapoised, naive empaths that are at risk.

          1. Violetta says:

            Bye, Felipe is hilarious. I’m just dazed by what some desperate guys consider not only acceptable but even helpful. The guys in my Jr. High had more game than that.

          2. Renarde says:

            I shall have a look. Thank you.

        2. Love says:

          Fetlife is mostly a BDSM social media platform.

  9. Renarde says:

    God, Soms are pathetic. They really are.

    Great information, Hg

    1. Sweetest Perfection says:

      They truly are. My husband wanted to show me a video my somatic idiot posted on social media in which, allegedly, he is doing some abs workout and wearing his shorts so low my husband said you could actually see his pubic hair. I said I was eating so no thanks. I wasn’t even tempted, what a pathetic cry out for attention…

      1. Renarde says:


        Its bollocks. And shonky fuckwittery to boot.

        1. Bibi says:

          Renarde, I love your expressions.

          1. Renarde says:


            Thank you! They come naturally. I use my wickedness now with awareness and forethought.

            I am frequently even worse but I do try to temper it. From time to time x

  10. BonnieLou says:

    HG, do I recall you doing an article about how to compose an online dating profile so as not to attract any your bretheren? Thanks

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Do not use online dating.

    2. Renarde says:

      Agreeing with Hg. Do not do it.

      I have written many profiles in my time. My last was a work of fucking genious. Still didnt stop them.

      In my time on social dating, this was when I had a Dominant profile. I was threatened with rape. Not on my submissive profile I note.

      He sent his other socks after me. Still was spewing this bile. Reported.

      It’s a monumental waste of energy.

      OLD is one of the biggest sources of narcasssitic abuse. I have seen it myself. Many many times. I caught most of the miscreants out before it even strayed to a date.

      A lot of men are either Doms or subs. From my own researches into big data, its roughly 66% to the Doms.

      The subs were far easier to spot. They would wank off when I was going through the usual typical female Dom protocols. I’d just snap, ‘Take your hand off your fucking dick’. I am talking to you.

      One denied it. Bye, I said. End of.

      OLD is incredibly dangerous. Incredibly. Unaware, un weaponised Empaths shouldn’t do it.

      1. HG Tudor says:

        Whether they are doms or subs is by the by, it is the hunting ground of narcissists, many of whom present as doms, subs and everything in between. The article “Why You Should Not Use Online Dating” sets it all out, BL.

        1. Lorelei says:

          I met a wonderful & interesting person last month on a thing my friends at work enticed I set up. (They actually set it up on my phone because I almost died) It made me queasy so I only left it for like 12 hours. Regardless, very nice person. Intelligent, engaging, normal human. Not talking much now due to my inability to juggle to many things, but anticipate meeting eventually. Basketball coach, water sports enthusiast, two masters degrees.. I did see some flagrant idiots. I am very conservative though—had I not been persuaded into this it never would have happened. Or only a professional type of site where the morons are less prevalent. Certainly, narcs are there—but empathic nature doesn’t mean tolerating idiots.

        2. Bibi says:

          I agree, HG. A narc will be a dom or sub or whatever is needed to attract said victim. In reality they’re all predators, anyway. How they present themselves is mere flourish.

        3. BonnieLou says:

          Thank you HG and Renarde. I will not be using Online dating ever!😊

          1. Renarde says:

            Yeah Bonnie!

            Another one converted!

        4. Renarde says:

          Of course. Or as my own friend would say, Vagina Hunters.

          1. Bibi says:

            I just saw in London there were protestors in solidarity with the US in honor of the Black Lives. This made me weepy. So glad to see that our Mother Country still supports us, even though Americans can be some of the biggest assholes on this planet. We are not all dickheads. I couldn’t even watch that vid. I made me so upset.

            THAT was a psychopath asserting his superiority on a person he believed to be inferior. That poor man–unable to breathe. So cruel and unjust. Fuck cops.

          2. Renarde says:


            I cannot speak for the entire UK but I percieve we largely do. Racism is such a anathema to us. I was proud to see the demonstrations yesterday. You always know ors serious with us when we gather in Trafalgar Square. Which actually is a lot smaller than you think it is on the TV.

            I couldnt quite work out what was shocking me when I saw the footage finally of George Floyd on Sky yesterday. Was it what the officer did or the others just watching it?

            Just how cold and unreacting they were. Einstein said that the biggest problem is not the men that do evil, it’s the other man who allow them to do evil. I cannot think of a more perfect phrase.

            As to whether the cop who killed Mr Floyd was a psychopath? I cannot say but you could be right.

            Of course the UK cares. We are much closer in temperament to the US than we are to Europe. Trumps tweet, ‘When the looting starts, the shooting starts’ was so beyond shocking, I just cant even. It’s just too evil. He is racing to the bottom so fast.

            Trump needs to be removed before he does any more damage. You guys can do that in the ballot in November. If you are allowed to have an election that is.

          3. Violetta says:

            I’ve seen short clips but can’t watch the whole thing.

            I know about violent cops after living in Philly and NY, but it’s usually because they’re freaking out themselves. When my vocal coach was a toddler riding his tricycle in his family driveway in LI, two joy-riding teens pursued by the cops came roaring into the usually quiet street, finally crashing into a tree or something a few yards from where my vocal coach was. The cops hauled them out of the car and pounded them into the driveway so severely that over a decade later his family were still finding fragments of teeth.

            Being a self-described Satan Democrat–he’d vote for the devil before voting Republican–he developed a phobia of cops instead of cars driven by drunken teenagers. But I understand the cops’ reaction, without condoning it. They saw a toddler on a tricycle almost get run over by drunken assholes. Whatever they were chasing these guys for already, that was the icing on the cake: they lost it completely.

            Chauvin was ice-cold. There were no endangered children. Floyd passed a bad $20, and I’ve not heard whether he even knew it was a counterfeit himself; maybe someone gave it to him and he didn’t notice. Speaking of children, a guy who ran into Chauvin when he and his friends were shooting Nerf darts out of cars after high school said Chauvin pulled a gun on him, and warned them that once they turned 18 they’d do time. To repeat: Chauvin pulled a real gun on a kid who had a bright orange plastic Nerf shooter that was obviously not a real weapon. The guy thinks he;s alive now only because he was white.

          4. Renarde says:


            I thought that myself, that Chauvin was an accident waiting to happen, so his gun pulling incident is intresting. Thete will have been many more incidents. My God the man was a liability!

            $20 eh? The price of a mans life.

          5. Bibi says:

            Agree Renarde. Trump is an International Disaster. I have zero respect for him and his cult followers. I wish they could understand that HE DOES NOT CARE ABOUT ANYONE BUT TRUMP.

            Yesterday was another example of this–where peaceful protesters outside the White House were given tear gas so he could clear the way to do his bravado moment for a photo in front of a church he never attends. The Bishop of that church condemned him.

            His followers don’t hold him accountable for ANYTHING. Literally, he can do no wrong. If you are the Pres of a nation, who is responsible? Who is accountable? Why is there a Pres at all then?

            While most Presidents have been narcissists or at least had strong narcissism in them, the best of them know how to calm a crowd–they know the right rhetoric to use even if it is just platitude. One needs to set an example–a good one, that is.

            Trump mocks people who wear masks, he has never taken the virus seriously, he barks at anyone who disagrees with him or challenges him. And they think it is funny.

            It is simply bad behaviour and it gives these racist Bubbas a reason to think what they do is ok. In Feb, 2 white guys shot 25 yr old Ahmaud Arbery for simply jogging in a neighborhood. They said that he ‘refused to listen to simple commands’ so they shot him. Refused to listen to their ‘commands.’

            Um, that says it all right there. Trump doesn’t speak out and condemn this. So it keeps happening. I was no fan of W but after 9/11 he condemned the harassment that was occurring to Muslims. Again, Trump doesn’t do this. He says there are ‘good people’ on ‘both sides’ (Nazi sympathizers) b/c he does not want to alienate his fan base of imbeciles who regard him like a king without question.

          6. Renarde says:


            Heard. Watched. Astounded. However the funniest thing came from a man who is a Pastor. Obviously condemning Trump. He said and I quote, ‘He held the bible upside down and in his tiny little hand’.

            I frightened the Overlords because I was laughing so hard!

            Even when he tries to get it ‘right’, he fucks it up so badly. Its incredible.

            But never mind. We have our own. Matt Hancock. I am ever so much enjoying trolling him at the moment. Our Health Secretary. He tries so hard to say the right ’empathic’ things but he just cant.

            He came out with a corker, ‘Yes! Horse racing is back on. Thankyou to everyone who made this happen’

            The HS should not be commenting on Sport. If you can call the steeplechase a sport. Where horses become lame and are put down rather than nursed back to health when they almost break their necks jumping of Beachers Brook at Aintree during the National.

            Horse racing is sick. Its corrupt and heres Wankcock crowing over it. What a fucking tool. It’s not sport when you kill your companion.

            Hes a bit like a Trump Lite. Someone should stop him posting. I tried to troll Cummings but he has sensibly not got a twatter account.

            Go and look at Hancock’s account. 95% of people who comment are whipping him down. That’s quite the stat. Someone called him a ‘Fucking Cucumber’. That’s trolling at Boss Level.

            It’s like Trump. Hide like a rhinoceros. Sjambok ok eh?

            The US are in my thoughts. On so many levels. Keep strong. You can do this.

      2. Love says:

        Renarde, you’ve found that 66% of men are Doms? True Doms? From my experience, most are not. They are playing the part because of the 50 Shades of Grey craze. It’s misunderstood and silly.
        A true Dom is very hard to find.

        1. Renarde says:

          My so called friend, a narc obvs, tried it on. I want to take pictures of you when lockdown is over.

          Ten years. Ten years I had known this man. As Hg educated me, I just wanted this twat to keep his gob shut. He was helping me. He knew all about my rape, sexual assaults, the loss of my children at the hands of a psychopath. My suicides.

          I just lost it. Completely lost it. I know your game, Sunny Jim. It entirely revolves around that PATHETIC cock of yours. You want to control me.

          I went into full NC. I trembled a little by blasting it out on FB. As Hg said. But I learnt something.

          Now, I’m talking brother. How likely is it he will attempt a Hoover in person?

          Unlikely. It will be a suicide mission because if you dont get him, the neighbours will. Or I will.

          But Hgs words where in my ears. What if he does?

          So I got my new bestie in from the boot of Jo.

          I wake up. I’m crying because of my children. Look to my phone. Two hoovers. OMG. Hes going to do it. Hes fucking going to do it.

          I am on the phone to my brother, explaining the Hoovers when the knock comes. I’m not sure if it’s one of the cats so I answer.

          Its him. He has a letter for me. It’s a letter from the Court. I already know what’s it says so its treated with the respect it’s due.I tossed it away.

          Three Hoovers in one day? Arent I the lucky girl?

          Now the plan goes into action. I did not want this.

          I turn around, say excuse me, I need to get something. This is Alex. The Axe. I now eabe it in front of him. Twirling, one might say.

          I had rehearsed what might happen if he did turn up. Unfortunately I had all kind of ideas what I was going to do his car. None of them were good.

          So, hes just kind of looking at me with the axe in my right hand. He looks ‘bewildered’. I use Alex to point at his car.

          That’s a very pretty car. It would be a tremendous shame if someone was to fuck it up. Just a little.

          You now have two minutes to get off site. And know I’m counting.

          ‘I just wanted to make sure you are ok’, he faintly mumbled.

          Quicker now, was my response.

          This is a salutary lesson to all fully weaponised Empaths. I am a High Risen Palladin. Which means I’m.a dirty bitch. I fight wrong because I do not care.

          I have been hurt so many times by unaware narcs. I trusted.

          Empaths, we are in a state of War. This was one of the first things I grasped from Hgs work. But to fully understand you need to be able to fully swallow this righteous anger. That takes time.

          I swallowed mine today. And someone got his arse handed to him on a plate.

          Of course, I might get arrested for this. So what? I’ll just yell the cops I went into full NC, and I wasnt sure what he would do. Ir capable of.

        2. Renarde says:

          To reply, if it hadnt been for Hg, I wouldn’t have the axe by the door. I wouldn’t have been able to swallow it. What this man had done to me. And my children.

          Thank you Hg.

          1. HG Tudor says:

            You are welcome.

          2. Renarde says:

            The pleasure is mine.

          3. Love says:

            I’m sorry Renarde. I hope your heart heals and you have peace from that trauma ❤️

        3. njfilly says:


          I agree with you. Many men claim to be dominant because they want to be dominant but in fact are not dominant; particularly to a more dominant woman. They expect a woman to be submissive to them because they are men. For me personally, I am naturally a dominant woman so I am only submissive to a more dominant man.

          I understand your comment was directed to Renarde. Just adding my two cents since this is a predominant theme in my life.

          1. Love says:

            Thank you. I’m submissive by nature yet I can still spot out the men who are just role playing dominant. It’s not intrinsic within them.

          2. Renarde says:


            Oh yes. But they arent. They rely on what is naturally a female perspective. Largely. To be a sub. So they are not taking control, they are expecting control. World of difference.

            Which becomes somewhat problematic when they encounter a empathic Dominant. Narc females Doms are two a penny. These are the FinDoms. Largely. I guess you might get one that isnt but hey?

            I knew one female Dom. Wasnt female, she was a M to F but desperately trying to hide it. Very big name on Fer. No idea why she kept on wanting to message me. Looking for tips I suppose.

            Anyway one day she got her sub to write out her name utilising GPS tracking over central London. That’s sheer god damn genious!

        4. Dr. HQ says:


          Omg I totally agree. Most men like to pretend they are Doms lol! 😂

    3. NarcAngel says:


      HG’s book Sitting Target tells you what N’s look for in your profile. So from that angle you would at least know what to avoid.

      1. Lorelei says:

        Is it an even bigger red flag if they are shirtless like this and then pull out a wife beater shirt when it’s time to walk into Burger King. Asking for a friend. What a shit show a douche bag like this is—it wouldn’t even matter if they were normal. NA–do you recall the friend that sent me all those dick pics. (the woman who keeps getting them..) I did eventually tell her no more and it stopped. She also had pictures like this! The other day I had to scroll through our text history–the part where you just look at the pictures on an iPhone. The dick pics were of course in the archives. Only a dick sends a dick pic. Yuck. Yuck.

      2. BonnieLou says:

        Thank you NarcAngel. I will purchase this book. I was definitely a sitting target when I met my Nex x

      3. BonnieLou says:

        Thanks NarcAngel x

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