The Covid Coupling


A virus mutates in order to survive.

As its host adapts to counter its existence, so must the virus to remain effective.

The narcissist is no different.

Adaptation equals survival.

And why not use the existence of a virus to then assert control ?

Find out about The Covid Coupling.

12th June 2020

Only at Knowing The Narcissist.

The Narcissist and Covid-19

The Narcissist and Covid-19 : The Narc Interviews

The Narcissist in Covid-19 Lockdown


47 thoughts on “The Covid Coupling

  1. Anm says:

    During lockdown, I flirted a little too much with my son’s 2nd grade teacher. we almost went on a date. I was so embarrassed, i ghosted him like a narcissist would. It was just too weird for me. Today i found out he applied for a position to teach my son’s next grade level in August. ugh

    1. lisk says:

      Uh oh. Could he be stalking via professional means?

      1. Anm says:

        no, he is not a narcissist. he is an empath and completely professional. I believe he applied for the position because he wanted the opportunity. I only engaged with him on a personal level because I didn’t think there was a chance he could be one of my sons teachers again. Looks like i am wrong. The reason it is embarrassing, I am used to relationships with narcissist, and used to those dynamics and intensity. I almost started to feel like I was the predatory one, or that he wasn’t really interested in me (because he wasn’t love bombing me). The interaction had a weird flow, and I just felt uncomfortable.. I am too busy right now for that, and its too weird

        1. lisk says:

          Glad to hear. I hope he doesn’t get the job, either way.

          Interesting how you felt like you thought you might be the predator. I thought that with Narcx in the beginning, that I might be the predator. Little did I know I was the Sitting Target.

    2. alexissmith2016 says:

      Well done for ghosting him Anm. That must have been difficult for you, but definitely the right thing to do.

  2. Love says:

    Yay! I’m a fan of anything related to covid, politics, and cluster Bs! Throw in a dash of conspiracy theories, and I’m swooning!

  3. FoolMe1Time says:

    Oh poo! I just used the last of my gift card, I knew I should have put more money on that card, it happens all of the time! 🤦🏼‍♀️

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Load it up big time FM1T, I’m adding an Opprtunist’s Tax on this one.

      1. FoolMe1Time says:

        I will gladly pay more for your work HG, as long as it doesn’t cut into my money for the AAF.

  4. K says:

    The colors really pop!

  5. StrongerWendy says:

    Same protagonist?

  6. alexissmith2016 says:

    I’m literally not going to be able to sleep until I’ve read this!

    1. HG Tudor says:

      You had better save up AS2016, I am going to charge a gazillion pounds just to annoy the tightwads.

      1. Kim e says:

        HG. How much is that in US dollars? I need to know if I am on boxed wine or an actual bottle while reading this.

        1. HG Tudor says:

          Oh you might manage a glass after paying my outrageous demands for remuneration.

          1. alexissmith2016 says:

            Two more sleeps until I’m bankrupt!

      2. Agh okay! I’m saving!

        1. Renarde says:

          Ha ha! This is really funny!

      3. NarcAngel says:

        Geez, a gazillion? Totally worth it but when you raise your prices I have to raise mine. I’m appealing to your cold black heart to take it easy on this old girl or I’ll have to get a new teflon liner.

        Hahaha appealing to a narcissist to have a heart. I kill me.

        1. HG Tudor says:

          You are right. A gazillion is the wrong amount.
          Two gazillion ought to do it.

  7. alexissmith2016 says:


  8. Presque Vu says:

    HG is this regarding new relationships started in Covid19 or ones existing prior?
    The reason I asked is I read only today about dating online during covid and starting a new relationship during lockdown in one of the broadsheets, and I also went back on Facebook today and I know of at least 3 new relationships started in Covid19 from my friends. Some of them are surprising too 😳

    1. HG Tudor says:

      You will have to wait and see and of course raid the piggy bank to gather the shekels to pay the doubtless extortionate sum that I shall charge for receiving my wisdom and insight.

      1. Presque Vu says:

        Behave! It was $5 last time for an epic investigatory piece on George Floyd and Narcissism. Fuck the tight wads! (Erm hope you don’t mean me 😳)

        1. HG Tudor says:

          No, I did not mean you PV.

          1. Presque Vu says:

            Side note: I also read an article (think it was bbc website) about an increase in people reaching out to their exes! The reason stated is because Covid19 has made a lot of people reflect. I thought 🚨🚨hoover time by Narcs🚨🚨 see I’m Educated now and can see it for what it is!! Thanks to you HG!

          2. HG Tudor says:

            Well done.

          3. Violetta says:

            If you’re really going to fuck the tightwads, where should the queue form?

            (Hmmph. Lot of people claiming to be tightwads who never gave any sign prior to this…)

          4. Narc noob says:

            Did HG mean this tightwad?

            Two gazillion huh!

      2. fox says:

        Oh dear, you mean some of us will have to choose wine OR your article? Tough choice.

        1. HG Tudor says:

          Ha ha, just don’t pay your taxes that fund the purlease apparently they will not be around for much longer.

        2. Dolores Haze says:

          Top shelf or bottom shelf wine?

  9. K says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a baby boom late this fall. Golden Period babies.

    1. Dolores Haze says:

      As someone who’s been quarantined with two kids under five, I can guarantee this baby boom will exclusively consist of firstborns.

      1. K says:

        Dolores Haze
        Hahahahaha…I completely agree with you!

        1. Violetta says:

          Actually, I’m betting there will be more post-lockdown breakups than babies. Some people will have discovered Togetherness isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

          1. K says:

            The divorces are already happening Violetta! It was in the news.

      2. NarcAngel says:

        Haha. Hang in there Dolores.

        1. Dolores Haze says:

          Thanks NA! Actually it’s all good except I have to set a good example to them by constantly washing my hands, and I’m about one hand wash away from completely erasing my fingerprints and being unable to unlock the iPhone.

  10. Kim e says:


    1. HG Tudor says:

      Hush now, you know you love it.

  11. blackcoffee30 says:

    I saw the picture and thought I was being chastised. LOL

    1. K says:

      Nice gravatar blackcoffee30!

      1. Renarde says:

        Oh yeah! That is a nice one!

      2. blackcoffee30 says:

        Thank you!

      3. Thanks!

    2. K says:

      My pleasure blackcoffee30!

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