Dr E explained that he wanted to discuss with me the issue of regret. “Have you ever regretted anything?” he asked. “No,” I answered promptly. “I see. What do you understand by regret?” “It is a feeling of sadness or perhaps disappointment over something that you have done or failed to do.” “When have […]

The Narcissist´s Army

  Whilst we consider ourselves omnipotent, mighty and all-conquering it remains the fact that we are unable to do much of what is required to gather our fuel, execute our machinations and exert control without the assistance of our supporters. These are the people that form the Narcissist’s Army. Gaining supporters is important to us […]

Dropping the Narc Bomb

  The dropping of the bomb is a common tactic of our kind. It is something that happens with regularity. It is an act of manipulation and one which you will recognise. Do any of these scenarios seem familiar? The day before you are due to travel to the wedding of one of your childhood […]

Why Has The Narcissist Gone Back

  Think back to that glorious time when you were courted by the narcissist who ensnared you. Amidst the delight and excitement of that powerful and dizzying seduction there is a good chance that mention was made of his or her ex. That person was the devil incarnate weren’t they? They were an abuser, a […]