War Zone

  There is a stretch of land. You know this stretch of land. You have seen this stretch of land many times. You are looking at it now. It is on the side of a hill; the angle is steep meaning that each step you take as you push forward requires considerable effort as the […]

The Joys of Therapy and the Narcissist

  It is an acknowledged fact that you never see us coming. We are creatures that are insidious and pervasive. It is astonishing that we are not seen because we hardly arrive quietly. We appear with great fanfare, fireworks, flashing lights and symphonic sounds. You cannot miss us but of course all of that obscures […]

Buried Alive

  One of our aims when we entangle you is to cause the equivalent of you feeling as if you are being buried alive. Doing this keeps you in our grip and under our control. For some people, the thought of being buried alive causes them considerable terror. The concept of being bound and dropped into […]

Why Not Let Me Go?

    Release – why will the narcissist let you go and get on with your life peacefully? It is a common question that is asked of me. Why don’t you and your kind just let us be once you have disengaged from us, why do you have to keep coming back to us, why […]

How to Manipulate : The Narcissist´s Understanding and Use of Tears – Part Four

  Understanding the use of tears is a part of enabling a narcissist to manipulate victims, by realising their use and what they signify. The production of tears and the emotion associated with such production has always been a source of fascination for me. I have shared with you my experiences and observations concerning pain, […]