The Narcissist and the IPPS : The Four Classes

I have written before about how there are four cadres of narcissist – the Victim, the Somatic, The Cerebral and the Elite. I have also references on many occasions the three different schools – the Lesser, the Mid-Range and the Greater. Knowing what cadre and school your narcissist belongs to is extremely helpful in enabling […]

Just the Once. But It Is Enough

  Remember when you would wake up and reach for your mobile ‘phone and find that loving and uplifting message that I had sent you? I always rose before you and ensured that a delicious, tantalising text was sent to you ready for when you woke. Like a morning cup of tea on your night […]

Let Me Take You On A Trip

  When I first take you on board my yacht you will no doubt admire its sleek and pristine appearance. From the polished hull through to the crisp and pressed uniforms of its crew, my vessel exudes expense, opulence and desirability. You marvel at how magnificent it looks, the white of the hull contrasting with […]

My Secret Garden

  Would you like to know what my garden is like? Before I tell you, why don’t you stop and close your eyes and picture in your mind’s eye what you think my garden looks like? That’s right, conjure up the image that forms when you think of me and what my garden might be […]

The Narcissist´s Twin Lines of Defence

  We must achieve the Prime Aims. Fuel and control are the most important parts of the Prime Aims. With regard to control, we always achieve control over you (from our perspective) because we utilise The 3 Assertions of Control.  Within The 3 Assertions of Control, the direct assertion of control is utilised the most […]