Match the Manipulations

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Do you know which manipulations are commonly used by which sub school of narcissist? Have you ascertained which narcissist you are dealing with through the Narc Detector Consultation? Knowing that you are dealing with a narcissist and the school and cadre is of paramount importance to tackling emotional thinking and to protecting yourself.

HG Tudor provides you with a detailed and expert journey through a host of different manipulations matched to the different sub schools of narcissist that would be most likely and least likely to commit them, including instances where certain manipulations would never be used by particular narcissists. Use this information to become weaponised. Use this information to remove some of your misunderstandings and gain comfort and assurance.

If you want to understand more about the Middle Mid Range Type A, The Upper Lesser Type B, The Lower Greater and all of the various sub schools of narcissists, this is the book for you.

Gaining such knowledge enables you to make sense of what has always been so confusing. It allows you to defend yourself by finally interpreting behaviours. It aids you in preventing future ensnarements.

Understand which narcissists will not use Pity Plays, gain insight into the use of the Stepford Devaluation, understand the role of the facade with regard to the way the narcissist behaves. Which narcissists will use physical violence and in what circumstances, which narcissist will triangulate you and which ones might sleep with your sister.

Simple explanations, useful examples and insightful analysis which makes this the ideal companion to your work in beating the narcissist.

An expansive and informative work which gives you the information that you need and crave to enable you to understand more about the manipulations that narcissists use, why and especially why some narcissists use a particular manipulation and not others.

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