The Final Battle : How To Stop Thinking About the Narcissist



The hardest part of achieving freedom from the narcissist and the effects of the narcissist is stopping thinking about the narcissist.

Whether it is the endless whirring mind of questions, the desire to plot revenge against the narcissist, worrying about being hoovered or contemplating the golden period over and over, there are a multitude of ways in which the narcissist stays in your head.

Not any more.

This Assistance Package addresses :-

Why the narcissist being in your head is The Final Battle of No Contact

What drives you to keep thinking about the narcissist

How those thoughts manifest

How the process of such thoughts happens and how their duration is governed

How thinking about the narcissist is detrimental to your interests

How thinking about the narcissist leads to further risks from the narcissist

A comprehensive example of the dangers of thinking about the narcissist where you are taken step boy step through the process, why it is happening, what it means and the effects

How to implement techniques to prevent you from keep thinking about the narcissist

How those techniques work with examples

The impact of those techniques on your thought processes, Emotional Thinking and emotional well-being

This Assistance Package is unique and effective and is an essential part of your No Contact Regime and achieving freedom from the narcissist.

Win the Final Battle here

6 thoughts on “The Final Battle : How To Stop Thinking About the Narcissist

  1. Beth says:

    I know I am winning when his smell that used to draw me to him now makes me feel nauseous 🤢

  2. December Infinity says:

    Lucky for him (I mean me!) he was booted out by me after several years of chaos, financial ruin and damage in many ways. As far as I know he is living 5 hrs away with the one(s) I figure he had been running off with in the past. I made it clear I was done with him and wanted out. I have blocked communication with him and am still purging whatever he left here plus stuff I was given. In terms of moving forward, initially I had to spend time talking to lawyers and police about property and money issues which I made a decision about. I was already ruined financially by him. I could go after him legally but the cost isn’t worth the hassle, given he is unable to keep a job and is always trying to get out of work and get government assistance. So I had to make the decision to swallow the money loss.

    I do not have positive memories of anything with the ‘relationship’ and I have been doing other things such as concentrating on why I need to do for myself. I also go to the gym and get outside as much as I can. I had a few nightmares for a while and the odd time there is a thought that crosses my mind which makes me shudder and cringe. I do not spend time thinking about him or talking about him as he doesn’t deserve another second of my time. Besides, I can guarantee that he isn’t the least concerned about me or how he treated me. He is only concerned about himself and what he can get from people. I was very isolated when he was around so I never met any of his ‘friends’. I think he was basically treating me like I was a room mate. I don’t miss any of it. Based on my experience with him he is only going to get worse. Good luck to whoever has to deal with him now as she/he/they will need it.

  3. Karen maher says:

    Yes it hard when he keeps sneaking around have to ignore him stop talking g about him

  4. Whitney says:

    HG I wish he wasn’t nice to me. That’s what haunts me. I can’t comprehend that someone was fake. I trust people. I believe everything.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Understandable, however, we cannot be red of tooth and claw all of the time, we must lure you to us first.

      1. Whitney says:

        That’s a good saying HG.
        Thank you I understand. Abusive people are nice sometimes.
        People can be fake and lie.

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