The Narcissist´s Conditional Asterisk



Ordinarily, all you would see above, would be the words ‘I love you’. You would always fail to notice the huge asterisk next to those words.

This is the Narcissist’s Conditional Asterisk.

Everything the narcissist says or does has this asterisk next to it. Except you never see it.

If the words or actions of the narcissist appeared on a piece of paper, the Narcissist’s Conditional Asterisk, would always accompany those words on that piece of paper.

You see, if you turned this piece of paper over, you would discover the footnote to the Narcissist’s Conditional Asterisk.

You never knew about the existence of this footnote. This footnote is why you could not understand why the narcissist said what he said and did what he did.

Fortunately for you, you are now being given access to what this footnote states.

If you turned over the piece of paper to find this footnote, this is what it states every single time :-

“The words or actions described overleaf are subject to the following. They can ( and invariably will) be revoked at any time, for any reason (and/or without reason) howsoever I choose and without communication of the revocation to you, although I did communicate them to you (even if I did not) if such maintenance of communication is necessary.

The words and actions mean precisely what I mean and not what you think they mean, but they might mean ‘a’ but if I want them to mean ‘b’ then they will mean ‘b’ (save where they need to mean ‘a’ or ‘c’ or possible ‘a’ and ‘c’ ) and they never mean what you think they mean, but I will not tell you that and of course I do not have to tell you that.

If the words and/or actions refer to a future event, then there is no guarantee or even likelihood that this future event will happen, in fact there is no future event (unless I decide there is a future event) and if you make reference to this future event I am able to deny it without any liability consequence or accountability and you are quite simply deranged and deluded for referring to it. The future event may come to pass if I deem it necessary, but it most likely will not. 

The words and actions are completely true (from my perspective, not yours) as of the moment of issuing them but will disappear into the ether approximately one second thereafter and if I wish to resurrect them, I shall do so, but on such terms and conditions as I see fit, without prejudice to my rights and entitlements and with extreme prejudice and (if necessary) malice aforethought with regard to you. You have no rights, I am under no obligation and you have no right of action based on these words and actions (which of course were never said or done, unless I decide they were said or were done), there is no right of appeal and no basis for you relying on these words and actions although I expect you to rely on them in order to ensure your comply with your obligations towards me with regard to the fulfilment of The Prime Aims.

Should you endeavour to make reference to these words and actions in circumstances which do not accord with my need for control and the provision of the Prime Aims, then such words and actions never existed and you are quite simply crazy to ever suggest that they existed. No, this is not gas lighting, you have been reading too much into the situation and picking up terms you do not understand, so you should not worry your pretty little head about such matters and sit down and shut up. NOW.

Any attempt to rely on the words and actions for any purpose which I deem contrary to my interests is an act of treason, sedition and absolute disloyalty on your part and you will be immediately tried, judged and sentenced by me in the High Court of My Rules and subjected to an appropriate response in order to ensure that your sedition is both punished and quashed. Any attempt to relay these words and actions to a third party for the purposes of support or contradiction of my Absolute Rule is a further act of treason, sedition and absolute disloyalty and will be met by a further immediate trial, judgment and sentence by me in the Even Higher Court of My Rules and will result in your punishment and smearing to said third party. I reserve the right to try, judge and sentence the third party on whatever grounds I deem fit in order to maintain control over you, the third party and him over there as well.

You can absolutely rely on what I have said, have done, or will do because I need you to be conned into such reliance, but I immediately withdraw the words and actions (without prejudice to my right to immediately reinstate them and maintain that they were never withdrawn in the first place) whenever it is necessary and appropriate for me to do so. As always you have no recourse against me for such withdrawal (although there was never any actual withdrawal, don’t you remember? You don’t, I told you that you were losing your mind, you need to get some help and see somebody).

The moment the need for control has been established by the saying of the words and/or the doing of the deeds/actions overleaf then the words will no longer be acted on and will melt into nothingness and the deeds/actions will no longer be maintained and will similarly vanish into the ether.

It is neither an excuse or reason with any validity whatsoever to claim that you did not know about this footnote and the terms and conditions contained within. You are irrevocably bound by this footnote and the power of my asterisk (whereas I am neither bound at any time) and to claim you did not see it, did not know about it and/or did not understand it, is quite simply pathetic and you should be ashamed of yourself. I don’t even see what I see in you to say the words (which I may or may have not said dependent on the needs of The Twin Lines of the Narcissistic Defence) and/or do the deeds/actions (which I may or may not have done dependent again on The Twin Lines of the Narcissistic Defence).

This footnote represents the entirety of the applicable terms save those which I deem necessary to make-up and add as and when is required to further assert or maintain control over you. Those terms remain equally valid and apply retrospectively to a time at my absolute discretion. There are no waivers, exemptions, statutory safeguards or common-law loopholes that apply to this footnote (save those generate by me and for me).

This footnote is to be interpreted in accordance with English, Mandarin, Swahili and/or Narc and/or any other language including Nonsense, Gibberish, Word Salad and Circularity. 

This footnote is subject to the jurisdiction of no courts other than those of my invention.


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12 thoughts on “The Narcissist´s Conditional Asterisk

  1. Asp Emp says:

    I have just commented on ‘We See You As An Object’ article and then re-read this one….. I wonder, maybe I could get an asterisk tattoo inside the heart one I have on me (I have only ever had the one tattoo done yet the red coloured ink has faded since 2003…… LOL it was supposed to be a semi-permanent !!).

    1. Eternity says:

      Asp Emp, I am thinking of getting a small tattoo myself once this Covid crap is over I have never heard of semi permanent. I thought they were all permanent.

      1. Asp Emp says:

        Yes, well the tattoo guy stated it is semi-permanent! My friend’s husband is qualified and has absolutely loads & has done a few for his wife too. I’d draw the line at more than a couple of small ones really.

        1. Eternity says:

          Wow, I never knew that. I know they say once you get one you want another one. I just want a small little feminine one and thats it for me if I don’t chicken out

          1. Asp Emp says:

            The guy was BS’ing. They are permanent. The black ink does fade slightly and I think you could research into the pros & cons. I have to tell you, it does hurt but I didn’t chicken out.

          2. Eternity says:

            Good for you Asp Emp, for me nothing hurts more than childbirth so I should be ok. No pain no gain I guess.

          3. Asp Emp says:

            OMG, you mentioning childbirth! It reminded me of someone explaining to me – imagine grabbing the top lip of your mouth and stretching it over your head – I didn’t want to because I was not planning to do childbirth!

          4. Eternity says:

            Hey, that’s ok children are not for everyone. They eventually grow up and live their own lives. It is us that are trying to pick up the broken pieces and try to peace them together.

          5. Asp Emp says:

            That’s true.

  2. John says:

    My adult daughter is bang in the middle of the golden stage and is receiving constant lovebombs atm from her grandmother, my mother. My daughter has been going through a difficult time with her partner, has been drinking excessively and in weakness has turned to my Narc mum – much to my chagrin – as confidante and for emotional support. It’s dreadful…
    Our relationship has deteriorated markedly since my mum started this campaign for the soul of my only child. I’m divorced and she has reopened all the old wounds relating to the split – issues over the maintenance, my girlfriend, access etc. Not only did I not give my ex any maintenance ( not true ) my gf didn’t want my daughter staying over ( not true ) I only spent time with my daughter out of guilt not love ( absolutely not true ). I mistakenly continued to facilitate the relationship with lovable loving granny when my kid was growing up. I felt guilty about the disruptive effect of the divorce on my kid so encouraged her to spend time with her, despite my being estranged.
    I’m tempted to send these Terms and Conditions associated with the simple words ‘I Love You’ to my daughter, so she may know what she’s gotigot But she’ll probably think I’ve completely lost it. She believes her Granny is a loving, sensitive empath. What is frightening is how convincing she plays that role.
    Having grown up under her ‘loving care’ –
    I know better….

    HGT is spot on, as per usual.

    1. John says:

      *may know what she’s got into – not gotigot!*

    2. Another Cat says:


      What you write resonates with me as I have that type of mother. The abuse was always very well hidden, and impossible for people to see. But the silent treatments, shifting sand, triangulations, outbursts, dropping the bomb, it was all there inside the house.

      Have you considered showing your daughter over here?

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