The Missed red Flag

The red flag was flying, why was it missed, what causes it to be missed and what was the largest red flag you missed?

Red Flag

6 thoughts on “The Missed red Flag

  1. Alouara says:

    We were on a very nice date. When we got home, I was sent in the bathroom to get ready for bed. He wanted to put on some music from his phone. When i came out from the bathroom he looked gray in his face….old gf had texed many times she was hospitalized. ……he said that i would have to be left at the trainstation (i have no car)……i left him by then. Sorry im very emotional. But dont want a partner to go off like that

    1. Alexia smith2016 says:

      That’s horrible alouara! What an absolute toss pot! I’m glad you left him. Don’t take it personally though, he’s the prick.

      I wish I could have picked you up we could have run him over together.

  2. Summer says:

    Inviting me to a party for our first date but when I arrived it was to meet his family. (Thank you Mr Tudor)

  3. Shel says:

    After awhile, we would have “disagreements”, and he would threaten to leave. Like, take all his things that he left at my place and say, “I’m leaving, it’s over”.
    Then…I’d talk him out of it, telling myself it was because he had been so hurt by the previous ex….augh

  4. Asp Emp says:

    I’d bought a red dress on 15th December and little did I know, it was also ‘red flag’ day. A large red flag that caught me unawares.


    Bittersweet memories.

  5. Lee says:

    He didn’t care when my dog was dying. He explained it away when he cane back in my life as he thought my female friends were surrounded around me. At this point we were just friends ourselves. It was one of some big red flags i ignored when we became romantic

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