Meghan Markle : A Less Than Royal Narcissist : Part 23 : Why Is Harry Behaving As He Is?

8 thoughts on “Meghan Markle : A Less Than Royal Narcissist : Part 23 : Why Is Harry Behaving As He Is?

  1. Violetta says:

    I dunno, one time I gave a few bills to some curb-sitting slackers in the East Village because they called to everyone, “We need money to buy beer!” Very refreshing, at a time when pedestrians and subway riders were constantly pestered by fake blind people, fake nuns, dingy clown collecting for cults, Vietnam vets who would have been approximately 5 years old when the war ended, and The Man From Mars.

    OTOH, I’m applying the Need for Closure warning to my recent job. Does the Director realize how many protocols GrinchLady has broken, many involving state or federal guidelines as well as company mission? Answer: she doesn’t want to know. If I wanted to be hard-core enough, I suppose I could go on a muck-raking crusade about how corrupt this company is, but they can hire better lawyers than I can, and my time is probably better spent trying to get a better job. Maybe someday I’ll post on a review site, wording my post generally enough so it’s not clear WHICH disgruntled former employee from which location made the post.

    1. Asp Emp says:

      Violetta, the way you were treated was terrible….. you saying “Maybe someday I’ll post on a review site, wording my post generally enough so it’s not clear WHICH disgruntled former employee from which location made the post”…… I did actually take my opportunity to do so – via a genuine survey and I was honest, worded it as in a way to show that it was more than one person’s view of the workplace in question (which is also true)….. and the fact I know people too……. should I ever ‘bump’ into any of those workplace narcissists again, they had better stay the fk away from me cos I will just Grey Rock Em. Life has a way of working, albeit, mysteriously…..

      1. Violetta says:

        You are quite right that not everyone seemed on board with the false reality of our “caring” workplace. A few openly LBGT staff members wrote messages on the Christmas graffiti boards (another horror) thanking me for how “accepting” I was, which would seem to indicate that some others were not. One woman said a co-worker or two had dropped hints that THEY would never live with their fiances before marriage, implying that she was either slutty or a fool to do so. (We’re in the Midwest, but the town isn’t that small.)

        The general squishiness (personal bulletin boards, anyone?) set off alarm bells. Who does this? With a financial or law office there’s no phony “open-minded mess”; wear the damn corporate outfit and don’t bore us with your Creative side. With a genuinely tolerant atmosphere (i.e., theatre) they don’t have to tell you how “accepting” they are: everybody knows that everyone except the stage manager (or maybe some of the crew) is a nutjob in some way. As long as you do your job and try not to be more of a pain-in-the-porthole than you can help, they won’t care.

        Getting back to the Royal Narcissist series, I suspect MM was a bigger pain-in-the-porthole than most actors, because she had very few stage credits listed on her resume as an adult, and was still including some from high school. Most actors, even those pursuing film careers, would by that age have dropped the high school credits after racking up a few community theatre productions, or at least children’s theatre. Even college stage credits would be preferable. Either she didn’t audition for local shows because rejection would mean Criticism, or the casting people sensed she was already impossible to work with. The woman is nothing if not prepared: she let fame go to her head before she had any.

        1. Asp Emp says:

          I agree, it is sickening to see fake ‘we support – whatever group – and celebrate – whatever group – Day / Month’. I noticed that this was only ‘selective’ and sometimes, it was not even relative to the organisation’s ethos.

          How on earth do you get to know someone properly if not live with them before marriage? Ok, sometimes you do get to know enough about someone – marriage is such a big commitment. And should be taken seriously.

          RE: MM. I noticed that some narcissists at work expect others to do the work and not get the credit for it (taking it for themselves instead). Yet they may run a charity fundraising ‘route’ and garner praise etc. MM saw herself as too important to do what she thinks as ‘menial’ work. Well, in some places of work, you cannot ‘skip’ but to knuckle down and do it…..

  2. WhoCares says:

    Oh my god – I love your Markle series, HG. The learning is so applicable in so many ways!!

  3. Asp Emp says:

    (05:18) “he believes that the things that he has done and the things that he’s doing are genuinely sensible steps he doesn’t think to himself this is clearly moronic what I’m doing but I’ll do it anyway” – at some point in the future, should the opportunity arise, he will look back on certain actions he took / things he said and feel more the worse for having been influenced in a way that is a result of being surrounded by narcissists (the worse impact by Meghan’s control & gaslighting him, etc) and the underlying trauma over the loss of his mother.

    There may be incidences where Harry will genuinely not remember some actions / sayings because of the ‘weight’ (as mentioned in the above paragraph) that he is under because of his emotional and logical thinking being totally out of sync as compared to those who are normals and / or ’empowered’ empaths (those who have learned about narcissism using HG’s work).

    From (07:18 to 08:07) – at the descriptions from a slick guy to a homely secretary…….. I found this amusing yet it was apt to use as an example to show how people can be misled by their emotional thinking and by the narcissist’s ‘machinations’ (manipulations) to ‘encourage’ people to part with their money to make investments’.

    Laughing……. “spicy poontang”…… hilarious……

    I do not believe that Harry has any envy where William & Kate are concerned.

    Only Meghan is. Even though she may ‘adamantly protest’ that she is not.

    Reading (16:22) “the other members of the family say we’re not seeing as much of you” – similar words have been said to me in the past. That is exactly what a narcissist ‘instinctively’ does (because they are not aware of what they are). Isolating & gaslighting the victim, smearing family / friends of the victim to the victim, for example, saying something like “they do not care about you, are not supporting you the way I (the narcissist) am….”. Effectively they are using ‘Narcspeak’ without realising it is their narcissism ‘talking’ (effectively, the person with narcissism).

    (26:22) “those of you listening have been there and coming out to the side will look back upon the person that you were in the ensnarement” – absolutely. After a whole life-time of narcissists, coming across KTN site and reading about narcissism, how it impacts the individuals themselves (after all, they are people too) as well as the victims. The affects can become very deeply ingrained for a number of victims, more so than other victims, because of the differentiating LOCE (lack of control environment) and school / cadre of narcissist, depending on the type of relationship between the victim & the narcissist.

    The number of ‘external stressors’ that a narcissist can directly or indirectly ‘impose’ on a victim causes so much mental and emotional confusion to the point where a victim starts to question their own ‘sanity’, sometimes, not always, a narcissist will use ‘Assertions of Control’ by ‘instinctively’ voicing to the victim that the victim is the one who is not thinking straight. Again, this depends on the type of relationship between these people.

    Those not directly involved in the relationship (ie non familial, not working in the same environment, etc), may be seeing the same ‘image’ in front of them, yet, within the image the colours, shapes, sizes of the ‘objects’ will vary when a narcissist ‘views’ and gives their ‘take’ on the same ‘image’.

    It is all because of the perceptions (brain-wirings, the mindsets, the neural paths) of those with narcissism differ to other people.

    Thank you, HG, for your time on doing this work for us all. Brilliantly done as ever.

  4. A Victor says:

    Best one yet!! They keep getting better and better!

  5. chrissy macintyre says:

    All true. Knowing one is knowing them all.

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