Meghan Markle : A Less Than Royal Narcissist : Part 25 : Morgan Vs Markle

One thought on “Meghan Markle : A Less Than Royal Narcissist : Part 25 : Morgan Vs Markle

  1. Asp Emp says:

    (05:27) “Morgan takes to social media once again and posts a picture of an empty doormat writing an empty doormat no last minute invite” RE: to the Royal Wedding – Harry & Meghan. Seriously?! This is a massive ‘pity-play’ on Morgan’s part, like “Oh, woe is me, I didn’t get invited”……

    Morgan’s repeated mentioning of the ‘friendship’ he once had with Meghan reminded me of HG’s article ‘The Narcissist Manipulates : Digging Up The Past’, where Morgan does not appear to ‘let things go’.

    In relation to things Morgan has said about Meghan being ‘correct’ gives the impression that narcissists do know and are aware of what they are doing / saying – yet in reality, narcissists do not. This is a classic mistake where people who are not narcissists make assumptions about narcissism.

    It occurred to me, should Harry ever get the opportunity to ‘escape’ from Meghan – he’ll take a really really long time to ‘recover’ from all this ‘Royal Saga’ as HG calls it. It’s all so very public, very damaging to the Royal Family (and others), the reputation, the number of people affected, the list goes on. Massively. It is basically a ‘World War’ in itself. The whole ‘saga’, once all written down, including HG’s work on this series, there’ll never be a library big enough to store it all by the time it has ‘quietened’ down – after a good few years or so……

    Time for another cuppa, I think.

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