Meghan Markle : A Less Than Royal Narcissist Part 27 : Gayle Kind – Use of the Coterie To Control

6 thoughts on “Meghan Markle : A Less Than Royal Narcissist Part 27 : Gayle Kind – Use of the Coterie To Control

  1. Michelle says:

    I have failed to be impressed by Oprah and her entourage for a long time. She strikes me as being very naive, and assumes that the people speaking to her do so with candor and have no ulterior motives. The people who have launched themselves to fame via her media empire tend to be charismatic figures who use their platform to make dubious, sometimes self-serving claims. Her interview with Meghan seems to be another such venture, where she listens wide-eyed and “learns” from this sage figure who really, truly seems like such a *nice* person and must be telling the truth. It is not at all surprising that Meghan chose her as their interviewer, as most other American journalists would have been far more likely to ask difficult questions about her story.

  2. PortiaRose says:

    Thanks HG, as insightful as ever. I understand how the use of Gayle King as coterie in this example was an assertion of control over the Royal family. I thought it was also interesting that Gayle King saw fit to mention that the RF had only been in touch with Harry and had not yet contacted MM herself; which suggests a threat to MM’s control over both the RF and, potentially, Harry himself. Do you also see it as an assertion of control over Harry, as the IPPS, in the sense that such a flagrant breach of confidentiality (and trust) effectively sabotages any chance of him re-establishing a connection with his family – at least for the time being? After all, we only have MM’s (indirect) word for it that these conversations were in fact “unproductive” for Harry.

  3. Margaret O'Brien says:

    I don’t feel the need to vent my spleen. From the beginning, Brits witnessed events contrary to those presented in the chat. They SAW Harry as a child, riding on the back of Chrales’ bike AT THE TIME (in real history) They SAW the footage of her travelling all over the world while she was ‘locked up & ‘trapped’. they understand tha royals don’t go through the common rigmarole of travel and that her passport etc would be shown for her. They know that (after King Charles !st, royalty must NOT show sides/speak out opinions because the Royals govern the ENTIRE Nation.) sience is part of the deal In this way, the ‘unknowing’ of facts is gobsmacking and disheartening.

  4. Asp Emp says:

    Gail King – a presenter of a tv programme with HOW many viewers?! Roughly 3 million?! Is that all?!

    Ah, bless, reading the part about the ex and ‘scheming’ made me giggle.

    Laughing….. (07:19) “they are not some machiavellian dr evil sat in a hollowed out volcano”….. well, why not?

    (07:59) “members of the coterie don’t realize that they’ve been effectively brainwashed by the repeated smearing pity plays flattery and praise of the narcissist so they side with the narcissist” – it goes to show how important it is for those who are learning about narcissism to be able to recognise the ‘red flags’ and understand whether they are being ‘used’ by a narcissist, whether as a ‘member of the narcissist’s coterie or as a primary source’.

    Where you talk about ‘documents’ being ‘created’ at the time – I can well believe a narcissist does this. I have seen it more than once at different places of where I have worked. What these narcissists tend to do is to state such and such ‘document’ exists and then, for example, obtain “witness statements” AFTER the so called ‘meeting’ has taken place. They did it to me and also other people that were not even guilty of such ‘misconduct’ at work. This shows how dangerous narcissists in management positions are and how much they can ‘destroy’ genuine hard-working individuals who may actually love their job.

    HG’s Assistance Package ‘How To Deal With A Narcissist At Work’ proved very useful and has plenty of advice, actions that you can take – well worth obtaining the knowledge to avoid such difficult situations, where narcissists are involved, at work in the future.

    The continuing work HG is producing around the Meghan Markle ‘series’ is revealing the actual impact of Meghan’s narcissism that is reaching out and affecting many more people to become ‘involved’ and also become her ‘victims’ (to differentiating degrees compared to other victims). Meghan is ONE narcissist, affecting and involving how many other people – just through being what she is?

    HG’s Meghan ‘series’ is giving a really good example and wider insight into the world of narcissism and how narcissists perceive ‘situations’ without the understanding (or acceptance) of their own behaviours against what the rest of the world view as ‘out of the ordinary, simply because those that do not know about narcissism and what it does, lack awareness.

    Thank you, HG, for your continued determination to educate others about narcissism. The way you educate makes the subject the more interesting and enjoyable to learn.

  5. Horseyak says:

    And Gayle King seems to be doing a splendid job getting narcissistic supply for herself by publicly mixing in.

  6. A Victor says:

    This is very helpful in understanding the coterie better.

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