8 thoughts on “Shade

  1. WokeAF says:

    Also- gave me chills – the end. Ooof.

  2. WokeAF says:

    This is the false self interacting w your introjects, yes?

    Thanks in advance for your reply as this will assist me greatly in my learning. Xx

  3. NarcAngel says:

    This has always been a favourite to read, but the narration takes it next level. Interesting the golden hands about the throat from behind.

    1. MB says:

      Hello NA! I hope you are well. And the featured artwork with the cameo of said narrator takes it to the next, next level.

      1. NarcAngel says:


        Nice to see you my glittery friend. We are indeed spoiled with the audio and visual delights. The hidden visuals and messages for the observant are my favourite.

  4. Ciara says:

    Who are we? Who are you talking to H.G.?

  5. Bubbles 🤚🏻 says:

    Dear Mr Tudor,
    Standing ovation 👏
    Luv Bubbles xx 😘

  6. A Victor says:

    So glad you put this one here, perfectly portrayed, amazing insight.

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