The Virtues of Keeping Your Mouth Shut

One of the most effective tools you can deploy against the narcissist is understanding the virtues of keeping your mouth shut.

This Logic Bulletin arms you with information for just US $ 19.99, for a comprehensive explanation as to why adopting these virtues is very much advantageous for you.

The Logic Bulletin covers

  • Why empathic victims fail ordinarily to remain quiet
  • What causes empathic victims to open their mouths
  • A series of methods by which silence should be adopted
  • The impact of keeping your mouth shut on the narcissist
  • The impact of adopting the virtues on your No Contact regime
  • The positive impacts for you by adopting the virtues
  • The negative impacts which arise if you fail to utilise the virtues
  • The relationship between the virtues and the narcissist smearing you
  • The relationship between the virtues and your successful harnessing of help against the narcissist
  • What the virtues are, how to recognise them and where you should deploy them

This unrivalled information will be provided to you through an audio file delivered by email and forms part of your growing armour to escape and beat the narcissist.

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4 thoughts on “The Virtues of Keeping Your Mouth Shut

  1. InTheProcess says:

    HG, I just read the DM article on Martin Bashir, and I couldn’t stop thinking about what you’d say about his ensnarement of Diana. Would you please comment on it?

  2. Empath007 says:

    A virtue indeed.

    Admittedly this has been (one of) the most difficult concepts for me to grasp… my whole life I’ve been the type of person to “tell all”… if I’m hurt, to say nothing would seem weak and foolish in my mind. That’s truly how I viewed it.

    While, admittedly it’s still a struggle because – I am
    Who I am – this is also one of the new techniques I’ve implemented most in my life and I’m astounding by the results… it’s amazing how much power silence holds.

    1. A Victor says:


      I’ve been doing this with my mother for years, and even more since purchasing this. Two benefits, she hates it! I love this one, I could care less about revenge on anyone, but this, I like. Also, she has less to use against me, always good. I kept my mouth shut the last year with my ex also, long before I knew about narcissism. It may have been a supernova thing, I have yet to figure that out, but it worked the same with him, he hated it and he had less to use. It does give a sense of power, I agree.

      1. Empath007 says:

        Good for you AV, that’s wonderful 😊

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