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You messed up. I gave you the world, I really did. I truly gave you everything you ever wanted from someone. I know I did because this is what I always do. I always deliver. You did not though and you let me down. Despite everything I said, everything that I did you failed. Oh I hear you bleat on about how you loved me like nobody else. You protest about all the things you sacrificed for me, all the things you did for me and how you put me ahead of everything else in order to please me, to make me happy. Stop going on about yourself will you? It is not very becoming. This hysteria surrounding how you pulled out all the stops, gave your all and did everything that I ever asked of you, even doing some things you did not like is pathetic. Ah I see, you complain about it now, but you did not at the time did you, you charlatan? You disgust me.

I am well rid of you and in a way I suppose I must thank you because if you had not failed you would not have made me realise how we did not belong together. I did everything I could to make it work but you let me down. Thank goodness I woke up and saw it otherwise I would still be trapped by you. You at least enabled me to realise how flawed you actually are and I won’t be making that mistake again. Not a chance of that happening. In fact, as testament to just how wonderful I am and how brilliantly I treat you I have someone else. What do you mean I wasted no time in moving on? Why should I? I am not going to sit around and bemoan how you let me down. That will not serve any purpose and besides I cannot help it if people want to be with me, it is only natural.

Yes I am with Lauren now. She is wonderful. She is everything I have ever wanted and I am her soul mate. I know that we are going to be very happy together now. She is the one. I know I thought that of you, but you misled me. Lauren is not like that. I am moving in with her next week. It makes perfect sense. I want to be with her all of the time. She is beautiful, just look at her, perfectly put together. She is so shiny and new. I am head over heels in love with her, I cannot be apart from her. Take a look.

If you had been more like her then I would not have had to punish you the way I did. That is not going to happen with Lauren. No way. I can only see a bright and beautiful future for us. I hope she falls pregnant soon as our child will be such a wonder to behold. Thank God I did not have a child with you. Imagine that? Good God that would have been terrible having to share a child with a monster like you. Lauren will be a first class mother, we have already talked about it and I can tell that she is keen. She adores me and always will. Not like you. You had your chance but you messed it up. You only have yourself to blame.

Oh I know what you are like, you will try and make out that it was me that was the problem but I know it was you. So do all my friends and yours. Yes I have already spoken to them and they agree that I am better off without you and that Lauren and I are the perfect couple. She always knows what to say you see. She understands me like nobody else does. She gets me. She is the only one. I bought a new ‘phone with an increased megapixel camera because there will be so many photographs I have to take of Lauren and I. I want all those perfect moments captured so I can show the world how happy we are together. I know other relationships have not worked out but that is what happens when you get duped by harpies.

Lauren is not like them. She is not like you. We have booked a holiday away already. Two weeks in the sunshine. We are going to have such a brilliant time being together in paradise. You can expect plenty of postings on Facebook so feel free to look in on them, I know you will. You can expect all my friends to be talking about us. We are the golden couple. Thank goodness I found her. This is it. This is the one for me. We just fit together. It is as if she knows what I am thinking.

She listens and learns and then always knows the right thing to say and to do. It is marvellous and just shows why we belong together. I know you will need to know all of this because, well, I deserve to be happy after what you did to me. You should be happy for me, you should, that is if you really do love me. You tell me you do but that does not matter now. I have a perfect love with Lauren and this is the one that will last.I imagine we will be married by the summer. It will be a glorious ceremony and she will look absolutely stunning, polished and gleaming, stood just the way I want and looking at me with rapturous adoration.

I could not be happier, I really could not. I have my soul mate, I am her angel sent from heaven to make her happy and I will do that because I am so good at doing that for people. Everything is going to be just wonderful and you had your chance but you blew it. I get so excited when I find someone new and when I know they will be better than you. Someone who puts me first rather than themselves. Someone who deserves me. Someone who is not you. Someone who is new and improved.

4 thoughts on “Shiny New and Improved

  1. Asp Emp says:

    Commenting on this last year “I’m not ‘shiny’ – too many dents and scratches. That can never be “improved” but can be “re-newed” but I can never be ‘replaced’. Parts of me changed when I came onto this site. Parts of me can never be changed. I am not a “computer” that can be re-wired……”

    Hmm, interesting in how I worded it. When I say ‘parts of me’ – my way of ‘conditioned’ thinking and feeling started to ‘re-format’ as I read more of HG’s work and other comments on this blog. The ‘parts’ of me that cannot be changed are the genetic character traits that were ‘hammered’ into different shapes as I went from a young child to an adult because of the narcissists I had in my life and other ‘traumas’ unrelated to narcissism. I have retained my character traits and by changing the way I viewed myself and my life experiences, has ‘re-morphed’ the neurological patterns of my mind by learning to understand what ‘Logical & Emotional Thinking’ is and how it works, in the way I perceive it (my own perceptions).

    Reading what I have just typed reminded me of ‘Ava’, the machine in the film ‘Ex Machina’. Oddly enough, I have to say that it is almost similar – the liberation of the restraints of the past being ‘unchained’ (the narcissistic ‘conditioning’) and the freedom to be ‘me’ – so effectively, in some way, I am ‘new’ and ‘improved’, not ‘shiny’ though 🙂

    HG provided the tools and I ‘cherry’ picked my way through the education that I needed. Thank you, HG, for the opportunity for me to find myself.

    1. BC30 says:

      We are all irreplaceable, but narcissists can’t see us, only their delusion about who we are.

      When I was on my way out Malcolm started to go on and on about what I now know are her interests. It seemed odd that he started talking about going to Bali when we had never talked about that before, but I didn’t know what was happening. He laid out the travel plans in great detail. However, I’m certain if you ask her friends to describe her, they would describe her character—kind, caring, impatient, ambitious, flaky, etc. not her interest in traveling to Bali. When he tried to engage me in those conversations, he was for all intensive porpoises (lol) engaging with her. It took a lot of reading here to get it. BTW, that’s a great movie.

      1. Asp Emp says:

        BC30, it is interesting that their ‘cheating’ is given away by the ‘red flags’ when they start “obsessing” about another woman. Nearly every relationship I had, I was cheated on – not all of them were Lee or Malcolm.

        Porpoises…… LOL.

        Yes, I really enjoyed that movie – it really made me think. It is now becoming a reality because of one (still looked plastic though) appearing on the news (last week or so), it can do art !!! How exciting (not!). Narcissists everywhere must be waiting for the day when an Ex Machina / Ava, can cook, clean etc. I understand there is already the existence of ‘Living Dolls’….. OMG, one guy had about 6 of them…… that is so fkg creepy……I was absolutely horrified but still insanely curious LOL.

  2. psychologyandworldaffairs says:

    He did this to his ex. I know because he told me. Despite only being friends for a number of years – he always wanted me to believe he remained single. Maybe because I would never intrude in a relationship? He would not get fuel that way? No idea…

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