You Do Good : We See Bad – Why?

3 thoughts on “You Do Good : We See Bad – Why?

  1. Asp Emp says:

    Interesting, yet not surprising to see (05:40) ”hypersensitivity to the need for control” – indicating to me that narcissists have a higher sensitivity to their instincts. Just like empaths have a higher sensitivity to their own instincts / emotions (regardless of where their ET / LT is – unless they have learned and have obtained the skills to understand / manage them).

    I am assuming here that the level of emotional intelligence within narcissists ascertains the “ability” for the instincts to react / respond? Ie from the Lesser’s classless, clumsy and aggressive, the Mid-Range’s ‘wobbling’, worrying and skittish slight procrastination, to the Greater’s calmer yet menacing and more ‘measured’, sometimes calculated lightning speed approach.

    Wow, reading (08:22) “to her phone rings and it’s the narcissist she’s left the phone in another room so she neither sees nor hears the call her failure to answer the phone wounds the narcissist” reminded me of a manager at a superstore accusing me of not answering the phone, I am seriously, WTF. I am deaf! He could not comprehend that despite my deafness, I can hear sounds on the phone and may recognise “hello” and my name but not a whole sentence of 20 words long. He was so very ignorant of that. I got a warning for not answering the phone! Needless to say, I took things further and they got ‘slammed down’. Legally. And I won. I wounded the narcissist? BS. He broke the Law. Breached the company’s own policies. The facts spoke for themselves.

    HG, great to see your example of how quickly a narcissist can go from one simple ‘assertion of control’ to another, within seconds and not stopping until control has been achieved elsewhere – I can understand and yet at the same time, it does appear ‘desperate’ to a degree. Depending on the school, the immediate environment – it is usually a person, failing that, should a pet be around, it will be that pet that could be subject to the narcissist’s ‘abuse’ because of the instinctual need for ‘control’. Or the narcissist may instinctively look around for an object that belongs to the IPPS and break it – yet the ‘fuel’ obtained from that will be fleeting. The narcissist needs the ‘emotion’ and their ‘fury’ will last until they obtain that emotional fuel.

    At (11:28) “the narcissism asks is she under control”. The sentence indicates to me that someone with narcissism has two ‘aspects’ to their human ‘instincts / feelings’ make-up. One, being the negative emotions that narcissists do feel and the basic human ‘flight / fear’ etc instincts that are usually found in nearly every human being (unless they are Genetically Pre-Disposed not to have those ‘flight fear’ instincts because of the different wiring within their inherited DNA). The other being the narcissism ‘replaces’ the ‘good’ emotions (lack of emotional empathy). HG used the word “asks”, it will not be a ‘cognitive’ question, it will be an instinctual response, unless the narcissist ie Greater is consciously aware of their narcissism saying whatever it is saying – that ‘message’ will travel from the narcissism (instincts) to the brain. Because of the consciousness of the Greater, their recognising their ‘internal’ messaging ‘system’ will cause the person to react / respond quicker than a lower echelon narcissist.

    HG, I enjoyed this video, thank you.

  2. A Victor says:

    This was very informative. For all of his unruffled presentation, underneath my ex was ruffled at times, I was painted black, and he had to say some subtle little thing that was unnecessary. He did it so subtly that I am only now beginning to realize how much it happened. I have to go all the way back to the beginning of the disagreement, whatever it was. But when I do, there it is. Between this and the “double abuse” of the faux Golden Period, I am a bit angry at him tonight. It won’t last, but I can be for a very little bit.

    Can the IPPS be painted black even if she/he is not in devaluation, even during the GP? And are they then white again once the “punishment” happens and control is re-established without going into actual devaluation? I feel like these are rookie questions that I should know. I will research being painted black/white vs devaluation.

  3. Asp Emp says:

    A great image. Interestingly, the colourful and ‘pleasant’ image appears to be supporting the greys, black & white.

    I like the title too “You do Good – We see Bad. Why?”. No matter what is ‘done / doing / do’, the perception as seen / see / seeing in the eyes of narcissism / empathy will be different. Not always. Unless there is awareness (ie educated empath), or consciously aware (ie Greater narcissists).

    I will read the video tomorrow and comment as appropriate.

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