The Addiction Triple Package




This Triple Package saves you money and allows you to deal with your addiction to the narcissist. Bought separately, this would cost US $ 110, but available as a package for just US$ 80.

Part One explains what is the foundation of your addiction to the narcissist, where it comes from and how it exists.

Part Two explains how your addiction operates through Emotional Thinking, what this is and what it does and why it is The Enemy Within.

Part Three provides you with unrivalled and highly effective practical advise so you can tackle the Emotional Thinking, so you avoid damaging the No Contact Regime and to enable you to rid yourself of unwanted emotions surrounding the narcissist.

Every victim of the narcissist should obtain and apply The Triple Package.

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One thought on “The Addiction Triple Package

  1. SParham says:

    I have these in my collection. They are most helpful and worth the investment. I find myself repeatedly listening to these and many other talks. It’s almost as if returning to his messages make more sense as I mature in my learning and understanding. I find myself relieved to be able to share my experiences with narcissists and how my empathy is reacting. If I start to feel the anxiousness creep in I can always find something funny and entertaining HG has come up with. It diminishes the anxiety and makes my world feel lighter. You’re far better than any pill HG! 💐

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