When the Narcissist Loses the Real One

3 thoughts on “When the Narcissist Loses the Real One

  1. Violetta says:

    So are Cathy and Heathcliff Narcissists? They appear to regret some of the harm they do to each other (although Cathy turns everything into a pity play}, but don’t give a toss about all the other people they’ve damaged. And are they perfect for each other because they’re both barking? Does it not matter whether they’re narcissists because they’re both barking in some other way? Or does it not matter because they’re both fictional characters?

    As to the last, literature is a prism that allows me to see aspects of things I can’t always perceive in real life. I often have trouble putting real people in perspective.

  2. Filiz says:

    Wow, I need to save this video because every time I think about contacting him I will listen to this, it will prevent me from making contact. I’ve got to drum it in to my head, I said all those things you said to my ex, he said all those things to me. 6 years of hearing the same shit from him. I’m determined not to be sucked in again. 6 years of my life wasted, I’m 60 now and I don’t think I will ever meet anyone now, it’s too late. But thank you for helping me to understand. It is helpful and healing.

    1. Wendy says:

      Filiz, it’s never to late! I work with many people in my profession who have met later in life and are very happy together. You are 60 years old and have possibly another 30 to go! We should never lose hope. It’s what motivates us. If I don’t find “ my person” then so be it, I’ll make my own happiness and be content. But, I still hope I find him. He sure won’t be another narcissist! At least I pray to God he won’t be!

      I am truly thankful for finding HG Tudor and the invaluable information he gives to us. His masterful teaching and the communication on here with my fellow abuse survivors has been healing for me as well. It takes my mind off of the trauma bond and the desire I still have at times to make contact.

      There are incredibly smart people on here with such great advice from their own experiences. Listen to it as much as you need to until that desire to contact him gets lower and lower every day. 😊🙏

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