Envious of Your Contentment



2 thoughts on “Envious of Your Contentment

  1. LauraSun says:

    When, before learning about narcissism, I told my sister how her and other family members tormenting me during childhood left a huge mark, she looked at me and said: “And yet you always seemed so happy, dancing around and laughing without a care in the world. I saw you and thought to myself how you were an idiot and why would you even go back for more to those who abused you. But I was also envious and asked myself ‘why can’t I feel happy like her?’ ” 🥶 You never know with narcs, right, but I guess in that moment her narcissism let her be honest with me and herself. Even in adulthood her fury sometimes ignited merely because I entered a room, a conversation or asked an innocuous question – it always baffled me and I didn’t understand why she seemed to loathe me like that but now I know why. Your material on “Why did the narcissist suddenly erupt?” was also very helpful with that.

  2. A Victor says:

    “Granting you contentment…” – I had contentment before I met my ex, he did not have to “grant” it to me like some benevolent benefactor, but I can totally see now that it was part of his plan to do so, to better control me.

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