Outnumbered Not Outgunned

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Learn 178 secrets about the narcissist

Bolster your arsenal by learning about what the narcissist thinks and fears.

An array of insights which will help you outgun the narcissist.

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5 thoughts on “Outnumbered Not Outgunned

  1. Susan says:

    If’d love to read your books if I could get them in Nook format (for Barnes & Noble customers), I’d buy them. I can’t read on my computer and don’t have a smart ‘phone’ for the app. (My friend publishes on both Amazon and Smashwords, the latter of which works on Nook with eInk for sensitive eyes.)

    I know you don’t feel sorry for my woes, but I have limited range of motion in my neck causing SEVERE headaches that’s getting worse all the time (and can’t read more than a few paragraphs on websites with white backgrounds), so I (and possibly many others) would buy your books if we could buy them on Nook. Anybody else here use Nook, or am I the only one.

    Will you be coming back to Spotify to do podcasts? Those work best of all. Thank you.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      You can download the Kindle app without having a kindle which will enable you to access the books and I understand you can alter the background for your reading.

      1. Susan says:

        Thank you so much for your reply. I forgot to mention that I don’t have a ‘smart’ phone or iPad to download any apps onto. Being disabled and homebound, I can’t afford one or justify the expense. In fact, I’d ask if you could do them on Audible, which I’d LOVE to have, but, again, that’s another thing I can’t afford. I probably am the only one in this particular predicament though.

        I know narcissists are replused by illness and people they perceive as weak, but I wasn’t always disabled. I have a hereditary, degenerative ‘invisible illness’ that gets worse with age and was considered so ‘rare’ that doctors don’t even know anything about it to diagnose it, and, because we ‘don’t look sick,’ we get labelled as hypochondriacs, like my mother was by ‘The Narcissist’ (as you helpfully instructed me to refer to my patrinarc) and now I’m being accused of ‘faking’ being disabled (as if the U.S. government lets you get away with that!) by my Golden Child sister and her narcissist husband, who’ve turned their children against me since my empath mother was put in a nursing home where I was banned from seeing her for the last 3+ years of her life.

        For what it’s worth, it’s called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (Hypermobility Type), or ‘hEDS’ for short, in addition to the related condition of Craniocervical Instability, and there’s an award-winning documentary made by a fellow sufferer with the same type I have (but she’s about 1/2 my age) available to watch on Vimeo. It costs approximately US$5 to watch, but that gets donated directly to EDS Awareness, a registered charity in the U.S.). The website (https://we-are-visible-film.com/) has a trailer to watch for free at https://we-are-visible-film.com/

        Hmm, this is relevant actually as I don’t recall having seen any videos or articles on the narcissist and other people’s illnesses. (I’d always wondered why Trump talked so much about his father in documentaries about him, but never once have I heard him mention his mother. Well, his niece, Mary L.Trump, does talk about Donald’s mother being ignored during an emergency after she got home from giving birth to her fifth and last child.)

        BTW, from the time we were children, ‘The Narcissist’ used to smear my empath mother to his Golden Child and me–and the GC was successfully turned against my mother once my mother finished raising their children for them as their 24/7 on-call babysitter who never said no to a chance to see her grandchildren, which was almost every day. And the ‘narci-sister’ hasn’t spoken to me in almost 6 years now because The Narcissist and his whole side of that family –ALL of them!==sure know how to do a Silent Treatment. He labelled her a hypochondriac (common even among doctors with people who have hEDS) with a seemingly supernatural ability to make herself so ill she had to be hospitalized ‘just to get attention.’ She had multiple blood transfusions for a bleeding ulcer once in addition to MANY surgeries and lived in chronic pain from the time she was a teenager. HEDS is the most common of the 14 types of EDS, BTW, and each person who has it has a 50/50 chance of passing it on to each child they have. And I’m the ‘lucky’ one. But at least, after my chiropractor gave me a clue the led me to figuring out what’s wrong with me and six years of having to find an out-of-town doctor who was able to mae a clinical diagnosis–since the other 13 types rely on genetic testing and hEDS is considered ‘benign’ to doctors because it supposedly won’t kill us–although we may WISH it would–I got a definitive diagnosis four years ago. My mother never did. She might have been in a lot less pain if she’d had a doctor who was EDS-aware, but there are none in the region The Narcissist moved us to in what I’m now convinced was his way of isolating her–and us–from my mother’s family and friends/support system.)

        I wonder if you already have a video (or blog) about the narcissist and illnes/weakness? Or if not, may I suggest one for your To Do list?

        Thanks again, very much and sincerely, for all the help you’ve provided and continue to provide to me and so many others! (As a residual benefit of ensuring your legacy, of course. And the mild fuel you get from our comments. Although you’re also extremely talented at faking kindness and empathy!)

        PS: Sorry for any typos. As I mentioned, I have trouble reading on a white computer screen. It’s like being ‘snow blind’ or having a flashlight/torch shined in my eyes. Even with the brightness turned down as far as it will go on my laptop.Even adjusting the color scheme on my computer won’t affect the colors on your website as it does on most others where I have to read. (Just to ensure I’d become the scapegoat child, I also have ADHD … and recently found out I’m on the autism spectrum too, which explains the light sensitivity that EVERYONE in the ADHD support group I used to attend also had.)

        1. HG Tudor says:

          Yes, there are videos and articles with regard to the narcissist and illness.

          1. Susan says:

            Great! I’m surprised YouTube hasn’t recommended any of them to me yet; I get your videos recommended to me all the time on all different topics related to narcissism but not that one yet for some reason. Guess I’ll just have to search for them on purpose. 🙂 Thank you very much!

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