The Role of Sex in the Seduction Stage Part 2



Sex is used by all narcissists in some way during seduction of the target.

Certain narcissists use sex frequently, habitually and to greater effect to seduce and control the target. Why is this done and how is it done?

HG Tudor in this second part to the Role of Sex in the Seduction Stage of the Narcissistic Dynamic, explains which narcissists will do this, why they do this and what it achieves. Using his unrivalled insight and providing you with his own personal preferences as well as describing how narcissists operate as a whole, he guides you through a fascinating explanation of the role of sex in the seduction stage of the narcissistic dynamic.

Gain understanding of how sex was used (and will be used if you are not vigilant) to seduce you. Gain insight into how what you thought was really happening was wrong. Understand what the narcissist was really doing when he seduced you through sex.

HG Tudor will provide you with further examples of the role of sex in the seduction stage which will open your eyes to the reality of the narcissistic dynamic. Unmissable.

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27 thoughts on “The Role of Sex in the Seduction Stage Part 2

  1. Rebecca says:

    Asp Emp,

    I lived with my abusive ex-husband, when I lived in Colorado, but I don’t associate Colorado with him. I have my own separate memories there without his memory polluting it. The friends I met there were wonderful and they came through for me when I needed a safe haven to run to, to get away from my ex. I was lucky he didn’t kill us that night in the car. Another narcissist, I have no doubt now. He threatened to drive us off the cliffs in the Boulder mountains, it was my quick thought to say to him, “If you crash your car, your dad is going to be pissed at you” He was driving all over the road, zipzagging and freaking me out. He even made a beeline for the cliffs, when I shouted to him about his dad getting pissed at him. He veered away real quick. I’ve never been so scared, horrible experience. When we got back to our apartment complex, I got out of the car and ran to my friends house, I ran like a bat out of hell! I stayed with my friend and her roommate that night and had the moving van at the apartment the next day. I left him, got divorced and he still tries to reach me. I’m remarried and on the east coast now. I want nothing to do with him. He’s a felony now with three assault charges on his record. The last time I heard from him, he had a 2 yr old daughter, who he beat up and put in the hospital. When the cops came to arrest him, he assaulted the cops too…why he’s got multi assault charges, dumbass….and he told me all this because he was in an anger management program and said he had to contact me to apologize because it’s part of his therapy to reach out to his past victims. He told me about his daughter and it made me mad that he could do that to a little kid. He also told me he had killed his family dog when he was about 15. This is why I won’t talk to him now and I block him on Facebook and won’t answer strange phone numbers. Stay out of my life,it’s why I divorced you, get it? Is what I told him last.

    1. Asp Emp says:

      Rebecca, thank you for sharing more of your story. It is a good thing you ‘got out’ from the ex.

      What I find absolutely staggering is the fact that the ex was suggested to ‘reach out’ to past victims. This is the one thing that I feel needs to be put across to those involved in the fields of therapy / rehabilitation sector, that for some offenders, there is no point in asking (never mind instructing) them to reach out to victims to apologise – there would be no remorse, so it would not be a genuine apology. It could also give the “impression” to ie a stalker to have “got” permission to get in contact again, or, even re-offend with the same or new victims.

      I am sorry that you experienced such an episode in your life. It is good to read that you have found someone who accepts you as you are. It is also good to read that your memories of Colorado not being ‘polluted’.

  2. Rebecca says:

    Colorado is beautiful,especially the mountains! I miss being able to go up in the mountains for some alone,charging myself time. The stars were so bright up there too. The dark sky was the way its meant to be seen, dark with shinning stars and open air. Makes me want to breathe deep the mountain air. I love the woods too,not the ones HG writes about lol no offense HG,but the woods I love have nothing ,but good memories of war games as a kid and exploring nature as an adult. I’ll go in the woods any day of the week and weekend. I’m not afraid, the wood are my playground. I just have to be mindful of the creatures. Lol

  3. Duchessbea says:

    HG, if you continue to portray yourself with that softer and very sweet side, you will have so many Empaths, Normals and maybe even lessors of your kind, flocking to you, you won’t be able to keep up. I know, I will always be a connoisseur of The Tudor. Nothing else comes close to your delectableness. With respect. Best, DB

  4. Duchessbea says:

    As always your articles are brilliant. But I have to say, I am noticing a somewhat softer approach in your writings and it is lovely to see. I can only put that down to the Shieldmaiden having that effect on you. Very sweet.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      This was written pre SM.

    2. Rebecca says:


      I feel stupid not knowing this,but what or who is Shieldmaiden? Thanks

      1. Rebecca says:

        Sorry ,autocorrect changed your name before I realized it.

      2. WhoCares says:

        Hello Rebecca,

        The “Shieldmaiden”, as far as we know, is HG’s most recent and current IPPS.

        If you put “Stargazing With the Shieldmaiden” into the Narcsite search bar you’ll get more information.

        1. Rebecca says:

          Ok, thanks 😊

      3. Violetta says:

        Current IPPS. A number of Tudoristas are shipping HG & SM, despite having read what happened to.previous IPPSs.

        1. Duchessbea says:

          I don’t know, I think the Shieldmaiden might be the one, who finally tames our HG. In his recent videos, chats with Sonia Poulton, and in the articles, I’m seeing a somewhat softer, dare I say, slightly cuddlier side to HG. Loving it HG. Very much suits you.

          1. HG Tudor says:

            You see what I wish to portray.

          2. Violetta says:

            Some of HG’s exes sound rather annoying, but he described them when they were in devaluation or disengaged from. We are seeing him through his eyes, and they were painted black. We might even prefer to think they “brought it on themselves” somehow, not least because we want to be able to like him with clear consciences.

            Se scyldmægd is still painted white. How might HG describe her a few years from now? The likelihood is the exes weren’t completely horrible and se scyldmægd isn’t completely perfect, because human beings are generally a mix of things, though they may lean to one side or other of a continuum.

            We have to remember HG doesn’t do ambivalence.

          3. JB says:

            But that’s the whole point, DB, narcissists turn it on and off, that’s how they lure you in! HG is a charmer, he knows how to use language to appeal to your emotional thinking and reel you in. I often think the same as you described, but then I remember that none of it is real, and it floors me.

          4. A Victor says:

            Hi JB, HG talked about this in his most recent interview, I found it so interesting. How he figured out how to use the soft inflections to impact people and that some narcs never learn to. I think some narcs learn what works for them by default. My mom uses her “emotion” in her voice and mannerisms to have control and obtain fuel, my dad used arrogance in his voice to shut people down and push them away. I suppose that was fuel producing for him also but it definitely maintained his control. My ex used inflection when he was being humorous, in certain settings. It was the only time he did so. With him it was interesting to hear how he’d learned certain behaviors very early that worked to get what he wanted, and he had no shame for doing so. On Friday I watched a Netflix series about Ted Bundy and it was so striking to me how similar he and my ex were. I don’t think my ex is a serial killer, but I do think they used a lot of the same techniques to achieve their aims. The “none of it is real” part is difficult to wrap my head around also.

          5. Rebecca says:

            Thanks, I read the article last night. I miss the mountains in Boulder,where I used to live. Reading the article reminded me of the open sky up in the Boulder mountains,so beautiful. All those bears and cougars too.

          6. Asp Emp says:

            Rebecca, you have reminded me of my trip to the Mt St Helens vicinity. It was so quiet around there. Seeing bear prints in the snow which confirmed the return of the bears to the area – being one of the first to ‘report’ this created so much excitement for the nature reserve keepers. Hearing a coyote but not seeing it was another highlight, it filled me with delight. Ah, amazing experiences there. To view Mt St Helens billowing it’s smoke against clear blue skies every morning while drinking my coffee. Not even narcissist muvver can ‘remove’ that from me, my memories of that area is no longer ‘marred’ by her. So, in this regard, I would suggest that I have ‘beaten the narcissist’, with the greatest satisfaction and pleasure in knowing that too 🙂

          7. NarcAngel says:

            I believe that to be very dangerous thinking DB. That it puts you and others at risk through false hope driven by emotional thinking. But in aid of better understanding how/why you think this change is possible for HG, and if you care to share your view of course, I would ask the following:

            Despite what we are taught here by HG himself, is it your thinking that this is possible for HG (and only HG) because he has placed himself in a class of one as The Ultra?

          8. Savoy Truffle says:

            Oh yes, it’s true. Soon he will be saying, just forget everything I’ve said, I have found Twue Wuv. I’m not a narcopath anymore. From now on it will be all puppies and rainbows and… ah, I couldn’t say that all with a straight face. Never mind!

            I bet he can do cuddly when need be. Not like my ex though.

          9. JB says:

            AV, which interview was this? I would be interested to listen to it.

            HG has the benefit of being extremely talented linguistically, and uses it to full effect. We (or at least I certainly do!) need to keep reminding ourselves that he, like other narcissists, cannot be changed, and therefore any appearance of being, for example, empathic or ‘softer’ can only be part of a very well managed facade. I have certainly realised my own achilles heel is language; the right words and tone can go a long way! Xx

          10. A Victor says:

            Hi JB, I believe it was this one – HG Tudor Interview – Feb 25, 2022. I am sorry, I don’t know how to link it directly. But, very good interview, I learned some interesting things from it. And yes, I agree with your second paragraph.

          11. JB says:

            Thanks AV, I will have to check that out xx

        2. Rebecca says:

          Ok, thanks 😊

          1. Duchessbea says:

            Rebecca, your description of Boulder sounds lovely. Colorado is definitely a place I want to visit. Looks so picturesque. Best, DB

      4. leelasfuelstinks says:

        This is H.G.s IPPS.

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