Sex : How the Narcissist Views Sex and The Role It Plays In Your Entanglement

No holds barred and no strings attached The only unnatural sex act is that which you cannot perform Read about how the narcissist views and uses sex and how you are central in that US e-book here UK e-book here CAN e-book here AUS e-book here Also available in paperback on Amazon This is classified […]

Putting a Sex On You

I was in session with Dr E. “So,” I asked, “what is today’s topic for discussion?” “Sex,” he replied. “Do I have to talk about this with you?” He pushed his spectacles back. “You do not have to talk about anything, but I would hope you would discuss this with me.” “Can’t I talk to […]

The Role of Sex in the Seduction Stage – Part One

  Sex is used by all narcissists in some way during seduction of the target. Certain narcissists use sex frequently, habitually and to greater effect to seduce and control the target. Why is this done and how is it done? HG Tudor explains which narcissists will do this, why they do this and what it […]

The Porn Supremacy

  There is a significant correlation between our kind and the use of pornographic material. Once upon a time, one might imagine that the size of a person’s porn stash might have been a rough and ready indicator of their reliance on porn and their potential for being one of our kind. Nowadays the availability […]