Will The Narcissist Use Sensitive Material Against You?

You had no idea what you were dealing with.

You thought you could trust them.

You only did it to please them.

You thought they were being kind and understanding.

So many people creates videos containing sexual content involving themselves (and others), send nudes and/or disclose other sensitive information to the narcissist. The list is extensive and includes

Admitting to behaviour which could compromise your relationship with friends

Disclosing information which could affect your work, reputation and standing

Providing information to a narcissist which could jeopardise your licences or fitness to serve

Giving the narcissist sensitive financial information

Telling the narcissist about abuse you have suffered

Sending the narcissist a sex video or pictures of a sexual or embarrassing nature

Admitting to behaviour which could compromise your relationship with family

Providing information to the narcissist which could be used against you with regard to an existing romantic relationship.

Evidence of illegal behaviour, such as drug usage.

In those circumstances whether it is a sex tape or some other individual YOU need to know whether the narcissist will use this against you and if so in what way?

Using his unrivalled knowledge of the behaviour of narcissists, HG Tudor details clearly and extensively how this material is used by the narcissist so you can know what to expect so you can make informed decisions AND gain reassurance.

The Logic Bulletin includes

What is the mindset of the Lesser, Mid Range or Greater Narcissist when acquiring this information at the outset

Why do narcissists gather such material

How each school of narcissist will use the material in the following scenarious

IPPS in Golden Period

IPPS in Respite Period

IPPS in Devaluation

Former IPPS who escaped

Former IPPS who has been disengaged from

Candidate IPSS

Shelf IPSS

Dirty Little Secret

Non Intimate Secondary Sources (friends, family, colleagues)

Will it be used and if so, when?

Detailed scenarios with regard to Lesser, Mid Range and Greater for each of the situations detailed above, referencing hoovers and Malice Campaigns

If you fear that a narcissist may make use of sensitive material against you from the past, a current ensnarement or to guard against such disclosure in future relationships, you need this material so you can understand what to expect rather than continue to be anxious and worry.



5 thoughts on “Will The Narcissist Use Sensitive Material Against You?

  1. WhoCares says:

    Honest to god – this makes me realize that my first serious boyfriend was a narcissist. Really should not have made those movies with him. Hahaha – he would never share them – as he would have to first convert them from VHS to some other format…too much effort…and what format now?
    I wouldn’t even care if he did so. I looked good in those movies.

    Okay. TMI for Narcsite…even for me!

    Thank goodness I never did anything like that with my last narcissist. 🙏

    And sorry for those victims who find themselves in that position. In absolutely evey circumstance, with our past narcissists, our trust was abused. ❤️

  2. Joa says:

    First he has to get them 🙂

    I liked making him feel like he had an ace up his sleeve…

    I liked to lure he, that in a moment, he will learn a detail that will knock me out…


    It’s that simple, and he keeps circling.

  3. Asp Emp says:

    “You had no idea what you were dealing with. You thought you could trust them” and “You thought they were being kind and understanding”. Yup. I thought so too. I’m too nice.

    OMG, reading “Evidence of illegal behaviour, such as drug usage”- reminds me of someone turning up for work smelling of drugs and was absolutely ‘not with it’ (LOL). They did this more than once DURING the work hours as well. I was surprised because I thought they were dealing with their job ok (all was ok in the private life). Then again, they had a real shitty boss. It would have been a really difficult time for them if they went to that extreme of that activity during the day. It was a one-off period.

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  5. Asp Emp says:

    Laughing……at the image….hilarious 🙂

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