Amber Heard : What Is She? Part 2

8 thoughts on “Amber Heard : What Is She? Part 2

  1. Chihuahuamum says:

    I always thought her to be a borderline histrionic, but am starting think think of her as a psychopath. There’s something seriously wrong with her. The pooping on the pillow is really crazy. I do think being cluster b the diagnosis can overlap. You could have a borderline who is very narcissistic and is closer to npd. She could be both a borderline and have npd.
    It would be fascinating to learn about her parents and childhood to see where some of this stemmed from. I feel sad for those with cluster b dusorders because they experienced a deep loss early in childhood. They really are victims who later become perpetrators. The fear of abandonment and loss of control is horrible. It’s so fked up. For the record i do not believe for one minute Johnny Depp is purely innocent. I think the two of them we’re toxic together.

  2. Jenosequa says:

    I think you said something like, β€œthe other ingredient in order to create a narcissist is a lack of controlled environment.” Is this correct? This is so interesting. Can you explain more? Or direct me to an article where you have written about this?

    This is such a well-done series of videos, from what I’ve seen so far. Very informative for someone who wants to understand this in-depth about anyone (not necessarily AH, but obviously her as well).

    1. Jenosequa says:

      Sorry, I just got to the part where you elaborated on this!

  3. Carolyn says:

    Great series HG, I’m looking forward for next episodes as I am clueless of what Johnny Depp is. Amber is clear narcissist but Johnny? He could be empath who went supernova or the Greater who was toying with Amber as well. Of course I wish him luck no matter what he is because I like him and I see him much smarter than Amber. But is it he really sweet soul, good hearted boy? Or narcissist who knows how to pull strings? My concern is that during the trial all people who defend him (so far) are people who he bought. A friend who lives for free in his penthouse, sister who work for him… Does he help them because of his empathy or because as the narcissist he builts his facade with coterie who will always stand by his side? Those creepy mirror messaseges written down with his own blood… those cold shoulders and stonewalling… My gut feeling is telling me he is very inteligent man, not a typical naive empath who got cought by a narcissist. Don’t know. Hope you will make this all clear.

    1. Carolyn says:

      Funny thing, hearing Johnny Depp testifying in his trial how he describes Amber and their relationship you may think he have just read full narcsite site. He is almost quoting HG πŸ˜€ He knows exactly what she is.

      1. Carolyn says:

        After hearing Johnny being questioned by Amber Heard lawyer I would say today he is a narcissist. More self conscious and more inteligent than Amber but still a narcissist, just like her. I would say her lawyers made some cracks in his facade and when he was losing control he has shown some ugly arrogant face he was trying to hide. There is plenty of manipulation and typical narcissistic circular meaningless bs in his answears. There are also cracks in what people say about him. His first wife Lori told he is not violent but as I read in 2016 (?) he has written a chapter in her book. Nice gift from the superstar ex boyfriend to a person who is not well known today. Winona on the other hand also was defending him in media but didnt want to let lawyers to use it in court saying one thing is Talking to a journalist and one thing in court. Maybe it has something to do with her earlier interview in which she says her first boyfriend (jd) used to smash everything in past. Vanessa also was defending him but it is reasonable – if Johnny doesnt make films, her kids dont earn. Dont know what she thinks about him after JD emails to Elton have been revealed. Paul Bettany says Johnny is a great pal but he says he knew Johnny before Amber but not when they were together so he cant say much about them today. Johnnys agression taped by Amber, smashing things, and the audio “cut me or I cut myself” are horryfying. I think two narcissist have clashed and thats why their fight is so ugly and they cant stop it.

        1. A Victor says:

          I agree Carolyn.

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