Razed To The Ground



I am the master architect. I will amaze you as I create golden cities that reflect the magnificence of our relationship. With glass and chrome I create those skyscrapers that soar high into the air as a testament to the sheer height to which I will take you. Clean, sparkling rivers run through the centre of these cities, spanned by intricate bridges. The stonework on the most elegant buildings bears the hallmark of the master craftsman that I am.

My technique and brilliance surpasses anything that you have seen before. Carefully landscaped parks and gardens provide a verdant oasis at different parts throughout these cities, a haven for flora and brought to life with the sound of birdsong. Beyond the city limits lush meadows undulate away to the imposing grandeur of mountain ranges. I keep the sky an amazing azure through out the day, save for sunset when I allow a few clouds to wisp across the horizon and contribute to the breath taking hues of red, orange, yellow and violet that I weave through the sky.

My empire is vast. It is resplendent and awe-inspiring. It is all my own work, achieved through my careful application of building something worthy of representing our relationship. It is built on the most solid of foundations, from the most reliable and durable of materials. There has been no corner cutting, no use of cheap and suspect stone, wood or steel. Nothing shall fall but instead it will prevail for ever in tribute to you and me.
Yet for all this splendour that I have single-handedly created I will take a match to it and bring about an all consuming conflagration. I want to see it engulfed in the inferno of my making. It makes no sense. There is no logic to burning down what I have created. The wanton destruction of such beauty is abhorrent and flies in the face of any reasoned individual. The flames burn with such intensity that the steel melts, sizzling drops of molten metal that scar the stone which fractures and crumbles. Glass shatters, blackened shards that collapse to the ground, the noise of destruction masked by the roar of the flames.
I will stand and watch this terrible destruction with a twisted grin on my face, my hollow eyes reflecting the shooting pillars of orange flame. You are knelt beneath me as I hold your head in my hands, forcing you to watch this display of carnage and obliteration. Your tears stream down your face, cutting through the soot that has adorned your features, the heat haze shimmering before you and your sobbing inaudible compared to the fierceness of the fire that will burn for days.
I will build you an empire and then I shall raze it to the ground.

That is my way and it shall always remain the case.

5 thoughts on “Razed To The Ground

  1. jordyguin says:

    In her unaware state she provided the designer plans for that golden cities.

    In her aware state she’d probably handle you the light match to set them on fire.

  2. Joa says:

    I will never agree with this version of events πŸ™‚

    I was the architect. I was the one who built, created, embellished and gave shine. He was just a user.

    It was my perfect structure. That’s why it hurt so much, when he despised my most beautiful work. I could not believe that. What?! It was unbelievable, unheard of, and no one had ever thought of doing something like this before!

    How dare you, you poor worm? πŸ™‚


    Your pseudo-buildings are some pathetic houses of cards. My god, you can’t even handle a trowel and the bricks are broken.* Look at me!

    * I am directing this words to N2.

  3. Enthralled says:

    Hasn’t Johnson just done this to the country. Built up hope (not sure if he actually built anything concrete (much spent on failed projects) tho) and made people watch as the UK descends into ruin. Also now destroying his party. No tears for the latter.

    Pretty certain it was by incompetence and his sense of entitlement and not by design. Narcissists are great at sabotaging themselves – are they not?

    All one has to do is wait for the inferno to spread out of their control and consume the destroyer. And watch and smile, as the one who tormented and destroyed all they held dear are themselves brought to the brink of despair.

    Each risk and each flagrant disregard for social norms, takes them one step closer to their own ruin. Who will weep for them?

    1. Joa says:

      Usually they fall down on 4 paws, like a cat πŸ™‚

      1. Enthralled says:

        You could be right;
        I guess it depends if he gets investigated for breach of national security = KGB. Not a good time for it to come out. I do feel he has damaged his reputation beyond repair – but making money will not be a problem. Respect and high regard is very important. He had the country at his feet. He might think he can stay as MP – but partygate is not over yet and suspension likely.

        He can boast about it was stolen from him – but unlike Trump he is aware. Maybe HG can fill us in on how he will feel at his betrayal and shrinking fan base?

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