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10 thoughts on “The Three That Got Away

  1. Asp Emp says:

    I had the most bizarre and disturbing dream that woke me up around 06:19. it was a mish-mash of the films ‘The War of the Worlds’ (2005) and ‘A Quiet Place’ (2018). The victims were two species, the humans and extraordinarily over-sized kangaroos, who were ‘sheltering’ together underground. I have not had such a disturbing dream for a really long time.

    1. lickemtomorrow says:

      AspEmp, that does sound like a disturbing dream and I hope you are recovered from it now.

      War of the Worlds is one of my favourite films starring Tom Cruise and a young Dakota Fanning. She was an amazing young actress – seems her sister has taken the lead from her now – but Steven Spielberg as the Director did an awesome job of creating a very realistic portrayal of the story. I don’t know why I found it so thrilling when it’s also very frightening, but there must have been something apocalyptic about your dream for humans and, very oddly, kangaroos to be sheltering together underground. Have you seen any programs with Kangaroos lately? They are amazing creatures, especially when you see them in their natural environment. How were the aliens attacking in your dream? Did you wake up to escape them? Feeling the need to hide from a certain threat in a dream can make you feel very unsafe.

      I hope you don’t me sharing a dream I also had last night. Mine was of a very different kind, but frightening in its own way 🙁

      I was at some kind of college football game and the game had finally come to an end. I was getting ready to leave and was feeling a little disappointed my ex-narc had not shown up. I haven’t dreamt of him in a very long time. I was the last to leave this small area where we had been watching the game and as I turned around I suddenly saw a tall figure in the shadows behind me and screamed before I realised it was him. I ran straight into his arms and was crying to him saying I thought he was somebody else. The element of the fright I got at his appearance combined with the relief it was him completely overwhelmed me emotionally. The worst part is I literally felt the sensation of him wrapping his arms around me and me wrapping my arms around him. The sense of longing that generated woke me up from my sleep. He was there in a very real physical sense and the moment was snatched away from me as I awoke. I wanted to keep holding him and for him to keep holding me. I wanted it to be real. This is a breach of no contact, I know. I have to wonder what was going through my mind when I let him enter in ever so stealthily to give me that hug and for me to embrace it as though my life depended on it. The CoD in me clearly gained the upper hand in that dream. I can still feel the sensation of having him near.

      Perhaps mine was a nightmare, too! It would be if we ever got together again x

      1. Asp Emp says:

        Hi LET 🙂 Maybe it was the shock of seeing HG’s YT channel being “deleted” after having read my email from them informing me it was “paused”. No, I had not watched any programmes featuring kangaroos recently (laughing as I type this). I woke up at the point where one of these aliens had picked up a very pregnant kangaroo and the sheltering victims made a move to retaliate, the alien dropped the kangaroo it was holding. It was not fear that I could ‘feel’ in the dream, it was anger. Regardless, it was ‘war’. I also have to state that I ‘sensed’ something was going on, felt this ‘something’ for a couple of days.

        Thank you for sharing your dream. The college football is interesting. Is this connected to the ex, or HG’s work (you being a student and HG is keen on football)? The hug could be interpreted that everything will be ok, but not related to the ex. Maybe you are being “informed” that you are still on your journey of ET / LT management?

        We have talked about dreams / nightmares before. As we discussed it, we talked about the subconscious minds communicating what has gone on / going on at present.

        It is lovely to hear from you. How are you doing RE: Covid illness, is that ok now? I am still reeling about the YT “business”. I have had around 3 hours sleep but on high alert (laughing). xx

        1. lickemtomorrow says:

          AspEmp, thank you for sharing further thoughts on your dream. It seems you were ready to go to war and the issue with HG’s YT channel may have had something to do with that. The pregnant kangaroo may have been symbolic of the channel and it’s potential as yet unrealised, the aliens obviously those with oversight at YT. At least that’s one interpretation. The kangaroos will have to remain a mystery for now, though they can pack a punch, or a paw, if so inclined 😉

          The football is connected to the ex. The hug could only have come from the ex as well. I knew it was him, felt it in every pore of my being. It was also an element of everything will be OK because he was there and I was with him. It’s that moment where you don’t expect to see somebody and the relief as well as the longing washes over you when they appear. It reminds me a little of one of HG’s stories on tears and how his college girlfriend shows up on his doorstep after he had been eluding her. She bursts into tears when he finally opens the door and those are tears of relief. I was relieved to be in his arms again.

          I never thought I might still be on that journey and I have no idea why he suddenly appeared in my dreams. Maybe HG’s return has triggered the response in me. Only I have attached it to my narcissist in my dreams.

          We have talked about dreams before and they fascinate me. Especially the ones that carry such significance. There is a difference. Many dreams come and go, sometimes with a question mark hovering over them. Then there are dreams that are so real we are in the moment with them and our emotions flood us. I wish it wasn’t so vivid.

          Getting back to your other question, I was over Covid at the end of my isolation period, thankfully. No lingering effects and it may be because the virus is now less virulent, at least the variety I caught. More like a nasty cold or mild flu. I’m healthy in every other respect, so maybe that helps.

          I think we are all reeling about the YT business and three hours sleep says it all. When I got the email I didn’t immediately associate it with HG or his channel so I was more bemused at their initial contact. I put it in the ‘follow up’ pile and it was only when I went to access one of HG’s older videos I was made aware. It seemed quite sinister. No warning, no explanation. An attempt by someone at humiliation or intimidation.

          Not sure how much sleep HG got, but we know he sleeps the sleep of the dead (his own words), so I daresay he didn’t lose sleep over it. Only empaths do that <3 xox

          1. Asp Emp says:

            LET 🙂 laughing, yes, the kangaroos can pack a punch when they deem it fit to do so 😉 I don’t know what it was about the kangaroos, very strange, I think it’s hilarious either way 🙂

            Ah, the football “explanation”, thank you for sharing more on that. It does take time for the ‘residue’ to surface and spill out. I think it impacts people differently and at different stages 🙂

            I was experiencing my emotion in my dream, that can indicate the strength of the mind’s ‘communication’, mine was vivid too. I was glad to wake up and find myself in my comfy bed rather than in an underground cavern type shelter! And, no, my quilt was not fighting me (nothing was actually!).

            I am really glad that there are no long-term affects of the Covid. Thank you for sharing that 🙂

            I did notice a video going “AWOL” on HG’s KTN blog a few days before the whole playlist was removed from his channel. There were a number of videos missing on that before the whole lot went. Then no access to his channel last night. BEFORE I get the “information” email. It’s BS how it was done. It’s absolutely and totally disrespectful towards HG, his service-users, the victims, future generations etc. In fact, the whole of the future of education and science regarding the human psyche and behaviours.

            I think HG is ok about all this “business”, he probably more or less expected something like this to happen at some point along his Legacy path. He’s a smart man and would have been more or less prepared, albeit pissed off, like all his supporters are. (thank you, HG 🙂 )

            LET, it is so good to see you doing ok 🙂 xx

          2. lickemtomorrow says:

            AspEmp, thanks for your kind words and good to see you are doing OK as well 🙂 No doubt we are both doing better after receiving HG’s explanation and the fightback has begun. Your dream definitely seems to have tapped into that. Anger is a great motivator in that sense. Not a pleasant feeling, but at times a necessary one. Hopefully we will see the benefits of that and thankfully HG has his old channel to fall back on for now. I still don’t understand the arbitrary decision to terminate The Ultra channel.

            I did a little more digging because I was trying to understand how ViacomCBS was involved and discovered Simon & Schuster are their publishing arm. Simon & Schuster are the publishers of Tom Bower’s book. Apparently there has also been a name change from ViacomCBS to Paramount which led to a drop in their market value. No doubt every penny counts in the current environment. I went to a link for Careers at Paramount-ViacomCBS and what do you know but the first image appears to be that of one James Corden having a staff meeting at his desk! Hmmm … maybe he’s seen HG’s roast and decided to get revenge. It’s a curiosity, that’s for sure.

          3. Asp Emp says:

            LET 🙂 Yes, anger used in a positive and constructive manner for the good is considered ‘healthy’ use of narcissistic traits 🙂 The fightback seems to be generating a lot of tangible support for HG’s work and the return of his Ultra Channel. It’s a good cause, a good worthy revolution.

            Laughing, seriously?! JC of all people?!?! Maybe HG needs to do further roastings on that one 🙂 Thank you for sharing the info, interesting, actions can lead to repercussions. Thank you for your response, good to read 🙂 x

          4. lickemtomorrow says:

            Haha, AspEmp, I forgot anger was a narcissistic trait! One that can work in our favour in the cause of justice. It may need to be tempered in some way to have the desired affect. Logically, I thought these people won’t care about how I feel or the benefits of HG’s channel to others. Being a business they will care about revenue and should consider the cost to them of losing a popular platform. On that basis, I decided to appeal to their inner Gordon Gekko, i.e. Wow, you guys are losing money. That’s not very effective. A lot of businesses don’t seem to care these days as they fulfill numerous political agendas, but if it’s purely an oversight on their part they will want to ensure ongoing revenue. If it’s a ‘cancellation’ then it will be their loss, albeit temporarily as HG is able to continue his work on his other channel or elsewhere.

            Yes, James Corden. He is also friendly with the Harkle’s. It just took me by surprise when his image appeared. Pure conjecture on my part, but it’s one way of connecting the dots. On the other hand, it could be as straightforward as HG suggests and there is no need for ‘conspiracy theories’. HG has already indicated that he doesn’t believe HW and the sugars are involved.

            Having said that, I haven’t YT again today. Maybe the channel is back up and the matter has been resolved. I better go follow up 🙂 xo

          5. Asp Emp says:

            LET :-). “Tempered”, ah, fk that 😉 Well, truth is, someone suggested that this “incident” has shown that there is a need for a platform that is other than YT. YT is privately owned too. So, if YT lose premium members, that is their problem. I still disagree with YT’s around 30% from our money through memberships to Creators channels. YT makes such a lot of profit and should not be charging 30% “fee” to non-profit making enterprises ie HG, Doug and others. YT gained further profit from 3.5 days of our membership fees, I am not bothered about HG’s ‘proportion’ because I see that as a worthy investment on my part.

            Similar story in regard to the gas / electric companies. I am not going to start on that!

            No, HW, nor JC would dare to touch HG in any way because their narcissism would not “permit” them to go down that route.

            All is back with regard to HG’s channels – great news indeed :-). Good to chat, LET 🙂 x

  2. Kit Kat says:

    Even if you have already read this article, it is so worth it to get the audio version. Hearing HG speak about this part of his life is a powerful experience.
    Shocking and tragic, his words act as contagious emotion and this story is physically painful to listen to.
    I must admit I was angry at HG upon completion.
    I had to remind myself that it’s not fair to judge someone when they are sharing with such raw honesty.
    And thank goodness he does because he helps so many people achieve freedom in the process.

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