Why Am I Drawn To Toxic Behaviours?


You are an empath.

There are many great things about being an empath.

However, there are downsides and a significant one is that you are drawn to Toxic Behaviours more than other people.

Why is this?

This material will assist you in understanding, in clear and concise terms the following :-

The distinction between Toxic Behaviour and Toxic People

Who engages in Toxic Behaviours

Understanding the Empath-Narcissist Spectrum

Understanding the nature of narcissistic and empathic traits within this spectrum

Understanding the position of Emotional Empathy on the Empath-Narcissist Spectrum

Understanding the concept of Proxy Narcissism

How this operates to draw you to Toxic Behaviours

Why other people are not drawn to Toxic Behaviours

How your involvement with Toxic Behaviours pans out

As part of building your Logic Defences, understanding the impact and reason why you an an empathic person are drawn to Toxic Behaviours is fundamental.

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7 thoughts on “Why Am I Drawn To Toxic Behaviours?

  1. Another Cat says:

    Very deep thoughts around this, HG.

    I recently discovered that I’ve also been drawn to another unavailable type, the Dismissive Avoidant. That’s two former dates in my life. And one guy had Borderline, I think.

    I experience Dismissive Avoidant type of people as empathic, no NPD there, no hoovering, they don’t show any sadness or passive aggressive moves if you leave them. And most importantly: They treat you the same way when you two are alone, as when the two of you are surrounded by other people.

    They’re a special breed, and I think they have at least one narc parent or sibling?

    But extremely shy, though charming, fun, mysterious, joking, and would always be uniquely understanding if I was physically shy. (Because they were even MORE shy, but I didn’t understand this back then). One of these guys I recently met again after all those years, twice.

    I seem to have a thing for men with avoidant behaviours, even though I am much better at recognizing narcissists these days.

    I think many would be interested if you made a clip about the difference between Narcissists and Avoidants, and whether some people might be both. I suspect you have skills in them as well.



  2. Heidi says:

    Being drawn to a toxic person makes sense for me as at least a conscious narcisist is consequent and that can be relied on.
    Toxic behaviour coming from unawareness is far more bothering and not attractive.

  3. Bibi says:

    I am finding that I still attract people with similar behaviours to the Mid-Ranger. As example, I tend to be approached online by those who want to be friends and have a ‘close friendship/contact’ w me.

    Things are fine for a while, but over time, they begin to shelve me. I’ll ask to chat, etc. and they’ll say, ‘I’m not really thinking about the arts right now.’ (Given this is what we would chat about.) They say that as if there is no distinguishing me from the work.

    I had another online ‘friend’ who I thought was an empath, ghost me–won’t talk to me. I have no idea ‘what I did’, and how much time and space does one need? While this person isn’t as verbally nasty or as manipulative as the Mid Ranger, the pattern and result is the same. I’m left alone, feeling abandoned.

    It hurts, but I am better equipped. After the Mid Ranger, I know what NOT to do. I am not sure if this person is a narc–likely narcissistic, but very self-absorbed. (Hell, I am very self-absorbed myself.)

    These people get close b/c they want something–character traits, fuel, etc. Then, when my character traits no longer interest them, I might as well not exist.

    I’m getting a little tired of this. But as I said, I know how to handle it better, and I just sort of move on and think it’s their loss. I guess.

    1. Asp Emp says:

      Bibi, good comment. Thank you for sharing it.

    2. Contagious says:

      Just surround yourself with non narcs. Ignore them. Their loss.

  4. Sofe says:

    Really upset about your YouTube channel.

    1. Bibi says:

      Me too. Not just for HG’s sake, but my own selfishness. I miss those literary readings!

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