Fear and the Empathic Victim


It is time to stop being frightened.

Fear is often and frequently experienced by the empathic victim of the narcissist.

Why does this happen?

What causes it?

What purpose does it serve, if any?

What does this fear cause?

Most importantly of all, how can you tackle it and remove it?

HG Tudor uses his understanding and expertise to answer all of these questions and more in this extremely helpful and enlightening logic bulletin.

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2 thoughts on “Fear and the Empathic Victim

  1. Poison says:

    How lucky for me this has been posted recently. Despite having a great deal of physical distance from my toxic ex, I am still struggling mightily to overcome my fear of her. The spillover of that hypervigilant anxiety into my daily life is having a marked negative effect on my efforts to regulate my sleep and recoup enough emotional resources to overcome exhaustion and start the proper work of building a better life for myself. It’s been a month since she left, and I’m deeply frustrated with myself over how little progress I’ve made. Frequent recent encounters with my eldest brother, whom I’ve recently realized I fear in a manner quite parallel to how I fear my ex, have also been a factor. I hope this advice may help me find resources to better quell my fear of both him and my ex alike. If not, I will consider an audio consultation.

    Thank you for this, HG.

  2. Tom says:

    Those that make you fearful can also beat it out of you.

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