Santa Tudor : Christmas Discount




Ho ho ho!

No, for once I am not issuing a Corrective Devaluation by calling someone a dirty ho, but instead I am mirroring that fellow from the North Pole with his distinctive laugh, although it is nowhere near as good as mine.

Yes, it is Christmas time and despite providing you with the bounty of the world’s best information about narcissism, answering your many tens of thousands of comments throughout the year and continuing to inform and entertain, I have donned the red suit with the white fur trim and stocked up my sleigh with some presents for you all.


This offer entitles you to a huge 40% OFF EVERYTHING in The Knowledge Vault

To use this discount, just enter santatudor40 in the place for the discount at the checkout and fill up your stockings with a plethora of information and educating information about narcissism.

Do not delay, since as I am a narcissistic psychopath this offer may disappear without any warning whatsoever.

Access The Knowledge Vault here


Please note this DOES NOT INCLUDE Audio and Email Consultations, Empath Detectors, Trait Detectors, Weaponised Empath detectors, Narc Detectors, 20 Tudor Minutes and/or Additional Word Packages.


4 thoughts on “Santa Tudor : Christmas Discount

  1. Claire says:

    Thank you, Dark Angel! Spoiled myself with some good music and the Shipping Slumber. Your pure RP accent is a music to one’s ears.

  2. lickemtomorrow says:

    Merry Christmas, Santa Scrooge.

    May your day be merry and bright
    and may you fuel be plentiful tonight


  3. Asp Emp says:

    HG, the work you produced this year has been exceptionally entertaining and educational. I have thoroughly enjoyed it as I perused it, laughed a lot, cried very little and continue to learn new things through what you produce. The number of subscribers to your YT channels (including The Treasure Trove) increases daily, shows that your work is reaching out to more people.

    Offering huge discounts on your work throughout the year benefits many. I think the Angel Assistance Fund is just as valuable to those who may not otherwise afford to access your services.

    A massive thank you to all that you do to increase awareness of the impact of narcissism within humanity.

    Have a lovely time over the festive season, much love to you xxx

  4. WiserNow says:

    Merry Christmas HG!
    …and may you have a safe, healthy, productive and fulfilling New Year.

    Thank you for another great year of superlative information about narcissism!

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