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You now have access to material to defend your child or children against the narcissist.

Using years of experience and insight combined with applied and effective advice given to those in consultation, HG Tudor has created the Child Defender Assistance Package. This unrivalled material is filled with information, insight, advice, analysis and practical steps to aid you in defending your child when you have been ensnared by the narcissist.

Whether you remain in the ensnarement, whether you have escaped or been disengaged from, whether there is an ongoing court battle, child arrangements or you want to know what to do if the narcissist returns, this is the most comprehensive assistance you can obtain.

Worth many times its cost, it will save you thousands in fees, hours of wasted time and energy and most importantly of all, it will give you the key to defend your child.

Delivered in SIXย extensive audio files, each file covers the following:-

1. Introduction and Aims

2. What is the role of the child in the narcissistic dynamic?

3. How to protect your child from the narcissist (direct consequences and collateral consequences)

4. Do I tell my child that their parent is a narcissist?

5. How do I get the narcissist to leave my child and me alone.

6. Will my child become a narcissist too and what can I do to stop that?

The most effective tool available to defend your child from the narcissist, from the one who knows narcissists and their victims inside out.


Aid others who wish to defend their children

12 thoughts on “Child Defender

  1. WhoCares says:

    Just thought I would post this here – in the event that someone has has questioned whether or not a midrange narcissist can lose access to their child(ren)… ( I know this is something I have definitely wondered about, and thought that it was mainly with lessers that this scenario occurs)…but that’s the current state of affairs in my legal situation. I really didn’t expect it to happen the way it did – it was not like the (apparent) way that lessers just drift out of the picture – I think there are just too many hurdles for my ex (LMRN) to regain visitation with his child.
    I am still in a bit of a state of disbelief over it.

    1. Asp Emp says:

      WhoCares, it was obviously a huge experience for you to get through and you did a bloody good job of it. I am glad that it went your way and that the ex cannot “regain visitation” rights. Your son will bloom and do well in his life with you as his mother. Kudos to you ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. WhoCares says:

        Asp Emp – thank-you for your kind words. But just to be clear, I didn’t actually do anything to “achieve” this latest development (other than begrudgingly agree to our son having his own lawyer) – it truly is case of “Give the Narcissist Enough Rope…”
        Also, to clarify, he does have measures he can take that would help him towards regaining access (there are current legal provisions for this) but so far, he hasn’t been moved to do anything the professionals are asking him to do. Plus, his son doesn’t want to see him and his wishes are being respected (even though he is a bit young to be calling the shots)…essentially it’s up to him and he has been very clear to third party professionals that he doesn’t want visits with his father. I suppose his wishes could change or my ex could get his act together and I find myself in court again over it…but I just can’t envision how that would play out…also, he is on his 6th lawyer change – and that’s not counting the times where he chose to self-represent.

        1. Asp Emp says:

          WhoCares, thank you for your reply ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you for explaining further to clarify. Good that your son made his decision. I can understand your concern should things change, you do have enough ‘rope’ (evidence) that the ex cannot step up / stick with one lawyer. You did good to do what you did ๐Ÿ™‚

    2. A Victor says:

      This is excellent news WC! Thank you for sharing this!! I have a similar situation with a friend, her ex a suspected MRN who now has extremely limited contact and no legal say at all. So shocking but it can happen! These people, MRN’s, are not always as hidden as we might think. My friend had several in the legal system call him a narcissist to her directly over the course of the whole thing. And the judge rules well in the end. Great to hear you had a similar, even better, experience!

      1. WhoCares says:

        Hello AV – thanks! I don’t actually know if it’s a permanent state of affairs – it is not as straightforward as a judge taking away his rights – it is, more or less, a situation where he could have had an advantage, yet, he continues to damage his own case AND his relationship with his son. (There are a few more details in the KHG forum, as Z asked there if my son and I are okay.)
        I am glad your friend has been able to limit contact between her child(ren) and her supposed narcissist ex, and interesting about the label of narcissist being used by her legal representation.

        1. A Victor says:

          I know! At least two of the people who called her ex that said they’d been taking classes on narcissism, how it presents etc! I was very excited about that!

          I will get back into KHG, might take a bit, I haven’t been there in a while.

          Glad things are going well in your situation and hoping they stay that way.

          Nice to hear from you WC!

          1. WhoCares says:

            AV – “taking on narcissism, how it presents etc!”
            That’s enlightening! I didn’t know they did that in the legal field anywhere. It’s encouraging. (Too bad it isn’t HG’s work, but it’s a start.)

            Nice to hear from you too A Victor!

        2. Joa says:

          WhoCares, I’m glad you’re at peace.

          When my daughter was little, I was alternately burning with a great longing for him and hellfire, but after I calmed down a bit, I considered all the possible options. I decided, that the MOST IMPORTANT (more important than current payments, although it was very hard for us) is to secure my child in such a way, that he will NEVER have a chance to apply for maintenance from her in the future. So that when she started her adult life, she would not have to pay (for my mistakes!) alimony for her father, the Senior Home or the Social Welfare Home – where he could possibly stay in the future.

          It was my very big concern, that he would not incriminate her in the future. So that she doesn’t feel frustrated, because of the obvious injustice.

          I documented everything and presented it to the court and to the bailiff (I spent many hours, days and nights studying the changing law in this area). I knew, that he the more wouldn’t pay, but I wanted there to be a trail and evidence for the future. Then I limited, and finally took away parental authority from him.

          It is comforting to know, that he will never be able to claim any funding from her.

          The well-being of the child – now and in the future – is a priority. More important, than my needs, than all my inner storms, intense emotions and addiction to him – which was, is and will be. What I agreed with.


          If he ever “charms” her and she wants to help him – she will do it of her own free will. Of course, if I’m still alive, I’ll gently open her eyes.

          My daughter is smart, but the lack of male element in her life (father) will be “rule” her for sure. And unfortunately, this hunger increases with age, despite the awareness, that it is insatiable.

          By giving birth to her, I condemned her to the same ordeal.


          Congratulations WhoCares. Even so, sad congratulations. All the best to your son.

          1. WhoCares says:


            Thank-you for your comment.
            It is good that you planned and were proactive in the situation with your daughter’s father.

            “If he ever ‘charms’ her and she wants to help him – she will do it of her own free will. Of course, if I’m still alive, I’ll gently open her eyes.”

            I understand this. Same with my son – later or as an adult – if he wants contact with his father I won’t stand in his way. Because, after the latest turn off events and knowing the statements he has made to third parties (without any influence or involvement from me) I trust his ability to see through his father (I haven’t begun to teach him about narcissism but I do teach him critical thinking skills and to think beyond the obvious when it comes to people’s behaviour – something which seems to come naturally to him) and later, I will teach him about narcissism.

            “Congratulations WhoCares. Even so, sad congratulations. All the best to your son.”

            There was a time when this might have made me sad – I get what you mean. But I am over that.
            Plus, it’s my son’s own decision – I have made it a very strict personal policy that I do not speak about the past- or about my son’s father to him. Therefore, he has based his views of his father on actual personal experience and not coloured by another adult’s perspective. In this way, my conscience is clear.

            Of course, his father would claim that his son is being indoctrinated against him.

    3. Leigh says:

      WC, this is wonderful news! Congratulations! Its so nice to hear good news. This made my day!

      1. WhoCares says:

        Thank-you, Leigh.
        As I said to AV & Asp Emp, it could be temporary…but it’s definitely a current positive turn of events.

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