America : You Are Being Conned

America _ You Are Being Conned


The police officer accused of murdering George Floyd has been convicted. The ongoing pandemic has been denounced by some as a hoax, an attempt by the federal government to control its populace. Many opinions have been advanced about why such behaviour occurs and what drives it? Those opinions repeatedly miss the catalyst and result in people being conned again and again.

Why does police brutality occur?

Why do peaceful protests erupt into violence?

Why does looting and destruction occur in the very communities of those protestors?

Why is misinformation spread and what drives this behaviour?

Why does social media explode into accusation, counter-accusation, fake allegations and vitriol pitting people against one another?

What is the dark force choking the life out of America?

Why are you, America and indeed the world being conned?

There is something behind it all.

This will explain what it is.

Compact, explosive and to the point.

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4 thoughts on “America : You Are Being Conned

  1. leelasfuelstinks says:

    Guys, my avatar says everything: I am not at war with Russia! Long live Russia! ✊

    1. A Victor says:

      Hi Leela! Nice to see you!

  2. annaamel says:

    Highly recommend 👍

  3. Asp Emp says:

    HG, I read the news about Tyre Nichols in Memphis. I could not even consider to view the video footage because I knew it would upset me too much. Reading this story was very sad for me because the victim, who died, comes across as someone who was vulnerable and, was effectively, unable to defend himself. What I also found, to a degree, appalling that bystanders were just bystanders. However, I did consider that because of what they witnessed was potentially dangerous (for them) and one of the main reasons why they did not intervene. On that note, I am glad to read that the police officers involved lost their jobs and face trial for murder. I did feel sick as I read this story, possibly a link to my own memories as a child. I have to say, it does appear that Tyre was scared and probably knew that he would not survive this attack, as to partly why he called out for his mother.

    Recent news reported on an adult in the UK having an “influence” on someone in USA which resulted in shootings in Buffalo. I did wonder if it is more than just narcissistic in the 18 year old in the UK because of the age and the actions he did. It is bordering on cult-like influences here.

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