Knowing the Narcissist : Letter to the Narcissist No. 130


To my ex on his wedding day,

  Well, it’s been exactly 2 years and 2 days since we said “I do”. It didn’t take you long to do it again, congratulations on wife #8.  Funny, I thought I was #4, but turns out I was #7.  Yes, I found out after our divorce.  Along with plenty of other juicy details of all the stories you told over and over.  Turns out you are a liar after all.
  Hope your new bride is still as giddy after her wedding night with you.  Mine was such a disappointment.  The devaluation started so quick.  My gut instinct was to just walk out the door the next morning, but I ignored it, just like all the other red flags.
  I feel so sorry for her, poor thing, doesn’t know what she’s about to endure.  You are a charmer to get here to this moment, she has no idea how she will be used.  You will steal her money, just like you did mine.  Your gambling addiction, she has no idea about.  The put downs
will soon come, and then she will find herself knocked to the floor.  Of course, she won’t know what just happened, she’ll probably cry like me and forgive you.
  You will curse at her, withhold affection.  She has no idea that she will never get a hug or a kiss again.
  Then, she will eventually initiate a touch in the night, just like me.  You remember don’t you?  When I was elbowed in the face and ran out of the bedroom dripping blood all over the floor?  I sat in the bathroom floor crying with a towel full of blood and you never even came to check on me.  When I went to the kitchen to sit down, you came and stood over me with a blank stare.
Never asked if I was ok, never apologized, just a blank stare.
I knew them, you were evil.
  When she finally has enough of your petty games, trying to make her jealous(because you think you are God’s gift), she will try to leave you.  You will tell her…”I won’t ever chase you”.   And you won’t!  Because you care nothing for her.
After 6 times, I learned.  It took me 7 times to finally be done with you.
Yes, I was stupid.  And she will be too.
  You will steal all of her belongings because you are a thief.  It is a matter of control for you.  And you use a Christian minister as your mask…SHAME ON YOU.
  She will leave you too, in the end.
Because when she figures out the devil is claiming to be “the anointed one”…well, you’ll have to be on the prowl once again.
   Congratulations on your new marriage.  By the way, did you wear the same clothes I bought you to wear at our wedding?

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