Letter to the Narcissist : Letter No. 137


Hello A. Do you remember the promise I made to you yesterday: “I won’t talk about you with anyone from now on” ?

Yes, I agreed that you had the right to be forgotten, but this morning I recalled every word you said yesterday. I was told you had a girlfriend, but I couldn’t believe it until you confirmed it.

So while you were saying to me “I don’t want to lose you, I cared for you I want your kisses you were saying the same words to another woman, were you? Well, there is enough to hurt me.

Furthermore, how much nonsense did you tell me in order to justify your improper behavior? Not only were you so fond of that woman not to end our relationship because you were afraid of me, but you kept hooking up with women everywhere.

There is no justification for that, and I can’t forgive you. If yesterday you were scared of me before just because I asked you some probing questions, now you should be terrified.

Keep calm, it’s not a  threat, I’m only going to attend online forums for narcissist’s victims and study HG’s work. I’m not going to hurt you deliberately, but I won’t keep my mouth shut.

My pain is too great and so is my sense of decency and honesty, a perfect stranger for you. I just can’t accept 2 years of deceipts and lies from you while I was giving you all myself.

One month ago you said that the reason why you met another woman was because I had revealed your shortcomings to our friends. I had accepted that only because I knew you didn’t love me, although it didn’t feel right. But now you have no excuse.

You claimed that you were messed up, did you? Oh, yes, you were so messed up to play women like a chess player. You are not the person I thought you were, my respect for you has gone and so my memories of you.

You shattered everything and now you don’t exist anymore for me. You are insidious and disgusting, because you disgustingly misled me and also other women.

In a long time I might forgive you, but now I shall try and forgive myself for not understanding you and for allowing you to hurt me so much. Now I will just vent my spleen and make my voice heard, that’s what I have left. Now I have neither a soul nor a heart nor a future.

Should your other IPSSs ask me about you I will answer and provide them the truth. Yes, the truth is the only thing I know, I don’t live on the fake like you.

I don’t want to hear anything about you from this day forward, and don’t dare write to me again because at this point there’s nothing more to be said.


One of your Shelf IPSS

One thought on “Letter to the Narcissist : Letter No. 137

  1. Asp Emp says:

    A good letter to read. I may have ended the letter with “The one that was on this narcissist’s shelf no longer sits on shelves, they sit on more appropriate furniture, designed to sit on” 🙂

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