Knowing the Narcissist : How To CoParent With a Narcissist

KTN How To Co Parent with a Narcissist


Often viewed as one of the harshest outcomes from an ensnarement with a narcissist is the issue of children and co-parenting with the narcissist. A frequent question that is asked of me by many individuals who find themselves in this predicament, worn down and unsure of how to go about this in an effective manner for both themselves and also their child or children.

The most common reason given to failing to implement total no contact is the issue of shared parenting with a narcissist. The attempt to escape the nightmare of ensnarement is viewed as unachievable and increases the concern, fear and anxiety for the non-narcissist parent in feeling eternally chained.

Using HG Tudor’s established expertise with regard to the field of narcissists and narcissism, this Assistance Package addresses a wide range of matters in an easy-to-understand manner, with practical advice and tips which have been successfully used by individuals co-parenting with narcissists and all based on HG Tudor’s unrivalled understanding.

This Assistance package covers

Co-Parenting as part of your no contact regime

Tackling handover arrangements with regard to children

Reducing the risk of being hoovered because of co-parenting

Handling hoovers if they happen through the co-parenting regime

How to address communication with the narcissist with regard to co-parenting

What to do when the narcissist becomes problematic concerning arrangements

What to do where the narcissist involves a new partner with the children

What to expect in terms of the extent and regularity of the narcissist’s involvement in the co-parenting process

How to deal with joint decision-making, such as matters of education or health

How to handle occasions where joint appearances occur in relation to school or sporting events

Plus much more ground-breaking and supportive information.

To receive this information which costs US $ 100 for a comprehensive Assistance Package which you can access in your own time and at your own pace, simply obtain here

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One thought on “Knowing the Narcissist : How To CoParent With a Narcissist

  1. WiserNow says:

    Some good news about co-parenting:

    In Australia in the past week, a new law has been passed in parliament in relation to parental responsibility provisions. The new Family Law bill aims to “ensure the best interests of children are at the centre of all parenting decisions made inside or outside the courtroom and will make the system easier to navigate.”

    The changes mean the presumption of equal shared parental responsibility (which often equates to equal time spent with a child) will be abolished.

    The law amendment “will ensure courts have access to the full picture of family safety risk in order to prioritise the safety of children and families, particularly in circumstances where there is risk of child abuse, neglect or family violence.”

    The new law also includes: “greater powers to protect parties and children from harmful effects of protracted and adversarial litigation.”

    Family violence activists have welcomed the reforms, which they have been calling for for more than a decade. As one article I have read says, a presumption of 50/50 custody of a child between parents makes a child seem like a commodity or piece of property between mothers and fathers. An equal relationship with both parents is in the best interests of a child, however, that is not the case when there is a history of violence, neglect or abuse.

    The new bill “establishes two new information sharing orders to allow courts to directly and quickly seek information from police, child protection and firearms agencies about family violence, child abuse and neglect that could place children at risk.”

    Advocates say that the changes will give courts a “full picture” of what is happening in a child’s home, and that this protects children because past behaviours are a very strong indicator of future behaviours.

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