The Ultra Arrives on TikTok

The level of misinformation about narcissism on TikTok is high. That now changes. I have established a channel on TikTok and I would welcome you joining me there so that your presence adds to the follower count, views and likes which will increase the channels prominence to reach people who need the right and accurate […]

No Good Advice

  Relationship advice. The internet is awash with it. Sites, blogs, question and answer sessions, videos on YouTube there is a plethora of advice about how to deal with the problems which arise in intimate relationships. I decided recently to have a good look through many of these sites and gather together the common complaints […]

The Narcissist and the Pandemic

    A Triple Whammy of Insightful Brilliance! 1. The Narcissist in Covid-19 Lockdown (Brand new material – released 24th April 2020) There is a pandemic. There is a lockdown put in place. There is a narcissist caught in the lockdown. What happens to him? Be fascinated to witness, the narcissist in Covid-19 lockdown. If […]

The Covid Coupling

    The Covid-19 pandemic continues with the USA, Brazil and Russia currently bearing the brunt of the pandemic, although with 7 million confirmed cases, less than 0.1% of the world’s population has actually been infected. The number affected in other ways is far higher. Two examples of a far greater number of people who […]