How to Handle the Narcissist at Court

  This Logic Bulletin provides you with a considerable array of information about how you deal with the narcissist at a court hearing. Whether it is recovering money or property, a hearing about child arrangements, dealing with divorce or a dispute over a boundary there is a significant chance you will end up in court at […]

Cross Pollution

Cross Pollution is a continuing danger to your No Contact Regime. Are you struggling to escape continuing feelings of misery, anger, dismay and sadness? Are you finding that out of nowhere you are wanting to find out what the narcissist is doing? Are you wanting to date again? Does your No Contact Regime not seem […]

How The Narcissist Evades When Questioned

  You will have questions for the narcissist. Lots of questions. They never get answered. Why? Why is the narcissist so evasive? Why do simple questions receive a response as if you have commenced an interrogation? Why won’t the narcissist give you the answer to a straight forward question? Why won’t the narcissist answer even […]

The Virtues of Keeping Your Mouth Shut

  One of the most effective tools you can deploy against the narcissist is understanding the virtues of keeping your mouth shut. This Logic Bulletin arms you with information for just US $ 19.99, for a comprehensive explanation as to why adopting these virtues is very much advantageous for you. The Logic Bulletin covers Why […]

Future Protection

  “If only I had found your information 5 years ago, HG.” I have lost count of the number of times I have heard this refrain. So many people have expressed their wish that they had had access to my material some time ago so they would either have escaped the narcissist sooner, made sense […]