How Long Can You Resist

  Can you hear me knocking? Open the door and let me in? I know you want to. It is only me. You know me. You know me better than anybody else. Come on, I know you are thinking about me. That is what happens. I am on your mind and in your thoughts. I […]

The Nasty Neighbour Narcissist

    Neighbours. Unless you operate a sheep farm in Australia or man a lighthouse, chances are you will have some neighbours. For the most part, people may not know who their neighbours are, particularly in busy multi-occupancy properties in cities or they recognise them, but the interaction is a little more than a “Hello” […]


    “It is quiet here isn’t it?” “What do you want shade? Be gone.” “Now, now that is not that very friendly is it?” “I have nothing to say to you.” “Perhaps, but I have much that I must say to you.” “I will not listen.” “Oh but you will, you have no hope […]

The Hurt it Burns

I cannot stand to be criticised. I do not remember a lot about my childhood but I do recall that I tried very hard to ensure that my parents, in particular my mother were proud of me. This was difficult. She set high standards which of course were for my own good and to ensure […]