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Target Acquired

I have new neighbours. A man and a woman. He seems pretty ordinary and that is reinforced by his choice of motor vehicle. It is inferior to mine. He engaged me in conversation over the garden fence although I did not listen to much of what he had to say as I was watching the woman. I suspect she feels lonely because all he did was talk about where he worked and what sports he liked and did not ask about me. If he is like that with his neighbour, he must be far worse with the woman. I told him my car was better than his. A simple statement of fact. This at least shut him up and enabled me to explain why my car is superior in looks, performance and reliability. This clearly impressed the woman as she kept looking over at me and smiling. I like her. I always have done. She is attractive. Very attractive and evidently feels a connection to me judging by the looks she kept sending me. I did not get chance to speak to her as Dullard tried to bring the conversation back to him, but I resisted and kept on telling him about my car and where I went on a driving holiday. Unfortunately this meant I could not speak to her and she went inside but I could sense she wanted to engage with me. I will call on her. Preferably when the Dullard is not there. I forget where he said he worked. It obviously was not meaningful.