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The War On Error

I don’t like mistakes. I like everything to be correct and in order otherwise I feel unsettled at best and furious at worst. People often say sorry to me. I reply, ” Don’t be sorry, be accurate.” This requirement from accuracy stems from being well-educated and naturally intelligent. It was always drummed into me as a child that I needed to be top of the class and to always strive for 100%. That was a good grounding that has stood me in good stead. I often berate shop keepers on their signage when they add unnecessary apostrophes thinking them necessary for plurality or they omit them when denoting possession. I have lost count of my forays on Facebook and internet forums to point out the incorrect use of “their” , “there” and “they’re”. I get little thanks but what does one expect from the uneducated. Some people just refuse to better themselves.

All of that is irritating. I am infuriated when people are mistaken about me. That makes me especially angry. The mistakes always take the form of some ad hominem attack and are based on at best a misconception or at worst a blatant lie. Any assault on my character makes me so angry and I lose my temper very easily when this happens. What do they expect though? That I should sit quietly as they assassinate my character? Not a chance. I often have to point out that they are wrong and they have recalled the conversation they are relying on to attack me, incorrectly. That happens a lot. They always twist what has been said or agreed and then try to make me look bad. I will not stand for it. One of my ex-girlfriends, Trish, she said to me once, “You are constantly putting me down and correcting me. It is belittling.” I was sick of hearing this and erupted in a fury. Shouting however was the only way I could be sure she was listening to me. I explained to her that I was not constantly putting her down and correcting her because if I was doing it constantly, I would be doing it every second of every hour of every day. I explained that one constantly breathes or the earth constantly turns. I advised her that the word she should have used was repeatedly. She started crying and screaming. Her hypersensitivity and over reaction to my only trying to help would amuse me. Repeatedly.


The Power of Distraction

thNVXDZ1NII utilise my good friends denial and deflection, but sometimes you just keep going so I need to roll out another friend from the D cupboard, namely Distraction. If you have accused me of something or you have challenged something I have said or done which I find too close for comfort I will need to distract you from having a landed a blow against me. I cannot countenance you believing that you have delivered a hit. The most effective way I achieve that distraction is to either walk away or erupt into a massive rage. If there is an opportunity to escape your cross-examination of me then I will seize it. This may be putting the phone down or not responding to your texts, but if it is in person, I need to leave and do so in a pronounced fashion leaving you in no doubt as to what you have done. You have annoyed, irritated and infuriated me. If I flee the scene you can expect a pronounced period of silent treatment to follow as I seek to even things up. If I find I cannot get away from you then I must unleash my anger at you. It will come out of nowhere, it will not be linked to anything specific or logical and is purely a means of shifting the focus from what you have said that has struck a chord with me.