Denial of Victory

Dr O, who is now clearly flirting with me (her skirt was two inches shorter than at the previous session) asked me the following question.

“Your neighbour has bought a new car. It is clearly better and more expensive than yours. How do you feel?”

I frowned as I didn’t understand what she meant but I recalled seeing one of my colleagues react when he said he had bought a new suit and then I showed him the label on mine and told him the price tag. He was angry and another colleague told me that he was jealous. Gotcha Doc O, you want me to feel jealous, but I’m no epsilon semi-moron, so I’m not going to say that. Instead I retorted with.

“That would not happen.”

“Why not?” she asked. I also saw her shift her legs to reveal more thigh. The sly fox.

“He cannot afford a car better than mine.”

“How do you know?”

“He just can’t.His job is not as good as mine.”

“It might be,” she countered.

“It’s not.”

“Okay. Let’s say you are right.”

“I am right.”

She paused and made a note in her hardback note pad. Her pen looks elegant. A fountain pen. Most likely Mont Blanc. She has taste.

“Yes. For the sake of this question, let us assume he can afford a better car than yours.”

“It still would not happen.”


“He has not got the style sense to select anything better than my vehicle.”

“Right. Again, for the sake of the question, assume he has both the money and the er style sense.”

“Okay. It still won’t happen.”

“Why not?” She uncrossed her legs and shifted in her seat. She was getting irritated. I could read her that way.

“I would call every prestige car dealer in the city and ensure they would not sell to him.”


I nodded.

“Okay, but again for the sake of the question and I would be grateful if you would just answer it, assume he buys one from another city or a dealer reneges on your agreement and he purchases a better and more expensive car. How would you feel?”

“It’s still not going to happen.”

“Oh come on, how on earth not?”

“No dealer will dare cross me.”

“And if he goes outside of the city?” She leant forward sensing she might have bettered me now.

“How’s he going to get there when I have firebombed his inferior and less expensive motor vehicle?”

Dr O shook her head, scribbled something in her notepad for a moment and then left the room.

Denial. It gets them every single time.

12 thoughts on “Denial of Victory

  1. Summer says:

    Lol KTN is such a guilty pleasure. I get a dose of logic plus a bedtime story. Im putting a Tudor category in the budget u crack me up

  2. Nikki says:

    What do you drive?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      People mad.

    2. Cā˜… says:

      Audi & Ducati

  3. Shaking my head says:

    I read this the other day and it reminded me so much of the sessions between my mum and i. Eventually the psychologist gave up. My mother could not admit to regret in her life or being sorry for anything. I gave up too. I realise only she can quit denying the truth to herself no one else.
    Im surprised your psychologist would flirt with you HG and if your interpretation is correct she shouldnt be a therapist. Very unethical. A question she should of asked was have you ever experienced a woman who wasnt attracted to you? Because believe it or not there will be many in your lifetime for different reasons whether your appesrance, beliefs, personality. Narcissists have very magical thinking and this is a huge part of the disorder. Accepting that you are just another human out there and not the inflated version in your head.
    This btw is not meant as an insult but moreso just the scenerio you described in your session. Im not here to insult anyone. Anyways just my own thoughts.

  4. Going to a psychologist/ therapist/ psychiatrist to treat narcissism is like going to church to pray to a non existent god.

    1. btw she scribbled ‘incorrigible’ in her notebook

  5. Doesn’t he have a šŸš² in his garage?

  6. narseeker says:

    HG, how is Dr. O nowadays? Mathematically speaking, her skirt length must be infinitesimal by now.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Clean and obsessed.

      1. narseeker says:

        Naturally, Of course she is obsessed. I would love to hear more about this relationship . I can’t even BEGIN to grasp the high level of sophistication of the mind games. So one of your voices is telling her: “I’m not telling you anything, I won’t admit being jealous or wrong. I’m stubborn and inaccessible like that”. Another voice (albeit indirect) to her: this blog, a brilliant and artistic work of deep self-awareness and psychological help with more than 4 million entries. The contrast between these two voices has a powerful effect. Especially because the second voice is delivered in an indirect manner (she has to come here to read about this) . Also, you are demonstrating to her that you are clearly better than her: you are providing help to thousands of people, whereas therapists, psychologists and psychiatrists fail, you have 4 million entries. A third voice: references to your personal targets, (unfaithfulness, devaluation, the existence of 4 phones, etc), real women whom we all try to compartmentalize (you are putting in motion a narcissistic dynamic into the empaths!!) in order to love/care for you. This is complex and clearly awesome, HG, much better than Zimbardo’s Stanford experiment. Do you agree with some of these observations?

  7. You are such an asshole…. That whole exchange was childish – and you take pleasure in doing that? What a waste of time.

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