In the Beginning…

At the outset I want you to love me. I want that so so much. It is all I want. I am so taken with you I want you with me all the time. I want to see you laugh, smile and gaze at me with nothing but admiration in your beautiful eyes. I am utterly encapsulated by you and I want you to feel the same about me. Desperately. I know that you won’t want to leave someone marvellous like me, but even despite this I have this nagging doubt that you might not want to stay. Thus I redouble my efforts to keep you beside me. I will do anything for you and I love you. I truly do. I cannot help it but I fall in love with you so quickly and so deeply that everything else in the world melts away. You are everything to me and I want to be everything to you. I want to do the things you do. I want to like the things you like. I want us to become one. I want it to be that you cannot see where I start and you end. Such is my overwhelming love for you that I cast everything else aside in my devout pursuit of you. It is with the best of intentions. We belong together. It is written in the stars above and I will utilise every resource that I have, every ounce of willing, every breath in my body to ensure you and I are one. That way you are happy and I am happy. That’s all I want. To be happy.


13 thoughts on “In the Beginning…”

    1. Yes as in enclosed and surrounded by that person and their love, just in the way that we do that with you, enclosing ourselves around you, isolating you from everybody else, cutting you off, making you reliant on us.

  1. All the things a woman wants to hear.
    It’s a confusing feeling because now, knowing what we know, we have to consider the possibilities. Could he be a narc? Or is he being genuine? Do I believe or kick him to the curb? How long shall I wait to tell the difference? It’s the hope you give that keeps us doubting & coming back for more. Not wanting bland or plain so we jump to take a risk on the dangerous waters. Us hopelessly romantic must be the ones you find the easiest to catch.

  2. Bahaha did you all read the same books or watch the same movies to learn this rubbish? I mean really you’re all the same. It’s creepy. No offence of course.

  3. Do you desire to enmesh another with all your needs or will you truly meet all the needs of another forsaking your own needs at times?

    1. I aim to enmesh another will all my needs but this is often difficult as my needs are so great. Accordingly, I need more than one person. I never forsake mt own needs for anyone else. That makes no sense to me to do that.

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